Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

Voice From The Past

Upon arrival back at Banu’s after another successful job, the crew unwinds and spends some brief time relaxing before their next job. As they sit around the recreational room after enjoying dinner together, the terminal in the room indicates a new high priority message has arrived. Banu walks over to the keypad and punches in a few quick commands and reads the screen. After taking a moment to consider the message’s contents, he says, “This is somewhat interesting. Check it out.” He punches in another command and a hologram of the message text appears in the middle of the room for all to read:

“Hi Banu. Not sure if you remember me, but I was flying with the Second Chance for a brief time when we met. I was saddened to hear news that the crew had been wiped out by a bounty hunter. Recently, my father had an issue with my brother going missing, and he called in some external help. While I wasn’t there to see them myself, the description of the team that helped my father sounds awfully familiar, and gave me hope that my former crewmates were somehow still alive. If they are alive, send them my regards. (And tell them the secret is safe with me.) I never did say a proper farewell, so apologies for that. The truth is that the very first mission with the Black Sun rattled me and made me unsure of my abilities as a slicer. After that, staring death in the face on a regular basis suddenly didn’t seem as enticing as it did when I was only dreaming about it as a bored privileged youth. I’m doing my work behind the scenes mostly now, where there’s very little chance of getting a blaster bolt to the face. In any case, I hope all is well and wish you the best of luck. Maybe our paths will cross again someday. – Arkad”

“I always kind of wondered what had happened to him. Nice to hear from him again,” says Tiro.
“Between this and seeing K’ladarien again, it’s a reminder of all we’ve been through already,” adds Gar.
Utut observes, “Isn’t K’ladarien the one who shot your other friend dead on Dathomir? He didn’t seem very stable to me!”
“Minis was the one who was unstable,” Yensod chimes in. “He was ready to kill us all because of some girl! If I would have known the Pykes were teaming me up with a psychopath like that, I never would have agreed to do that first job!”
Ney sits up straight in his chair. “Ohhhhh! Black Sun? The Pykes? Now this sounds like a story I want to hear!”
Mallinia gets up and says, “Let me grab a couple bottles of wine and why don’t you fill us new-comers in on how this all started anyways? I’m sure it’s a fascinating story….”


Jaspor Jaspor

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