Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

Bendu's Shadow

While traveling to their next job, the Second Chance finds itself pulled out of hyperspace into the middle of a battle between a Rebel frigate and an Imperial frigate. The Rebels request help, and the crew agrees to engage with the Imperials. Joining with the engaged Y-Wings, the Second Chance helps turn the tide of the battle and defeats the Imperial forces.

After the battle, the crew meets with the Rebels and introduces themselves as a group that has done some work for Bria Tharen in the past. The Rebel commander is quite happy to hear this, and offers the crew an important job – to hijack a nearby Imperial Capital ship. The ship is manned by a mostly droid crew, and the Rebels have got their own droid onto the ship to assist with the mission from the inside.

Using some captured TIE Fighters and TIE Pilot uniforms, the crew disguises themselves as Imperials who were disabled during the previous battle, stranded in hyperspace ad waiting for the Bendu Shadow to pick them up. As they make contact with the Imperial capital ship and identify themselves, the plan works and they are brought aboard.

Once inside, they realize things are not quite what they expected. While the crew is mostly made up of droids, there should be at least some humans for the most important tasks. However, there are none to be found. Further investigation reveals that at least one of the droids appear to have gone out of control and murdered the human crew.

Searching the ship, the crew finds the captain and chief engineer, both of whom are hiding from the rogue droids. They tell the crew that the hyperdrive is deactivated, and explain how it must be repaired. As they make their way to the parts of the ship needed to repair the hyperdrive, the rogue droid makes itself known and murders the captain before fleeing down the hallway.

The crew engages the droid, and manages to disable it after a heated exchange. The chief engineer and the crew then work together to repair the hyperdrive and jump the ship back to the Rebel meeting location. The crew boards the Rebel ship and hands over control of the stolen Bendu Shadow to the Rebels. Just as they’re discussing boarding the Second Chance and parting ways, a new Imperial Star Destroyer arrives on the scene, armed and ready to put an end to what looks to be a short lived victory for the Rebellion….

GM: Chris
XP Awarded: 20 XP


Jaspor Jaspor

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