The Story So Far - Part 2

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With their old selves dead and their ship sacrificed as part of making the story more convincing, the crew headed to Tatooine hoping some underworld contacts there can help them with new identities. They did find someone who could provide fake identification and met with him at a local cantina to work out the details.

While they waited for the production of the counterfeit documents, the crew staged a daring break out of Teemo the Hutt’s palace in order to free one of the other scientists they had contacted while looking into their droid’s origin. With the aid of some Jawa allies and some creative infiltration, they managed to save the scientist, but not without the collateral damage – A slave girl who tried tagging along had her leg explode when her proximity anklet went out of range of the palace. After fighting off the guards that were alerted by the explosion, the crew claimed their fake identification from their contact and looked to get off the planet before Teemo’s goons could track them down.

Rather than taking public transportation and risk being caught by Teemo’s goons (or others looking for them), the crew went shopping for a new ship. With some luck and well executed bargaining, they managed to purchase a used ship that was perfect for their needs. The scientist they rescued attempted to flee as he jumped on the back of a swoop bike that stopped next to the group, but he didn’t get far before the swoop’s engine failed and it crashed. The group then rushed onto their new ship and escaped the planet just as two of Teemo’s goons tracked them down and began chasing them.

Aboard the ship, the crew confronted the scientist and the would be swoop driver rescuer. The scientist admitted that his whole career has been a sham arranged by his wealthy and influential father, and he just wants to return home. The group contacted the father and confirmed the son’s story, and arranged to deliver him for a reward.

The crew delivered the scientist to his father on Sullust and arranged to have their ship repaired back to almost new condition as their reward. While they waited for the work to be completed, a mistaken identity leads to a job transporting bootlegged imitation liquor to Corellia.

As their ship arrived in orbit outside Corellia, they were identified for a random inspection by CorSec before landing. The crew hurried to hide the bootleg liquor in hidden compartments below deck and managed to hide the last crate just as the inspection team boarded. Satisfied with their paperwork and finding nothing illegal during the inspection, they were given permission to land, where they make the delivery and received payment.

As they made their way back to the ship, a pickpocket was caught in the act of trying to rob the crew. After confronting the young street rat, the thief of the crew bought him a warm meal and bonded with him, giving him some tips and offering some additional guidance in the future. The crew boarded their ship and headed towards their next job as negotiators in a dispute between a mining tycoon and some striking miners.

After meeting with the mining tycoon, the crew met with the miners who have holed up inside the mine. Despite attempting to deceive them by pretending to be mine inspectors, the miners were open to the possibility of a peaceful resolution to the strike and explained their demands. The terms were brought back the mine owner and with some minor concessions by the miners, an agreement was reached. New contracts were signed by both parties and the crew was paid for a job well done.

The thief in the crew received word that his younger brother was causing some trouble, talking tough about avenging his brother by murdering the bounty hunter who killed him. Not wanting to bring more attention to the situation, he tracked down his brother and confronted him. The brother was shocked and happy to see him alive, but did not seem to understand the danger he was putting his brother in by talking about him openly. With some reluctance, the villa owner agreed to allow the younger brother to live there for the safety of the entire crew.

The next job the crew took on involved discretely tracking down a noble heir who had gone missing. Upon arriving at the estate and conducting some investigation and questioning the staff, the crew headed out to look for the son who was last seen departing on a hunting trip. While looking for him, the crew was confronted by a group from the nearby rival house. Taken captive to answer to the lord of the rival house, the group was ambushed overnight by attackers. That group knocked out and drags off the leader of the rival house.

The crew tracked down their attackers to a valley in the area. After scouting from above, they saw guards from both houses working together. They suspected that the heirs from both houses were in a cave down in the valley, and moved in as they alerted the father of the first house to bring back up. As the group caused a distraction and fought off several of the guards, the father arrived. The sons denied any wrong doing at first and blamed each other for the abductions, but a few credible threats from the group got them to admit the truth. They admitted plotting together to put their houses at war, killing their fathers during the battles, and taking over their houses. Once in control of their noble houses, they would band together to dominate the entire planet. The father arrested both heir and rewarded the crew for revealing the plot.

Back at the villa, a few of the crew members mentioned their very first job together, prompting the new comers to ask for details. They told the story of how they first came together, starting with the various interviews conducted to confirm the group had the right mix of skills and talents for the job. Once the crew was assembled, they were introduced to one another using code numbers and the mission was explained – break into the Black Sun compound and slice into their computer system to steal some valuable data.

The group managed to get into the Black Sun compound by way of its private casino, infiltrating it by getting a job there as a waitress, obtaining VIP passes through underworld contacts, and posing as slot machine repair men. With a coordinated distraction, the group moved into an office of one of the Black Sun leaders. The fought off the guards as the data was downloaded and made their escape out into an alley where they looked to catch a ride. The story ended where the first episode began, and the retelling was interrupted by an incoming call.

The doctor of the group was presented with a message from a female Wookiee pleading for help on the behalf of a former friend and medical student who had betrayed him. With some reluctance to help the former friend, the crew headed to Kashyyyk and found themselves arriving during the Life Day celebration.

The group tracked down the father of the female Wookiee in the message, who explained that she’s been missing for weeks after being captured by Trandoshan slavers. With the assistance of several Wookiee warriors, the crew led a daring attack on the heavily fortified slaver camp and rescued the Wookiee.

A doctor herself, the Wookiee explained that the former friend had been working for the Empire in the Dead Forest. While the crew’s doctor remained skeptical as to why he should help someone who betrayed him, the Wookiee insisted that there is another side to the story. The group headed towards the bunker, and encountered a few zombie-like creatures along the way, which they quickly dispatched. Examination of the bodies revealed a strange disease that had liquefied the organs and infected the brain.

Upon arriving at the Imperial outpost, the crew found the doctor encased in carbonite. Reviewing recorded journal entries revealed that he was forced by the Empire to develop a biological weapon that turns people into aggressive zombies who spread the disease to one another. The disease is capable of wiping out entire cities within days, and possibly entire planets. The doctor himself was bit and infected, and froze himself in carbonite to slow the spread of the infection. He was begging the crew and his former friend to help find the cure. His research notes indicate that an Alderaan flower may hold the key to the cure.

Realizing that Ithorians are known for their agricultural expertise, the crew decides to follow that lead in an attempt to track down the Alderaan flower. Locking the door to the lab behind them and fighting off some zombies blocking their exit, the crew heads back to their ship. Reaching out to some past contacts, they find out about an Ithorian on his home planet of Ithor who may have the flower. The Ithorian is hiding out there from the Imperials who want to destroy every last remnant and memory of Alderaan.

The crew heads to Ithor and lands on the planet’s surface, despite it being off limits to outsiders. After dealing with a hostile varactyl that was angry about having its eggs smashed by the landing ship, the crew makes their way into town and finds the Ithorian with the rare planet. Unwilling to part with the flower at first, he agrees to once the doctor helps him learn to breed it further so it won’t become extinct. With the flower in hand and the Ithorian happily heading off into the protection of the Rebels, the crew returns to Kashyyk.

After fighting past some Imperials guarding the research bunker and using clever tactics to have the zombies take care of the guards, the group works on the cure for the biological weapon that turns people into zombies. After a test on a zombie wrangled from the forest proves successful, they defrost the doctor from his carbonite and administer the cure. While the injection itself does not fully cure him, the crew’s doctor performs surgery and manages to fully rid him of the disease.

After recovering, the Imperial doctor tells the crew’s doctor the reason why he betrayed him, matching the story told by the female Wookiee about him sacrificing himself to save his friend from slavery to the Empire. The crew’s doctor acknowledges his words, thanks him, and they part. A few days later, a message on the holonet proves that it was all a lie. The Imperial doctor takes credit for curing the disease, blames the crew for creating the biological weapon, and exposes their previously faked deaths as a ruse. Everybody now knows the notorious crew is still out there.

The crew returns to the planet Bandomeer where they had previously helped settle a mining strike dispute and had run into their former crewmate K’ladarien. K’ladarien has notified them that the Imperial he’s been seeking out for years is coming to the planet to visit the mine, and he asks the crew for help in capturing him.

The group puts a plan in place to ambush the Imperial Governor and his escort while they are walking towards the mine. Although the plan goes a bit wrong when an attempted distraction winds up breaking K’ladarien’s leg, the crew does manage to wipe out the Stormtroopers, capture the Imperial, and bring him back to the safe house. At the safe house, Gastro and K’ladarien torture the Imperial. Once satisfied he’s telling the truth when he says nobody else ordered the assassination of his friends, K’ladarien murders him. The crew makes a fast getaway before Imperial reinforcements responding to the brazen attack can arrive.

Once on their ship and jumping to their next destination, they’re violently ripped out of hyperspace and surrounded by several ships. Identifying themselves as bounty hunters, they explain that they only want the “witch” – referring to Mallinia – and will let the rest of the crew go if they hand her over. Ready to fight their way out of this, the crew stands down when Mallinia agrees to go with the hunters and not risk the lives of the crew. Hesitant at first to let her go, the crew trusts her judgment. She explains she must go to Dathomir and face her mother. Mallinia is transferred to lead bounty hunter ship, and they depart.

The rest of the crew travel to Dathomir in hopes of rescuing Mallinia. Soon after landing on the planet, Utut has a strange premonition that something has happened and Mallinia needs help. The group packs up and heads through the dangerous jungle back towards the Nightsister village where they were once held prisoners. Upon arriving, they find the village leveled and Mallinia unconscious at the center of the blast site. Utut goes to revive her and sees a vision of the confrontation between Mallinia and her mother, resulting in Mallinia unleashing the Force and wiping out the village. The crew helps her and head back to their ship.

On the way back through the jungle, they’re met by the previously believed dead Regan, who they competed against during the Rancor Games. She recognized them and has her pet lizards attack. In a brutal display of strength and perhaps still enhanced by the Force powers she used to destroy the Nightsister village, Mallinia rips off Regan’s arm with her bare hands. Regan begs for mercy, and the crew allows her to slink back into the jungle with her pets.

Back on their ship, the crew receives a call from Bria Tharen, their Rebel contact. She invites them to the Cluster Cantina on Nar Shadda to discuss their situation. Upon arriving at the cantina and giving the bartender the agreed upon code phrase, the group is led into a back room where Bria greets them. She explains that this bar is a hidden safe house for the Rebellion. She tells them that the despite the Empire being after them, they do not have a bounty out for them because the Empire wants to deal with them personally. She explains that everyone they have ever worked for or who has assisted them is now in danger, and she offers to help get those people to safety. If the crew needs to protect someone, they can bring them to the Cluster Cantina, and the Rebels will find somewhere safe for them to go.

As the meeting ends, an urgent call comes in from Lando. He explains that Aris has been murdered and asks that the crew head there immediately to assist with the investigation.

The crew races to Cloud City, anxious to discover what happened to their associate Aris Shen. They are greeted by Lobot and Lando, who explain that they’ve asked the crew to conduct the investigation because there are several suspects who were close to Aris and they are not sure they can trust anybody who was in the city at the time of the murder. They introduce the group to Captain Tolund, who briefs them on the situation so far.

After assisting with the autopsy and realizing the left hand was removed from the body and the angle of the bullet wound in the back of her was angled upwards, the group heads to the crime scene. A close inspection reveals no signs of forced entry and two glasses containing remnants of alcohol, indicating it was likely someone Aris knew and let into the apartment herself.

An examination of the work emails of Aris and a thorough interrogation of the suspects seem to eliminate more suspects than pointing to likely ones until an inconsistency between two witnesses point towards her personal assistant. Slicing into the secretary’s email to collect some evidence and an effective interrogation eventually gets the assistant to confess. She was paid by a bounty hunter to betray and murder Aris and to take her hand as proof of the deed. Lando and Lobot are notified of the confession, the secretary is arrested, and the crew is rewarded for their role in solving the crime.

Lando informs the group that he regrettably must end their business relationship, as he does not want their trouble with the Empire leading to trouble for Cloud City. He gives them some additional credits as a token of thanks for the successful business transactions they’d conducted together.

Before they can leave the planet, a voice from the shadows calls to Mallinia. As Mallinia moves closer to investigate, she recognizes Eleiza, who they had met earlier during the Jewel of Yavin caper. Eleiza explains that she has felt a disturbance in the Force, and needs help…

Aboard the ship, Elaiza explains that she has felt her old apprentice reach out to her through the Force. Her former Padawan had been sent to a secret treatment center for Jedi with mental instability, and she figured he had long since died in the facility. Now that she knows he is alive, Elaiza worries that he – and any other remaining survivors -could be a threat to the galaxy should they escape the asylum. She asks that Mallinia and the crew accompany her to the facility so the threat can be assessed and dealt with as needed.

Upon entering the asylum, the group is initially greeted with hostility and mistrust, the group manages to calm down the mentally unstable Jedi and have several conversations. Among the group is Elaiza’s former pupil, a long Jedi staff member who has survived this long, and several other patients of various degrees of insanity and violent tendencies. With the help of the staff member, the group reviews their medical evaluation records and speaks with several of the patients.

Elaiza’s former student has put together a list of those he believes stable enough to be set free from the facility. While some of the patients agree that they believe they are cured and should be let go, several others express a good amount of reluctance to let these dangerous Force users free in the galaxy.

With the patients growing impatient that they are not being set free and the elevator due to return soon, the crew makes their choice – they will set off the self destruct, wear gas masks to get through the poison gas, and head up the elevator before the structure explodes in on itself. They agree to take the staff member Novar with them, as he has proven several times to be telling the truth regarding his situation as an unfortunate Jedi trapped as part of the staff. Without letting Mallinia and Ney know, Tiro and Utut work together to rig the self destruct system to not actually kill the patients.

Several of the Jedi sense the gas and rush towards the elevator to stop the group from escaping. After an intense battle that involves flying furniture, Force lightning, glop grenades, Force disarms, and a patient switching sides mid-battle to assist the crew, the group manages to disable the patients and rush onto the elevator just as it arrives. The group heads back to their ship with Elaiza, Novar, and the Nightsister Talia.

As Elaiza backs away from the group and explains something does not feel right, she is assassinated by a red-haired human female wielding a violet lightsaber. The assassin picks up Elaiza’s lightsaber from her dead body, and turns to the group, explaining that the Emperor would like to meet with Mallinia…

The Sith assassin faces the group and says that the Emperor would like to speak with Mallinia. As Mallinia declines the invitation, the Jedi asylum staff member and Nightsister both step in front of the crew and offer to protect them. With the Sith assassin dealing with both of those easily and ready to dispatch them, a distraction causes her to release her grip on the Nightsister who is gathered up and shuttled towards the ship.

As the crew boards the ship, they see the Sith decapitate the Jedi with her lightsaber and start rushing towards them. Utut quickly starts the ship and manages to lift off before the Sith reaches them. As they launch, several TIE Fighters spring into action against their ship and unleash a powerful barrage of fire that rocks the ship.

With some slick flying through the forest, hills, and snow within the planets atmosphere, the ship manages to hold together long enough to blast the TIEs out of the sky and calculate the jump to lightspeed. They exit the atmosphere and make the jump before additional fighters can be deployed against them.

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The Story So Far - Part 2

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