Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

Children of Rokrul Village

Alarms flash and sirens blare throughout the ship as the explosion resulted in a dangerous hull breach.
As the ship is sucked out of hyperspace by the damage and the power throughout the ship flickers, the crew awakens and rushes to action. While Ney rushes to the cockpit to assess damage and regain control of the ship, Tiro and Mallinia put on rebreather masks and look to repair the hole in the ship with a makeshift patch fashioned from a metal table. As they approach the hole that is venting the ship’s artificial atmosphere into the coldness of space, Gar fastens ropes around their waists as a safeguard against them being sucked out of the ship.

Through the cockpit window, Ney sees a nearby planet and notices the ship is drifting closer to it, attracted by its gravity. His attempts to access the ship computers fail, as the power continues to go on and off throughout the ship. With Mallinia holding the patch in place, Tiro welds it over the hole just as the lights go completely out. Mallinia grabs a fusion lantern from Utut’s room, and accompanies Tiro to engineering in order to see if anything can be done about the dead power.

Tiro plugs the fusion lantern into the power outlet, hoping to use its power to jump start the power core and restore power to the ship, but the system is too badly damaged and the fusion lantern explodes, knocking him unconscious. As the ship enters the planet’s atmosphere and starts to heat up, Mallinia grabs Tiro and rushes with Gar into the cockpit to join Ney and strap in.

Relying on what’s still mechanically functional of the ship’s steering ability, the group manages to pull out of dangerous flat spin and lifts the ship’s nose up at the last moment before impact with the ground. Skidding several hundred yards across the planet’s surface, the crew suffers a few bumps and bruises, but come to a half in a strange forest mostly intact.

After being revived by Gar, Tiro takes a look around the ship to assess its damage. The makeshift patch did not hold up during the crash landing and will need to be repaired, while the power core of the ship is beyond repair and must be completely replaced with a new one in order to restore the ship’s systems. While Ney gathers supplies and equipment for a trek through the forest and Gar ensures there are no dangerous conditions around the crash site, Mallinia scouts around for any signs of civilization and notices some smoke in the distance.

Cautiously heading towards the smoke, the crew soon encounters a group of blue skinned humanoid creatures who hold their hands up in what appears to be a peaceful gesture. The group returns the gesture, and Gar identifies the species as Nelvaanians, natives of the planet Nelvaan. Upon asking if anybody speaks Basic, the natives encourage the group to follow them, which they do.

Arriving at the nearby village of Rokrul, the crew is presented to the elder shaman named Orvos, who speaks Common. The shaman explains that they saw the ship falling from the sky, and welcomes the group to stay in the village for the time being. He invites them to attend a ceremony that night where a “child” of the village will be initiated into the full ranks of the tribe. Asking about the possibility of finding a replacement power core, the shaman says they do not have anything like that here, but mentions a factory that might have such a device. When pressed further about the factory, Orvos says they cannot speak of the evil place with children of the village.

Orvos also says to Mallinia that they have had her “kind” visit them before, implying he knows something of Force users. Asked for more details, he explains that two known as Ghost Hand and Obi Wan visited their village long ago and saved them from the harmful effects of the factory. Orvos will say no more about the factory to “children” of the village.

At the ceremony, the entire village gathers to watch the initiate perform an interpretive dance around a large bonfire and select from among several factions within the tribe. The initiate chooses the hunters, and is welcomed as a member of their group as symbolic shapes form from the fire’s smoke. As the villagers celebrate, Gar asks that the crew gather for a separate meeting of their own.

Together in a private hut, Gar addresses his crew mates. First, he speaks to Mallinia and admits that they have done a poor job of educating her about life outside Dathomir. Gar explains that Mallinia’s powers are not only rare, they could be dangerous. Coming from a Nightsister tribe full of Force sensitives, Mallinia had not fully realized that her abilities were uncommon. Gar explained that the reason Elaiza was killed and the Emperor was interested in her were because of these powers.

Addressing the crew as a whole, Gar expressed his regret and sorrow at the deaths of several innocents who got tangled up in their happenings, including the Wookiees of Kashyyyk and Ney’s brother, Embro. Gar admits that he feels some guilt about this, and has sworn to do what it takes to oppose the Empire. He further expresses his belief that the Empire has been doing such awful things and harming innocent people long before the crew got involved with them, and that they’ll continue to do so until someone stops them. He intends to be a part of those who try to stop them.

As the impromptu meeting ends and the crew begins to return to the festivities, Ney pulls Gar aside for a moment. Ney says that he doesn’t blame Gar for his brother’s death and that he shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Gar thanks Ney for the words, and they both raise a toast to the memory of Embro.

After watching the ceremony and socializing with the villagers, the shaman asks the crew if they would be interested in performing the ritual to become “adults” of the village. The crew agrees that they would like to, and Orvos introduces them to the different factions within the tribe that they must choose to become a part of. He explains that the next day, they will each pick a group and begin working with them and contributing to the community. Only once they have proven their worth and commitment to the village will they be allowed to perform the three trials that make up the initiation.

The following day, each member chooses their group – Tiro joins the builders, Ney joins the hunters, Gar joins the healers, and Mallinia joins the shaman. They are taught to perform important tasks within each group and spend time learning and contributing for several days. Ney also manages to pick up some words in their native language as he works with them.

Mallinia has a particularly interesting time as part of the shaman group. While meditating, she experiences visions. The first vision shows two Force users visiting the village in the past – one with a beard, the other with a cybernetic hand. The second vision shows a person clad in black metallic armor from head to toe, and when the face of this person is revealed, Mallinia sees herself. While this vision confuses her a bit, Orvos explains that it is not necessarily an accurate prediction of the future.

At the end of a few days, Orvos announces that the group has done enough to integrate themselves into the tribe and are ready for the trials. The first trial is the test of the hunt – the group must kill a nearby horax the tribe has been tracking. The horax is a large and ferocious creature, and they’ve been known to attack the village at times, so taking down this one is important to the safety of the villagers.

The trackers lead the group towards the horax. Before engaging, they do some preparation. Ney takes grenades from his person arsenal and creates some explosive bait, setting the detonation on timer and loading them inside fresh squirrels he gathered during his hunt. Tiro used the skills he learned working with the builders to construct a primitive – yet deadly – spring loaded spike trap from sharpened sticks.

Ney manages to get the creature’s attention with his first piece bait, which the creature hungrily swallows. When the second explosive squirrel detonates prematurely, the horax notices Ney standing nearby and begins to charge him. Ney turns and runs back towards where the rest of the group is waiting.

When the horax gets close enough, Mallinia Force leaps from her perch in the trees and lands on the creature’s back, stabbing it with dual vibroknives. The creature bucks in pain and thrashes trying to toss Mallinia off, but she manages to stay on. As the horax continues to swat at Mallinia to try and get her off, it moves forward into the area where Tiro’s trap is set. What’s left of the trap triggers perfectly, and the sharpened spikes spring viciously into the chest of the horax.

With Mallinia stabbing it from its back and the spikes piecing it from the front, the horax makes a desperate attempt to escape. However, that attempt is its final action. As it pulls away from the trap, it tears itself open on the deeply embedded spikes, spilling blood and innards across the ground. Mallinia leaps from the beast’s back as it crashes down in a lifeless heap.

Successful in their trial of the hunt, the crew returns to the village triumphant. The villagers greet them with rousing cheers, and Orvos congratulates them on a task well done. He informs them that their next test will be later that night.

At the ceremony, each member of the crew performs a symbolic representation of the faction they wish to join among the adult villagers. In term, each member of the group perform rituals of their own design, demonstrating what they have learned since arriving in the village as well as what they know about themselves. In the end, the group is welcomed to their respective factions and the tribe celebrates as they’ve completed the second trial.

As the festivities wind down, Orvos reminds them that they have one task remaining before they are to be considered fully initiated adults – the trial of thy self, quite possibly the most difficult of the challenges. The crew retires for the night and prepares for the final trial the following day.

GM: Bill
XP Awarded: 20 XP (Base)
5 XP GM Bonus: Gar


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