Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

Giradda's Lost Treasure Part 1: The Man on the Inside

After making a name for themselves by winning Jabba’s Rancor Games, the crew of the Second Chance find themselves in demand for all kinds of jobs, both legit and highly illegal. Through the noise, a call from Bria Tharen gets their attention. The crew had previously helped Bria and the Rebel Alliance by turning over classified Imperial hyperspace routes they obtained during the bank heist on Coruscant. Now it was time to put that stolen information to good use.

Bria explains that the hyperspace routes lead to a highly secure Imperial prison located on the edge of the Maw. And that Imperial jail holds a prisoner that has some information considered extremely valuable to the Rebel cause. The prisoner is a former pirate named Caston Kale, who has been locked away and seemingly forgotten for twenty years. So the job is straightforward – Use the hyperspace routes to travel to the prison and break the prisoner out of there. She also offers to send some additional assistance to the crew once they decide where they’re going next.

After some discussion, the crew decides that the best way into the prison is to pretend to be Imperials transporting prisoners there. They identify a lower profile (and less secure) Imperial prison on the planet Bakura and decide to head there to try to obtain some items that can assist with their deception.

Upon arriving on the heading to the local cantina, the crew is approached by a Nautolan male who knows who they are. He introduces himself as Ney Loan and is accompanied by an astromech droid he calls Whistler. He explains that he and Whistler were sent by Bria to assist the crew on this job, and passes on some personal information to K’ldarien. K’ldarien reviews the information, validates it, and decides this information is highly valuable in helping him carry out a personal quest of his own. He says his goodbyes and departs from the group.

Ney explains that this is the perfect spot to steal an Imperial shuttle from, and explains that a distraction has been planned to make sure the Imperials come in investigate. Right on time, an explosion goes off near the Bakura Opera House, and there are purposefully obvious signs that the Rebel Alliance was behind it. As an Imperial shuttle arrives from the orbiting prison, the crew heads to the spaceport to confiscate it. After attempts to stealthily capture the shuttle fails, a shootout ensues and the crew leave several Stormtroopers dead as they take off with the shuttle.

After re-routing through several systems to lose any pursuing Imperials, Whistler puts his slicing skills to good use by forging the transponder codes of the shuttle. The crew also managers to dig up an Imperial officer uniform and two suits of Stormtrooper armor from the shuttle’s storage. The plan is to have Mallinia, Ney, and Gastro disguise themselves as Imperials escorting Utut and Tiro to the prison. With the forged codes and a plan in place, they jump to the prison.

The falsified transponder codes gains the ship access to dock inside the prison, and a forged data chip provides a record of the prisoners they were delivering. After the prison warden reviews the records and approves the prisoner transfer, he asks Mallinia how Captain Smith is doing. Mallinia responds that the captain is doing well and she has just seen him recently during another task.

It doesn’t take long for the crew to tap into a computer terminal and find the cell Caston Kale is being held in. Another name is found in the prison log – Mr. Tye, Tiro’s father. The crew makes their way down to the cell block, and confronts the Imperial officer and Stormtroopers stationed there. At first, the Imperial is reluctant to follow orders he had not been informed of prior to their arrival, and even becomes a bit condescending to the masquerading crew. But using some knowledge of Imperial rank insignias on the stolen uniform and that of the Imperial officer, Mallinia manages to pull rank and shame the officer and Stormtroopers into leaving their post and allowing the higher ranked officer to do his job.

With the cell block now empty of guards, the crew quickly free Caston Kale and convince him they are there to rescue him. Tiro also takes the opportunity to quickly speak with his father, but the elder Tye says he is too weak to participate in their daring escape, and urges Tiro to follow up with a family friend to collect evidence to prove his innocence through formal channels. Tiro reluctantly leaves his father behind and vows to free him.

With Kale now in with them, and no plans to actually leave their fake prisoners behind, the crew needs a distraction in order to get out. They create one by opening some additional cells in the prison block, releasing a Wookiee and a Trandoshan with a spare weapon thrown between the two for them to fight over. With the prisoners released, the crew rushes into the hallway and alerts the Imperial and Stormtroopers who previously guarded this cell, calling out that several prisoners had escaped and a full on prisoner riot was underway. With alarms blaring and guards rushing to lock down the prisoners, the crew manages to sneak their way back to the docking bay.

However, they don’t get away quite that easily, as the prisoner warden is waiting for them with several patrols of Stormtroopers. His question about Captain Smith had been a test, and the crew failed – Captain Smith had been dead for several months. A gun battle erupts, with the warden rallying his Stormtroopers to fight heroically while the crew hurried Caston Kale to the safety of the ship. They took some shots, but managed to take down enough Stormtroopers to successfully board the ship and take off.

The prison does have formidable defenses though. Several TIE fighters are deployed to pursue the fleeing ship and assaulted by defensive gun batteries. The ship absorbs several devastating blows, but manages to fight off the TIEs and out distance the gun batteries before they are blown to bits. A jump to lightspeed, and they successfully reach safety with their prize – the mysterious Caston Kale.

GM: Steve
XP Awarded: 20 XP


Jaspor Jaspor

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