Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

Flowers For Alderaan

With Iza Tuh frozen in carbonite and a biological weapon he helped develop for the Empire turning people into zombies, the crew is faced with the task of finding the cure. Reviewing Iza’s notes indicated that a rare flower from Alderaan may be the key ingredient in the cure. Unable to get in touch with Aris back on Cloud City, Ney points out that Ithorians are well known for their skill in agriculture. The group decides that lead is as good as any, and decide to head out to try and find an Ithorian.

Before leaving the bunker, they decide to leave Iza’s carbonite chamber here in the lab, since they’ll have to return here to make use of the lab equipment to synthesize the cure. Tiro hacks into the control panel on the door to the lab and rigs it to be securely locked so others will have a hard time entering while they are gone.

As the group starts to leave the bunker, however, they’re met by a horde of zombies wearing clothing with the Rebel insignia. With the zombies mindlessly lumbering towards them and blocking the only exit, Ney sneaks up to get a closer look. Deciding to attack, his first few shots have no effect as they rip through the flesh of the oncoming zombies. The group takes aim for their heads and fire down the hallway, dropping a few of them. After examining the bunker’s hallway for structural integrity, Ney decides to toss a bomb at the remaining zombies. In an explosion of limbs and gore, the zombies are defeated, the group exits the bunker, and they return K-Wa to her camp before they head to their ship.

Aboard the ship, Gar recalls an old Ithorian classmate he knew from medical school. He contacts him and explains the situation, mentioning that Iza (also one of the Ithorian’s classmates) is in trouble. Gar explains they are looking for the Alderaan flower and they’re wondering if he would know where to find one. The Ithorian says a fellow Ithorian named Bipee had been growing some, but he fled back to the surface of Ithor in order to avoid Imperial detection. The Imperials are trying to wipe out all remnants of the planet they destroyed, and flowers from the planet were being systematically tracked down and destroyed.

Although outsiders are not permitted on the surface of Ithor, a fortunate hyperspace jump to the system found an area where the ship can land on the planet undetected. Utut pilots the ship down to the surface without being seen and lands it in the jungle outside the major city. Unfortunately, a loud cracking and squishing sound as the ship touches down means he may have parked right on top of something delicate.

Looking through the viewport, some large smashed eggs are visible. Ney scouts through the window and uses the ship’s tracking equipment to try and determine what may be lurking nearby in the jungle. He picks up a large creature circling their landing spot.

The group exits and begins to head towards the city, Utut staying behind to guard the ship. A few short minutes later, Utut calls them from the ship giving them a heads up that a varacytl is coming their way. Gar and Ney quickly dive into the bushes and take cover. Mallinia and Tiro stand their ground with weapons drawn, ready to face the creature. The varactyl launches itself from out of nowhere at Mallinia, but Tiro gives her a heads up just in time. With a few quick swipes of her vibroaxe, Mallinia blinds and staggers the beast. Disabled and sightless, Ney steps out from the bushes and puts the beast out of its misery with a shot to the head.

The crew reaches the large village, and notices laborers of different species and professions strolling around. In order to blend in better, the crew throws on some work robes they find in a nearby crate.
Walking through the streets, Ney notices a few men in an alley playing a gambling game with coins. After joining the game for a few rounds, he asks if they know Bipee. They do, and point the group towards his hut, explaining it’s the one with the large garden outside.

The crew finds the hut with Bipee working in the garden outside. Gar approaches him and asks to talk business. Bipee puts on a device that helps translate, and invites Gar into his office. Once inside, Gar mentions the name of the former classmate who gave him Bipee’s name. Gar explains that he understands Bipee has the rare flower. Bipee confirms that he does have it, but it’s not for sale since he has not yet successfully been able to reproduce the plant. Gar offers his assistance with the process, utilizing his background in science. Bipee still is unsure, as he worries about the Empire coming for him still. Gar offers to get him off the planet and safely protected by the Rebel alliance as long as they succeed in breeding the plant and he can have some.

After two weeks of research and experimentation, they successfully get the plant to reproduce. Bipee is so pleased with the outcome that he gives Gar one of the original plants. The Rebels arrive and arrange with the Ithorian authorities to extract Bipee and keep him safe. The crew uses that opportunity to depart the planet and head back to Kashyyyk.

Back on Kashyyyk, the group stops by K-Wa’s village and finds out that there’s now an unusually large Imperial presence on the planet. Gar asks Kochu to provide some Wookiees to accompany them on their way back to the Imperial bunker. Though he’s very reluctant, Kochu concedes that the group did help rescue his daughter, and he agrees to provide support.

Arriving back at the bunker, the crew finds two Stormtroopers and an Imperial officer guarding it. The group rounds up some zombies by making some loud noises, kiting them towards the bunker. Ney tosses a grenade in between the zombie group and the Stormtroopers. As both sides converge to investigate the noise, the zombies and Stormtroopers engage one another in combat.

With the Stormtroopers distracted by the zombies, only the Imperial officer remains guarding the bunker. Mallinia stashes her weapon and runs out towards the bunker, using her feminine charms to plead for help from the zombies. She beckons the officer over, who falls for the ruse and is subdued by the group as they ambush him. The Wookiees have no mercy for the Empire, and they quickly tear the officer limb from limb in a grisly scene.

Now inside the bunker, the crew finds an Imperial technician working to unlock the door to the lab that Tiro had rigged shut. Tiro approaches the technician and threatens him. Being a non-combatant, the technician is sufficiently intimated and steps aside. Tiro then unlocks the door, and Gar and K-Wa enter the lab.

Following the notes from Iza’s research, Gar is able to use the flower to develop a possible cure. Ney and Tiro head outside the bunker and bring back a zombie to test it on. After strapping the zombie down, Gar injects it with the potential cure. After some time watching the reaction and monitoring the zombie’s vital signs, its aggression subsides and normal brain activity returns. Although the test patient’s internal organs have been liquefied, Gar is able to put him in an induced coma until they can get him the medical attention needed to replace his organs with cybernetic parts.

They next unfreeze Iza from his carbonite encasing and hook him up to the monitors. He’s showing no signs of active brain function. Gar injects him with the cure. After several long minutes, some signs of brain activity have returned. But further indications from the equipment show the virus is still eating away at his organs. Gar decides to perform surgery right then and there.

Gar cuts open Iza and uses his medical experience and instruments to cut away the infected parts of the organs. Although there is a scary moment when some serious internal bleeding erupts, Gar is able to recover and get it under control. Gar stops the bleeding, finishes removing the disease, and sews Iza back up. Once his vitals stabilize, they take Iza and the other test patient on stretchers back to K-Wa’s village.

As Iza recovers, he and Gar meet to discuss what happened. Iza thanks Gar for saving his life and says that he knew he could depend on his former friend to do the right thing. Iza explains that he knew Gar would be one of the few doctors having the medical aptitude and will to save him. Iza further explains his reasoning behind getting Gar expelled for cheating, saying that he was protecting him from the Imperials. Gar acknowledges that this matches what K-Wa says, and believes the story. Iza asks if there is anything that Gar wants in return for his help, and Gar says that knowing the truth is more than enough. Gar asks Iza what his next plans are and if he needs to worry about the Imperials coming for him. Iza says that he will stay on Kashyyyk with K-Wa and help her administer the cure to any zombies still out there, helping to rid the planet entirely of the threat. Gar bids his friend farewell and leaves.

A few days later while traveling back to Banu’s aboard their ship, some headline news on the Imperial holonet catches the crew’s attention. It’s an article by Iza Tuh explaining how he saved the Empire from the Rebel cell known as “2nd Chance” who had been spreading a horrible biological weapon. Iza’s article further explains that though the crew was believed dead, their deaths were a lie and they are still out there. Gar curses loudly realizing that he’s been betrayed by Iza Tuh a second time. Vowing not to let it happen a third time, he takes his leave back into his room and slams the door shut.

GM: Bill
XP Awarded: 15 XP


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