Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

Gar's Journal

It’s true. It must be. It all makes so much sense now. All these years the only explanation I could come up with was that everything prior to the whole cheating scandal ordeal was a lie. The good times and the friendship were all a lie. My so-called friend turned out to be a selfish jerk only looking out for himself. It didn’t make sense, but there was no other explanation. I put it behind me, and got on with my life, hesitant to truly trust anybody that deeply again.

But as I sit here in this abandoned Imperial lab surrounded by unliving abominations, I know what K’wa told me must be true – Iza did it all to save me. Once he found out the Imperials would take the top medical students and force them to work for the Empire, he saved me the only way he could – by getting me expelled so the Empire would overlook me, and sacrificing himself in the process. And from what I’ve seen here on this planet and in this lab, working for the Empire would have been a far worse fate than where I am now, that’s certain.

And I can’t really complain about where I’ve wound up. I let a little bit of the bottled up resentment slip out a bit when I heard Iza was seeking my help, and the painful memories came flooding back. It’s unfortunate my crew mates saw that. The truth is, I couldn’t ask for a better crew. We work well together and have each others’ backs. I’ll be sure to let them know how important they are to me once we get out of this current mess.

Which reminds me, I should stop with the rambling and get back to the research. Iza has done a considerable amount of work towards the cure, but I need to finish this job. His life depends on it, and maybe the lives of countless others across the galaxy. I never had much love for the Empire, but after finding out about this, it’s clear they must be stopped. For now, that starts with finding the cure.

The Alderaan Flora seems to hold the key. Sadly, the Empire destroyed the plant’s native planet. (Another reason to despise the Imperials.) Ney had a good thought, finding an Ithorian who might know something about the plant considering the tendency of the species to have some expertise in agriculture. Now where do we find an Ithorian on Kashyyyk ?…


Jaspor Jaspor

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