Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

Ship Shopping and Scientist Delivery

With new identification in hand and a fugitive scientist tagging along, the crew decides now would be a good time to get off Tatooine before someone notices them. The daring rescue of the scientist from Teemo’s palace did not go unnoticed, and they quickly dismiss the idea of taking public transportation off the planet, since that’s the first logical place for Teemo’s henchmen to look for them.

The head to the local market and ask around if anybody is known to be selling ships. After some convincing, one of the vendors points to a seller near the back of the market. The seller explains that he dabbles in ship sales on the side, but there aren’t a whole lot of buyers on Tatooine, so he doesn’t have a very large selection. The crew actually has a very specific model in mind, a Loronar E-9 Explorer-Class Armed Long-Range Scout Vessel. Amazingly, the ship salesman does have one of those available, though it is used. After some initial price discussion, the crew wants to see the condition of the ship before making a deal. The salesman gives them a nearby hangar location, and says he will meet them there with the ship and his mechanic in an hour.

The group makes their way to the hangar, but has some time to kill before the salesman shows up. As they wait in an alley near the hangar, they start to talk to Sian Juun about how he can reward them for rescuing him. As he starts to stammer and look around nervously, a swoop bike speeds alongside where they’re standing and Sian jumps on the back. As the bike zooms away, Tiro takes a quick look at it and explains that the driver accelerated too quickly for a swoop bike in that kind of condition, and the engines are about to blow out. Sure enough, only several meters down the road, the engine explodes and the swoop bike crashes to the ground, sending its Sullustan driver and Sian flying.

The crew rushes over and surrounds Sian and the driver who are shaken up from the crash. Mallinia walks over to the scientist, picks up off the ground, and punches him in the face, knocking him out cold. The rest of the crew grab the dazed driver and the unconscious scientist and head back towards the alley near the hangar, hoping they didn’t draw too much attention. While the crash did attract a crowd, the crowd quickly disperses and returns to their own business as the passengers are carried away, apparently for medical attention.

By now, the time has arrived to meet the ship salesman. Utut and Tiro enter the hangar while Ney and Mallinia remain outside, guarding the suddenly suspicious scientist and his attempted accomplice. They greet the seller and the mechanic he brought along, and Tiro begins his inspection of the ship.

During the inspection, Tiro notices several specific details about the ship’s condition: The hull has suffered some damage, apparently from some heavy combat; The internal circuitry has some loose wires, but nothing that cannot be repaired; And the rear deflector shields are malfunctioning a bit, flickering on and off unexpectedly. The salesman’s mechanic confirms these findings as accurate, and Tiro and Utut use these shortcomings to negotiate a very favorable price for the ship.

Meanwhile, outside the landing bay, Ney and Mallinia notice the Twi’lek from the Snake Pit approaching them. As he asks to talk to him, they mock his job at the cantina, where he was collecting a fee for people to speak with Snake, by saying he’ll have to pay for that right. That doesn’t make the Twi’lek happy, as he and his goons close in on the crew.

Shorthanded and carrying an unconscious scientist, Ney and Mallinia are not really in position for a fight. Hoping to cause a distraction, Ney tosses a stun grenade towards a nearby ronto and Jawas. When it goes off, the Jawas are knocked unconscious, the ronto starts bucking and stomping on nearby carts, and the crowd in the area scatters in the chaos. Ney and Mallinia use the confusion to their advantage, and start running towards the landing bay as they comm Utut to start the ship’s engines.

The Twi’lek spots them as they begin to run towards the hangar, and quickly moves to pursue. Mallinia tosses Sian over his shoulder and races to the ship. Ney prods the Sullustan swoop bike driver to run as well, and they follow Mallinia. The Twi’lek gains on Ney and is about to overtake him when he trips going through the door to the landing bay. The Twi’lek’s goons trip over him, and they wind up in a pile of tangled limbs as Mallinia and Ney reach the ship with their Sullustan passengers. Utut punches the engines as they fly away.

Once safely in space, the crew revives the unconscious scientist and asks him to explain what’s going on. Sian admits he’s not a true scientist, and that his powerful and rich father bought his way through college and into the job he held working on the assassin droid project. Teemo had begun to see through the lies and realize he was useless, and would likely soon of him in some gruesome and sporting manner, so Sian was desperate and told lies to be rescued. He just wants to return home.

Sian had gotten a message off to one of his old friends, who was the driver of the swoop bike. While the friend didn’t have the resources to get him out of Teemo’s palace, he was waiting nearby for a quick getaway in case his rescuers found out the truth and decided to return Sian to Teemo.

With the truth revealed, the crew calls Sian’s dad, a head executive at the SoroSuub Corporation on Sullust, to verify his story. The father verifies his son’s story, and agrees that a reward can be provided for the safe return of his son. The crew heads to Sullust to deliver the disgraced scientist.

Upon landing, the group heads towards the SoroSuub office building, but notice someone following them. Ney successfully sneaks around and circles behind the person tailing them and watches him watching the rest of the crew as they head into the building.

After Sian convinces the security guards at the front desk that his father is expecting him and this group, the group is escorted up to the executive suites. Mr. Juun is happy to see his son, and the crew’s explains their reward request: full ship repairs at a facility owned by the company, rations for the ship to last six months, and the deletion of any security footage within the building showing their crew. When Mr. Juun asks why the deletion of security footage is required, they explain that they like to remain anonymous while performing good deeds. Satisfied and intrigued by the seemingly good nature of the crew, he graciously agrees to their reward.

Before leaving, the group asks Mr. Juun if he had them followed. When he says he did not, they let Ney know via comlink, and he confronts the follower. The follower says, “The mynock lands at midnight” – an apparent code phrases. When Ney doesn’t know the response, the young Sullustan is confused and disappointed.

The rest of the crew meets back up with Ney and their observer, and while they don’t do any better with trying to respond with the matching code phrase, they pick up that the Sullustan let the name Bren slip out. When Ney claims to know Bren and be friends with him, the Sullustan agrees to take them to meet him.

Upon meeting Bren, he scolds the Sullustan for bringing the wrong people here. However, since they are here, he might be able to use them. The job is to deliver several crates of counterfeit bootleg Corellian whiskey to Corellia. Once there, they are to move the crates to a secure locker, and contact Bren. The crew agrees to take the job, and will move the crates to their ship once it is finished being repaired.

The crew enjoys some brief downtime while they wait for the SoroSuub Corp to complete repairs on their new ship, making it almost as good as new. It seems they are now fully on track to begin their new lives now, complete with new identities, a new ship, and new work to be done…

GM: Steve
XP Awarded: 20 XP
- Successful ship purchase negotiation: 10 XP
- Stopping the escape attempt: 5 XP
- Delivering the scientist: 5 XP


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