Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

Retribution and Resolution

The crew arrives on the mining planet to meet with K’ladarien ad assist in his plan for revenge. While traveling, Ney made some arrangements with contacts in a thieves guild to deliver some stealthy enhancing armor attachment to him here on Bandomeer. As the rest of the crew does some shopping, Ney heads to the designated back alley to meet his contact and pick up armor. After establishing contact, the fellow thief slips out of the shadows with the goods. The contact says Ney hasn’t paid his guild dues lately, and that the dues are overdue. Ney explains he doesn’t have the extra money after scraping together the cash for this expensive item, but agrees to pay them soon. The thief warns Ney of the dangers of crossing the guild, and they complete the transaction.

The group gathers back up and heads to K’ladarien’s safe house. After checking to make sure they weren’t followed, K’ladarien invites them in. He explains the situation:

K’ladarien takes his seat at the head of the table and begins to talk:

“Thanks for coming, I knew I count on my former crew! So here’s the deal: The Imperial governor will be here in two days. He will meet with my boss at his office, and after that, they’ll go on a tour of the mine. My boss wants to show the Imperial firsthand the improvements he’s made to the mine and how efficiency and morale has improved. Of course, the foreman and miners have been informed they’ll get a nice little bonus if they do a good job convincing the Imperial. I’ll be on duty guarding my boss and accompanying the group, since he wants to seem important with his own personal bodyguard.”

He sits forward in his chair and pounds his fist on the table:

“I want this scum bag dead. He killed my friend, whose only mistake was joining the Empire and then wanting to get out when he saw the atrocities they committed. My friend and his family did not deserve to die, and this bastard must suffer for what he’s done.”

He reaches into one of the pouches on his bandolier and pulls out a small bag. He puts it to his nose and inhales deeply. Calmer now, he continues:

“Suffer, yes yes, he must suffer. What I’d REALLY like to do is capture him alive so I can question in and find out if somebody else was behind the assassination besides him. If there was, then they must suffer too. If I can grab him and drag him away while you guys lay down the cover fire and cause confusion, we could try that. If you think that’s too risky, I’ll be satisfied if he simply winds up dead. Either way, this piece of trash can NOT leave this planet alive. It’s him or me…. So, what do you think? What’s the plan?”

The group discusses a few possible plans, including taking out the Imperial while he’s in the mining office, ambushing him on his way to the mine, and trying to trap him inside the mine and dealing with him there. After some debate, they agree that an ambush on the way to the mine is likely the best plan.

The group proceeds to scout out the area the day before the Imperial’s arrival. While the terrain between the town and mine is mostly rocky and flat without much cover, closer to the mine is a variety of equipment and supplies that could provide for some places to hide. With roles and positions decided, they head back to K’ladarien’s to spend the night.

The next morning, K’ladarien provides the exact timing of the Imperial’s visit and heads to work. He will remain at the Chevin’s side, seemingly protecting his boss and the Imperial from the unexpected attack. When the opportunity presents itself, he will show his true intentions among the chaos and drag the Imperial away from the battle and towards captivity.

The group heads out early in gets into position – Gastro hides inside an out house near the mine entrance. Utut hides inside the wheel well of a large tractor. Mallinia takes cover behind a stack of crates. Tiro hides beside a truck used to transport the mined material. Ney scouts out the Chevin’s office, stalking through the shadows surrounding the building and reporting back to the rest of the group via comlink. He sees the Imperial arrive and estimates around a half dozen Stormtroopers escorting him.

As the Imperial, his Stormtrooper escort, the Chevin mining tycoon, and K’ladarien make their way towards the mine, the crew waits for just the right moment to pounce. As the targets approach the right spot, Tiro slithers into the driver’s seat of the vehicle he was hiding behind and shifts it into gear, pointing the truck at their targets. He hangs on for the ride as the vehicle starts to move.

Unfortunately, K’ladarien did not expect that type of distraction and is slow to react to the vehicle heading right towards him. The truck runs over his leg, breaking it in several pieces and sending him to the ground in pain. The Chevin is also clipped by the truck and is knocked to the ground before the vehicle comes to a halt. While the truck did cut off the Imperial from the town and some of his Stormtroopers guards, it also complicated the plan somewhat by rendering K’ladarien useless.

Realizing the runaway truck as part of an attack, the Stormtroopers react and attack Tiro. While he takes cover inside the truck, he still takes some damage from the Stormtroopers. Additional Stormtroopers take out the truck’s tires, ensuring it cannot run anybody else over or assist with an escape. His route back to town blocked, the Imperial governor heads towards the mine entrance hoping to get inside for safety.

The rest of the crew reveal themselves from their hiding spots and join the fray. A few well-placed attacks severely wound the Imperial Governor, but he continues to limp towards the mine entrance. Gastro pops out of the outhouse and takes out several Stormtroopers. Mallinia unleashes a flurry of slashes with her newly acquired vibroknives.

The Governor recovers by applying a stimpack to himself and receiving some medical attention from the Stormtrooper Sergeant, and with renewed health he almost reaches the mine entrance and safety. However he does not quite make it, as a well-placed shot to the chest fells him. Before the rest of the Stormtroopers are taken out, their Sergeant manages to place a distress call and ask for reinforcements. The Sergeant throws one final desperate grenade at the group, but is then taken down too.

With the Imperial governor unconscious, K’ladarien crippled, and the Chevin tycoon in a panic, the group commandeers a passing transport truck. They drop its driver and the Chevin off at the mining office, and proceed to travel towards K’ladarien’s safe house. From a safe distance, they ditch the vehicle and assist the wounded into the house.

K’ladarien asks that the group take the Imperial into his prepared torture room and secure him. Utut and Mallinia carry the Governor into the back room and strap him to the upright torture rack. While K’ladarien helps himself to some alcohol and spice to help deal with the pain of his broken leg (which is made no better by a failed attempt by Tiro to ease the pain), he offers the crew a chance to start with the torture. He explains that there are several devices to choose from, and that he wants to learn whether or not someone else in the Empire had anything to do with the assassination of his friend.

While Ney and Utut don’t seem particularly offended by the situation, they’re not going to actively participate in the torture. Gastro, however, shows no hesitation and chooses a large knife from among the tools. He threatens the Imperial with the knife. The Imperial is adequately scared, and insists that he was the only one responsible for the murder.

Gastro, not satisfied with the answer, cuts off two of the Governor’s fingers and asks the question again. The Imperial, now screaming in pain, remains consistent with his answer. K’ladarien acknowledges that he is satisfied that the Imperial is telling the truth, explaining that his own extensive investigation has not implicated anybody else. Gastro moves to finish the job by cutting the Imperial’s throat, but K’ladarien catches him by the arm and insists that he wants to have the pleasure of torturing him further and having the killing blow. K’ladarien thanks the crew for their assistance, and provides a payment in credits, though he keeps half of the payment to pay for medical expenses due to the broken leg.

As the crew heads back to their ship, they notice an Imperial troop transport landing nearby. Assuming these are reinforcements responding to the attack, Ney calls K’ladarien on his comlink and warns him that he may be running out of time. The crew then quickly boards their ship and departs before the Imperials have a chance to ground any ships trying to leave.

Once on their ship and jumping to their next destination, the Second Chance is violently ripped out of hyperspace and surrounded by several ships. A rough voice comes over the comm channel:

“Why hello there, Second Chance. You may have changed ships, but now that the Imperials let everyone know you’re still alive, it wasn’t too hard to track you down. I’ll make this real simple for you – hand over the witch and we’ll let the rest of you go. If you refuse, we’ll blow that ship of yours into space dust. You have 60 seconds to shut down your engines and prepare for coupling to transfer her.”

While the crew tries to frantically decide on a course of action, Mallinia speaks up and says she will go with them willingly. The crew argues with her at first, but she assures them that she knows what she is doing, and hints that she knows the bounty hunters are taking her back to Dathomir to see her mother. The ships dock, Mallinia leaves her weapons behind and goes peacefully with the bounty hunters, and they disappear into hyperspace as the rest of the crew watches, feeling somewhat helpless.

Deciding Mallinia’s mention of location was more than a subtle hint, the crew heads to Dathomir. Soon after arriving, as they are gathering their bearings and deciding their next move, Utut gets a strange feeling – It was almost like a loud scream from Mallinia, followed by a burst of energy, but then silence. He’s not sure what it means or where it came from, but the message is clear: Mallinia needs help or they have seen her for the last time.

With that insight, the crew gathers their gear and heads through the jungle towards the Nightsister village where they were once held prisoner. With his familiarity of the planet and village and his survival skills, Utut is able to find the village without too much trouble. They see smoke in the distance as they near the village. Gastro sneaks in for a closer look and sees total destruction – bodies are scattered across the ground, shacks have been leveled, debris litters the ground, and small fires have broken out in a few spots.

Having some familiarity with explosives, Ney moves to the center of the blast site to investigate the source. At ground zero of the explosion is Mallinia, unconscious but breathing. Utut moves to provide some medical attention, and upon touching her, sees of a vision of what happened leading up to this moment:

_As Mallinia enters her village she sees her mother waiting for her.

Mallinia: Why are you still chasing me? You know it is not good for me to stay here. You know what happened last time you tried this.

Clan Mother Malisa: We must complete your training. You are destined to take over and lead your sisters.

Mallinia: No mother. That is where you are wrong. You need to find another. Last time you tried this the village was nearly destroyed. The way the energy flows here is wrong. Channeling it the way you want me to fuels my hatred and fear. I cannot control myself when I use the energy this way. You are trying to make me become someone I know I am not. Helping people is where I belong. Not stuck here feeding off the weak.

Clan Mother Malisa: This discussion is over. You will continue your training and your friends will be killed. The order is already given and the sisters should be moving in now.

Mallinia: No!_

They revive Mallinia, but she is still disoriented and weak from the exertion. She does insist it’s very important they all leave right now before other Nightsisters arrive to investigate the blast. The crew heads back towards their ship. With some efficient and quick movement through the jungle, they manage to get far enough away from the village before the other Nightsisters can pick up their trail and follow them.

Before they get to their ship, however, some movement in the brush interrupt their hike. Out of the dense vegetation comes a large creature resembling a dewback. A top the creature rides a woman with red hair dressed armor fashioned from a variety of animal skins. She wears a necklace of rancor teeth and holds a blaster pistol aimed at you.

“Well well, what do we have here? Some more off world scum looking to tarnish Dathomir’s natural beauty? Let me get a better look at you.” She eases her mount a bit closer to the group, gun still aimed in a threatening manner. A look of confusion comes over her face as she sees Tiro and Utut. “Hrmmm.. You look… familiar somehow… Do I know you?”

Tiro recognizes her as Regan, a friend of their former crewmate Minis and someone they competed against in the Rancor Games. He answers her question directly, admitting that they do know one another from that encounter.

“Ah yes, you’re the ones from the Rancor Games! You killed my crew, Minis, and left me for dead! Well, I’m not dead. In fact, I’ve gotten in touch with my primitive side and made some new friends!” She lets out a whistle and several large lizard type creatures come out from the bushes and surround the group. “And now, you will join Minis and the rest of them, your last breath taken on Dathomir!”

Ney unleashes a bola that tangles Regan and knocks her off her mount. Mallinia, who had left her weapons behind when she was taken by the bounty hunters, runs over to Regan unarmed. In a brutal display of strength and perhaps still enhanced by the Force powers she used to destroy the Nightsister village, Mallinia rips off Regan’s arm with her bare hands. Regan begs for mercy, asking that she be allowed to return to her life here in the jungle with her pets. Seemingly triggered by the pleas for mercy, Gastro moves to finish her off. Not wanting to murder someone begging for their life, Tiro quickly slithers up to Gastro and attaches a restraining bolt to stop him in his tracks. Mallinia hands the severed arm back to Regan and she’s allowed to disappear back into the jungle with her pets.

Back on their ship, the crew receives a call from Bria Tharen, their Rebel contact. She invites them to the Cluster Cantina on Nar Shadda to discuss their situation. Upon arriving at the cantina, the group find themselves in a nondescript, typical cantina just like hundreds of others in the galaxy. Mallinia and Utut approach the bartender and order Tatooine Sunrise with a side of Blue Milk – the code phrase given to them by Bria. The bartender gives them a knowing nod and serves up the drinks. A few minutes later, the group is led into a back room by a protocol droid.

The back rooms are not at all like the front of the bar. The halls are well lit, the floors are clean, and secure-looking doors lead to several rooms off the main hallway. The droid punches a security code into a door panel and they enter a large conference room. Bria Tharen is waiting for them and greets them.

Bria explains that this bar is a hidden safe house for the Rebellion. She tells them that the despite the Empire being after the crew, they do not have a bounty out for them because the Empire wants to deal with them personally. She explains that everyone they have ever worked for or who has assisted them is now in danger, and she offers to help get those people to safety. If the crew needs to protect someone, they can bring them to the Cluster Cantina, and the Rebels will find somewhere safe for them to go. The bartender and owner, a man named Jefftin Rhewel, will be their contact person here and able to help them with whatever they need.

As the meeting ends, an urgent call comes in from Lando. He explains that Aris has been murdered and asks that the crew head there immediately to assist with the investigation.

GM: Steve
XP Awarded: 15 XP (Base)
5 XP MVP Bonus: Gastro
5 XP RP Bonus: Mallinia


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