Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

Secret Sanitarium

Aboard the ship, Elaiza explains that she has felt her old apprentice reach out to her through the Force. Her former Padawan had been sent to a secret treatment center for Jedi with mental instability, and she figured he had long since died in the facility. Now that she knows he is alive, Elaiza worries that he – and any other remaining survivors -could be a threat to the galaxy should they escape the asylum. She asks that Mallinia and the crew accompany her to the facility so the threat can be assessed and dealt with as needed.

She hands them a datacard that explains the facility they’re going into while she meditates on the proper approach:

“Of all the skeletons in its closet, one of the deepest and darkest secrets of the former Galactic Republic was a holding facility simply called Area 472. Housed in the depths of a long forgotten Jedi Temple, under the watchful eye of a team of Jedi, this extensive medical facility was dedicated to housing thousands of inmates and mental patients – all capable of using the Force.

The facility was an unfortunate necessity due to the basic nature of the Jedi training. Nearly every potential Jedi candidate began Force training very early in their childhood. By age thirteen, the majority of unsuitable candidates had been screened out and released from duty to the Force. Some might just not have had the drive or dedication to become part of the Jedi order. Others simply did not have a level of maturity sufficient to deal with the very serious life commitment to the Force. However, in some cases, certain individuals had deeper, more serious mental problems.

In most humanoid races, certain emotional and behavioral patterns do not fully develop until much later in life, until adolescence or early adulthood. Sometimes serious personality and mood disorders will occur, conditions that cannot be spotted in childhood. There are some safeguards in place, but background study and genetic sampling cannot fully predict who will or will not become mentally unsuitable. If ignored, quite simply, this could be a disaster waiting to happen.

Given the abundance of Padawans in training throughout the existence of the Jedi order, even if only a statistically tiny portion of those had mental problems, there would still be up to a significant number of unstable Force users in the galaxy. The majority of these beings would have been very minimally skilled in the Force, and did not pose much threat to themselves and others. Traditional treatment for mental health would be prescribed, and they would be released back into the world. However, due to the difficult nature of the diagnosing mental disorders, it was possible – however unlikely – for a Padawan to reach the advanced stages of training before being identified as unstable.

Within these psychoses lie the traits that lead to the Dark Side – megalomania, delusions, depression, paranoia and other compulsive behaviors. These individuals were, unfortunately highly dangerous – both to themselves and to the galaxy at large. To execute these Force users simply because of their mental health problems was an unacceptable option. Also, these individuals had to be watched and monitored – perhaps even cured if possible, so simply hiding them away on a remote rim planet was also unacceptable. Thus – the need for Area 472."

Meanwhile, Banu calls the crew and asks if he and Embro are in danger now that the Empire is after the crew again. The group confirms that they are, and instruct Banu to pack up and head to Nar Shadda with Ney’s brother. There they can contact the Rebels at the safe house disguised as a cantina and kept safe. While Banu is hesitant to abandon his luxurious retirement villa, he realizes he has no choice at this point. He agrees to pack up, get rid of any incriminating evidence, and travel to Nar Shadda with Embro.

Elaiza guides the crew to an abandoned Jedi temple on the frozen planet of Rhen Var. Faced with spectral guardians protecting a Jedi’s tomb that marks the temple’s entrance, the group defeats them by destroying their coffins. The group locates the elevator leading hundreds of feet below the surface to the heavily secured sanitarium. Tiro manages to repair the elevator and program it to return to the lower level after six hours.

Initially greeted with hostility and mistrust, the group manages to calm down the mentally unstable Jedi and have several conversations. Among the group is Elaiza’s former pupil, a long Jedi staff member who has survived this long, and several other patients of various degrees of insanity and violent tendencies. With the help of the staff member, the group reviews their medical evaluation records and speaks with several of the patients.

Elaiza’s student, a Nautolan named Azmo Fong, has put together a list of those he believes stable enough to be set free from the facility. A human female named Keilara Jaal expresses an opposing opinion, believing that none of the patients – including herself – should leave the asylum. The staff member, Novar Corso, would like to leave with the crew, and despite having seemingly allied with Azmo, believes all the patients should be killed via a self destruct mechanism built into the facility’s systems. Elaiza agrees with Azmo and explains these patients are too unstable to unleash upon the galaxy.

While exploring the depths, the group comes across an unusual tunnel that Utut had seen in a vision. Elaiza explains that is something akin to the Jedi trials, and that it was previously used to help determine whether a patient has regained their sanity. With some encouragement from Elaiza and Utut, Mallinia agrees to enter the tunnel. Inside, she is faced with several of her fears – modern medicine, space travel, and her mother. While she emerges from the tunnel in a daze and weakened from the stressful experience, she’s surely learned something about herself by venturing inside.

With the patients growing impatient that they are not being set free and the elevator due to return soon, the crew makes their choice – they will set off the self destruct, wear gas masks to get through the poison gas, and head up the elevator before the structure explodes in on itself. They agree to take the staff member Novar with them, as he has proven several times to be telling the truth regarding his situation as an unfortunate Jedi trapped as part of the staff.

Without letting Mallinia and Ney know initially, Tiro and Utut work together to rig the self destruct system to not actually kill the patients. Tiro uses his computer and mechanical skills to dilute the poison gas and disable the building’s destruction. While Novar is getting the gas masks out of the locker, Utut fills Ney and Mallinia in on their change of plans and letting the patients live. With Novar providing the confirmation codes, they set the modified self destruct sequence in motion. Several of the Jedi sense the gas and rush towards the elevator to stop the group from escaping.

After an intense battle that involves flying furniture, Force lightning, glop grenades, Force disarms, and a patient switching sides mid-battle to assist the crew, the group manages to disable the patients and rush onto the elevator just as it arrives. The group heads back to their ship with Elaiza, Novar, and the Nightsister Talia.

As Elaiza backs away from the group and waves farewell, her eyes suddenly open wide, a look of shock on her face. Her jaw drops open as a soundless yell escapes her throat. That’s when you notice the point of a violet lightsaber blade protruding from her chest. She collapses to the ground in a lifeless heap, revealing the assassin that had snuck up behind her.

A female human stands there dressed in a tight-fitting completely black jumpsuit. Long red hair flows to her shoulders as she looks down at Elaiza with bright green eyes. She extinguishes her lightsaber, bends down over the corpse, and reaches inside the loose robes. She pulls out the lightsaber of the former Jedi and hooks it onto her belt. That’s when she looks up and faces the group for the first time.
“She may have been old, but she was crafty. She had eluded me for some time. Thank you for leading me right to her. Now there is one less Jedi in the galaxy.” A small smile crosses her lips as her gaze focuses directly on Mallinia. “And now, Mallinia, the Emperor would like to speak with you. Come with me please.”

GM: Steve
XP Awarded: 20 XP (Base)
5 XP MVP Bonus: Utut
5 XP GM Bonus: Tiro


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