Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

Jewel of Yavin: Part 1

The crew’s actions did not go unnoticed, and between helping a prisoner escape one prison, breaking out of another prison themselves, and stealing a prototype space ship, they found themselves among the Imperial’s most wanted. Huge bounties were placed on their heads, which meant it would be difficult for them to take on jobs or operate freely without worrying about every bounty hunter in the galaxy gunning for them. They hatched a plan to fake their own deaths to clear the bounty, using illegally obtained clones to help the charade seem convincing. However, cloning is not only highly illegal, but also extremely expensive. It would take a big score to be able to afford it.

Just such an opportunity presented itself when they were invited to Bespin and presented with an opportunity to heist the famous Jewel of Yavin. The Jewel would be on display at a local museum during an auction for the rare and valuable gem. In fact, the job would be especially profitable because not only would they steal the gem, they were going to steal the funds from the winning bid as well. The group took the job, and proceeded to earn access to the auction event itself by winning the Cloud Car Grand Prix race.

GM: Bill
XP Awarded: 35 XP
- Exploring the museum and researching security: 5 XP
- Investigating the auction bidders: 5 XP
- Creating the computer spike, getting an encryption sample: 10 XP
- Coming in first place during the Cloud City Grand Prix: 15 XP


Jaspor Jaspor

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