Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

Giradda's Lost Treasure Part 3: Patience Is The Key

After the Rebel alliance hired the crew of the Second Chance to perform a daring jailbreak, it’s been discovered that Caston Kale holds the secret to discovering the legendary treasure of Girrada the Hutt. The crew found the first clues hidden within Girrada’s former palace on Nal Hutta. While those clues point to the location of the treasure, they’re still missing an important piece of the puzzle – the key to unlock it.

Caston suspects he knows where the key lies, but having been locked away for 20 years, it may take some detective work to track it down. The betrayal by a former friend and crew mate Rix Harik directly led to Caston’s capture and imprisonment by the Empire. Caston believe that it is likely that Rix still has the physical key that will unlock the vault holding Giradda’s treasure, although Rix might not even realize it since the key is in the form of an elaborate looking gem.

The crew now has to track down Rix Harik and find the gem. Caston has no idea where to find Rix, but might know somebody who does – another former crewmate of his, a human woman named Cara Sabe. Cara retired from the pirate life shortly before Caston was captured and became a legitimate business woman, opening a diner on the planet Eriadu.

The crew heads to Eriadu and enters Cara’s diner, the Ruby Soho café, with Caston wearing a hooded cloak to hide his appearance. After convincing a serving droid that they have business with Cara, she brings them into the back and is reunited with Caston, it now becoming apparent they were a bit more than just crewmates.

When questioned about Rix Harik, Cara explains that she hasn’t seen him in years, but has heard that he has built a reputation as a high stakes gambler and can likely be found at the annual high stakes sabacc tournament being held at the Lady Fate Casino on Ord Mantell. She also has head that Rix has a crew made up entirely of droids. His betrayal of Caston has made him weary of being the victim of the same type of betrayal, so he has surrounded himself with droids he knows are guaranteed to remain loyal.

Since nobody in the crew is a sabacc expert, Cara offers to play a few practice rounds with them. After a round, Cara realized they she could help Caston and the crew additionally by paying the entry fee for the tournament. However, the lesson and reunion is cut short when one of Cara’s workers informs her that Imperials have shown up at the front door looking for Caston. His mug shot has hit the holonet, and a patron must have recognized him and reported his location. Cara instructs her worker to stall the Imperials while she shows the crew an alternate exit from the diner. The group slips out a back door into a secluded alley just as a squad of Stormtroopers burst into the back rooms where they had been meeting. They make their way back to the Second Chance without incident.

Upon arriving on Ord Mantell and making their way to the Lady Fate Casino, the crew realizes that it might take some trickery in order to gain access to the tournament and confront Rix Harik. The tournament is an “invite only” event for high stakes players, and the crew does not have an invitation. After speaking with the twi’lek casino employee responsible for registering and checking in the players, she mentions that they’ve had some recent cancellations, so there is room in the tournament for more players. She also adds that the registration fee would cost more than usual since it would be a last minute entry and some additional rush paperwork would have to be filed. The crew discusses it briefly, and since Cara agreed to pay the entry fee for the tournament without mentioning any limit, they pay the entry fees and additional charges.

Upon entering the tournament room, the crew is required to check their weapons at the door. Ney and Tiro both buy seats into the preliminary round and find open seats at separate tables. After a few hands, and more than a few unlucky shifts of the cards, Ney finds himself out of chips and is eliminated from the tournament. Tiro’s luck (and ability to bluff the other players) works out better, as he wins enough chips to proceed through the initial rounds and make his way into the finals.

The final table consists of Tiro, Rix, and three other players. Tiro attempts to strike up some small talk with Rix, but the professional gambler ignores his conversation and focuses on his cards. At this point, the crew notices the shiny pink jewel hanging around Rix’s neck on an ornate chain. The other three players are eliminated from the table, leaving only Tiro and Rix remaining. Tiro makes a bold move that is sure to get Rix’s attention – Tiro challenges Rix to a hand for the gem, with Tiro putting up the deed of their Black Onyx Y-Wing as the wager against it. Rix laughs at the offer, and accepts the challenge. As the cards are dealt and shift, the crowd anxiously awaits the results. As the cards are flipped over, Rix shows the winning hand, and happily grabs the deed for the crew’s ship.

As Rix is about to get up from the table and claim the tournament championship, Tiro points out that the wager was only for the ship versus the gem, and that the tournament was not over. Annoyed and bothered by a possible technicality, Rix dismisses Tiro’s claim and continues to get up from the table. However, the tournament officials intervene and reluctantly back Tiro’s story – while everyone in the room believe the wager also implied it was also for the tournament championship, it was not explicitly stated. With more than a few swears, Rix sits back down at the table for one final hand to decide the tournament.

This time, fortune favors Tiro as he shows a natural sabacc and wins the tournament in dramatic fashion! Rix takes a moment to compose himself and show some sportsmanship, congratulating Tiro on a well-played victory. Rix does still possess the deed to the ship, and offers Tiro an opportunity to discuss some potential further business together, possibility allowing him to earn back the ship. Rix explains that he is staying in the penthouse suite of a nearby hotel and invite Tiro to stop by later.

Not knowing exactly what to expect when visiting Rix in his suite, the crew plans to have some discrete backup for Tiro. Caston and Whistler are sent to stay with the ship in case they need to make a fast getaway. The group manages to slip into a maintenance room in the lower level of the hotel and grab a cleaning cart and some maintenance worker uniforms. They send Tiro up to the suite first and plan to be close behind him.

Tiro enters the suite and is met by several security droids of differing models and weaponry – Rix’s droid crew. They acknowledge that Rix was expecting him and send him down the hall into Rix’s office. Rix offers Tiro a job to earn back the ship he lost during the tournament – break into the heavily guarded bank of Ord Mantell. Tiro doesn’t consider the job a legit offer, and starts talking about other possibilities.

As the conversation is unfolding, the rest of the crew arrives in the suite, disguise as hotel works. They explain to the droids that they are there to perform some maintenance, and convince the droids to allow them entry to the suite.

Meanwhile, back in the private office, the conversation between Tiro and Rix is tense and isn’t getting very far. It then takes a turn for the worse when Tiro draws his gun and points it at Rix. The security guards draw their guns and point them at Tiro. After several threats back and forth and suggestions that one or the other drop their weapons, the droids make the first move and fire at Tiro. He takes a hit, but his armor absorbs most of the blow and he staggers into cover as the battle erupts.

From the hallway, the droid guards and crew hear the blaster fire and move into action. The crew draws their hidden weapons and start firing on the droids, who are now confused between defending themselves from the immediate threat or racing down the hallway to aid Rix.

As the battle unfolds, and the droids begin to fall, Rix realizes that Tiro is not alone and makes a run for it. He dives through a hidden door in his office, and shuts it behind him. By now, Ney and Utut have made their way into the office. A dangerous assassin droid was stunned by gunfire, and Tiro attaches a restraining bolt to ensure it doesn’t cause any more trouble. In the meantime, Ney gets to work slicing the lock on the door Rix escaped through. After a few moments, the door opens, revealing a long dark hallway that leads away from the suite. Ney inspects the section of the tunnel he can see, and notices a trap’s tripwire. Suspecting the dark tunnel may be booby trapped in the darkness, Tiro uses the restraining bolt to order the enslaved droid to head down the tunnel.

Several seconds after the droid vanishes into the darkness, a loud explosion erupts from the tunnel, the blast knocking the crew back into the room, and alarms going off throughout the hotel. The crew rushes down the hallway to survey the damage, carefully watching for additional traps as they speed along.

At the end of the tunnel are an exit door and a small table. On the table are the gem and a holorecording. Playing the recording shows a message from Rix, hastily left moments ago: “You want the gem this badly, you can have it. We’ll meet again, I won’t forget this. And send my regards to Caston. He’s the only one who could want this worthless piece of rock this badly.”

The crew carefully opens the door and finds themselves on an escape balcony overlooking the city below. They quickly call Caston on the commlink to pick them up. As they anxiously await his arrival, several police and fire fighting vehicles arrive on the chaotic scene, as employees and customers flood onto the streets from the burning hotel.

The Second Chance arrives among the chaos, entry ramp already lowered as it pulls in close to their balcony. They quickly jump aboard one by one, and the ship speeds away as the ramp begins to close. Scouting behind them for pursuit, it doesn’t appear they’re being followed as sirens blare through the city streets. The crew makes its way into the cockpit, and Utut pulls the gem from a fold in his robes, holding it up to Caston and saying something in his native language. Mallinia translates: “So, is this what you were looking for?” Caston’s eyes quickly dart away from the viewport as he navigates the ship to safety and glances at the item Utut is holding. The wide grin on his face confirms that the crew has successfully retrieved the key to Giradda’s vault.

GM: Steve
XP Awarded: 15 XP


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