Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

Jewel of Yavin: Part 2

At the Jewel of Yavin auction event, the group approaches the bidders in an attempt to drive up the price, since they secretly have an interest in the gem fetching the highest price possible. Having previously performed some background checks and spoken to some of the bidders, they attempt to play to their interests and weaknesses in convincing them to bid more in order to win the Jewel. While at the museum, the crew also prepares for the heist later that night by setting up some mechanical equipment to interfere with the security equipment. In the end, the highest bid belongs to (who?). The auction ends, the museum closes, and the plan is put into action.

Before entering the museum to steal the Jewel itself, the group finds one of the automated teller droids in the city and hacks into it ….

The crew used their attendance at the auction to prepare for the heist later that night and attempted to drive up the bidding on the Jewel. Once the auction was completed and the museum closed for the night, the group found an bank teller droid and hacked into it to steal the funds deposited from the bid. They broke into the museum through some air ducts that led into the garbage shaft, subdued the guards, disabled the security, and got their hands on the Jewel. However, they were met by an old lady who was one of the bidders, apparently a Jedi in exile, who convinced them to hand over the Jewel for the benefit of the galaxy as a whole.

GM: Bill
XP Awarded: 30 XP
- Hiking up the auction bid – 10 XP
- Successfully hacking into the banking system – 10 XP
- Successfully stealing the gem – 10 XP


Jaspor Jaspor

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