Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

Basin Mutts

After mentioning a few aspects of their past that seemed exciting and interesting, the original members of the group agree to tell the story about how they all met for their very first job, since some of the newer people were not around to experience it. Banu brings in a tray of snacks, Ney opens a few bottles of wine, and the story is told…

K’ladarien is dragged into the back room of a shop in the seedy section of Coruscant by two burly guards. He’s dumped down into a chair, eyes glazed over and thoughts foggy. He has just gone another spice bender, and it seems his actions may have landed him in some trouble. Before long, a tall lean alien walks in and sits down across from him. Introducing himself as a member of the Pyke Syndicate, a well-known crime organization, he fills K’ladarien in on the events of the previous night.

An employee of the Pykes, a low level spice seller, got into an argument with K’ladarien about a deal they were trying to complete. When K’ladarien couldn’t convince the dealer to lower his price, he got angry. When a Whipid gets angry, people get hurt. He broke both of the spice dealer’s arms, taking him off the streets until he heals. The Pyke explains that they are now losing money with one less dealer on the street, and that K’ladarien owes them that money. With no cash available to pay the requested amount, K’ladarien has no choice but to make retribution in another way. The Pyke explains that he has just such a method in mind – providing muscle during a specific job they’re looking to have carried out.

Yensod tries to look inconspicuous as she sits in the corner of the cantina watching those around her. In her continuous search to track down the man who freed her from Hutt captivity, the clues have led her here to Coruscant. The trail seems to have gone cold now, and she contemplates her next move.

As she loses herself deep in thought, one of the serving droids approaches and asks that she follow him into a back room. Confused and puzzled by the request, she’s reluctant at first, but the droid insists that she follow him at the request of the cantina owner. Not wanting to cause a scene, Yensod agrees and follows the droid.

Inside the back room, Yensod is greeted by a captain in the Pyke Syndicate. He tells Yensod to take a seat, and explains that their security cameras noticed her and matched her up to an outstanding bounty placed by the Hutts. The Pyke explains that they have no love for the Hutts, but a bounty is a bounty. However, he explains, there may be another way she can help them and provide more value than the bounty would. The Pyke mentions an upcoming job where they just might be able to use someone with Yensod’s looks and feminine charm.

Minis walks into the Pyke safe house where he’s been invited and is shown into an office by the rugged looking guard who answers the door. A member of the Pyke leadership greets Minis and offers him a seat across from his desk. The Pyke explains that the group is looking to pull off a somewhat tricky job and they’re assembling a team for it, and Minis has the underworld connections and street cred they’re looking for. While the Pyke admits their first choice for the role was a female scoundrel named Regan, she was on the other side of the galaxy and offered Minis as a possible alternative.

After considering the offer (and only taking slight offense at being told he was their second choice), Minis agrees to the job. If Regan recommended him, that likely means he can trust these people and that the payoff will be worth it.

As Tiro enters the swoop bike shop answering an ad looking for some mechanic help, several droids are busy stocking shelves, organizing spare parts, and cleaning the floor. A large four-armed Besalisk looks up from behind the counter and greets him. Tiro explains he’s here about the job opening, and the Besalisk introduces himself as Chopper and escorts Tiro into the back room. After a brief interview during which Chopper asks Tiro some technical questions and information about his background, Chopper excuses himself and says he’ll be right back with his own boss for further discussion.

When Chopper returns a few minutes later, he is accompanied by a tall lean creature. The being sits down across from Tiro and explains that he is a member of the Pyke Syndicate. The Pyke says that Tiro’s skills and resume is impressive, and explains that someone of his skills could be of some use in a very important job the group is looking to do. Having been looking for work anyways, Tiro agrees to help them.

A few days later, the individuals who had been recruited separately are brought together to meet one another and review the details of the job. One by one they arrive at an old nerf burger factory and are escorted into a large conference room. When everyone has arrived, a brawny human steps to the front of the room and begins the meeting. The man looks to be in his 60s, is dressed in an expensive looking business suit, and has a cybernetic implant behind his left ear. He introduces himself as Big Lo, and says that each member of the team will be given a code number in order to maintain anonymity and protect themselves and the Pykes.

Big Lo explains: ““Let’s get down to business. The job is to break into the Black Sun compound in Sector B12 and retrieve the data on an individual that double-crossed the Pyke Syndicate to the Black Sun. The Pykes don’t take very kindly to those who double-cross them, and they plan on teaching this individual a very painful lesson. The data you retrieve for us is going to help lead us to that individual. For your own safety and ours, we’re asking that you not use your real names. We’ve assigned you each a specific Agent ID number to be used during this mission.”

“The snake man here is our resident mechanic. He should be able to deal with any mechanical locks or security systems you encounter. You’re Agent 17.”

“The lady here brings a little class to the group, and you sure do need it. She has a way with men and can usually get what she’s looking for. It’s not always about sneaking around or muscling your way through. She brings the charm. Agent 69.”

“Speaking of muscle, I’m not saying it’s useless. In fact, it could come in quite handy if you run into guards you need to deal with quickly. The walking carpet with muscles is Agent 4.”

“Of course, he’s there if you need to inflict pain. But just in case you have some pain inflicted upon you, we’ve got you a medic. We’d prefer you not be returned as corpses, so Doctor Duros here is Agent 33.”

“It’s always good to have someone who is familiar with the shady side of things. You need someone who speaks the same language as these lowlifes. Now I’m not saying he’s a lowlife himself, but this guy can at least act the part. Agent 13.”

“Last but not least, while their network security system isn’t incredibly complex, they do have a good amount of security and alarms in place to prevent hackers. So we’ve got a dedicated slicer to get in and out of their computers without detection. Agent 81.”

Big Lo then provides some additional details regarding the mission and answers some questions. The data the Pykes want can likely be accessed from any computer terminal inside the Black Sun complex, though the ones further out will be more secure. The deeper they get into the compound, the less secure the data becomes. (Since the rooms themselves are more secure.)

The compound has a sophisticated vehicles tracking system for security purposes. Any vehicles that land in the sector without prior notice are flagged for closer inspection. However public transportation and foot traffic are not tracked as closely.

Some of the Black Sun lieutenants like to show off their wealth and prizes. While it may be tempting to grab some valuable items, they are well secured with alarm systems. Don’t give in to the temptation.

A map of the compound shows the different entrances, the private casino and cantina areas, the armory, and offices for the leaders, and the storage and maintenance areas. Camera systems cover all the entrances. Everything is recorded. The security station is manned, but how closely they watch the live feeds is unclear.

As the planning meeting concludes, the group makes some plans for scoping out the Black Sun compound. In an attempt to get a good idea of activity around the building, Tiro and Arkad open a control panel located on the city streets that is tied into traffic surveillance cameras. With some mechanical rewiring by Tiro and slicing by Arkad, they manage to download images and video of the traffic patterns to Arkad’s datapad for further analysis.

Exactly how the Pykes had hoped when hiring him, Minis works his underworld contacts to learn more about the private casino located in the Black Sun compound. One of his contacts is able to pass along the name of a Rodian who may know more. The Rodian named Beekko works as a dealer at a sabacc den not too far from the Black Sun building. Several Black Sun members frequent the establishment, and Beekoo has gotten to know some of them.

The group heads to the sabacc den, hoping to get more information out of the Rodian. It doesn’t take long for Minis to spot Beekoo’s table. With several Black Sun members playing at the table, Minis takes an empty seat and plays a few hands. While the cards go against Minis, the Black Sun players happily take his money and give him some good natured teasing about his poor luck. Having lost enough money, Minis lets Beekoo know that he has something to discuss and drops the name of the contact who mentioned him. Beekoo nods and says he’ll meet him outside during his break in a short time.

A short while later, Beekoo meets Minis outside. Minis explains that he’s looking for a way into the Black Sun casino. Since Minis knows the same contact he does, Beekoo agrees to sell two VIP passes to get into the casino for a single night. Minis negotiates a reasonable fee, Beekoo produces the passes from a pocket inside his dealer’s vest, and they complete the deal.

Back inside the sabacc den, Yensod had been observing the activity at Beekoo’s table from a short distance. She identifies one of the Black Sun members who is in a particularly good mood from winning a good amount of credits while playing. Using her pheromones, Yensod is able to get the Black Sun member’s attention. She explains that she’s not having that good a day, since she just lost her job as a waitress. The Black Sun says that he’s been having trouble getting service in the sabacc den and could use a personal waitress to fetch him drinks. Yensod agrees to the arrangement, and points out she could really use a more long-term job. The Black Sun says that if she does a good job, he could very likely get her a job working inside the Black Sun casino. Yensod does an excellent job of playing waitress, and goes home with the Black Sun at the end of the night, further building a reason for him to help her land that job.

The next afternoon, with a job lined up, Yensod reports to work as a server in the Black Sun casino. After a quick pass through security, Yensod meets with her new boss, Bertha, who is the head waitress. Bertha explains the responsibilities and shows Yensod around the casino and bar areas.

On her third day of work, Yensod shows up a little early. She accesses one of the point of sale terminals in the bar area and comms into Arkad for help slicing into the terminal. After an initial failed attempt, Arkad directs Yensod past the security and into the appointment book for the compound. Yensod puts in records of two broken slot machines in the casino and books a repair visit from the slot machine vendor. Since there are two machines down and they have a VIP level service agreement, three technicians are requested to speed along the repair of the two machines. Once the appointment is in the computer, Yensod puts “Out of Order” signs on two of the slot machines.

Later that day, before the crowd gets very busy, the fake slot machine repair crew shows up. Tiro, Arkad, and Gar are carrying tools and wearing outfits that fit the part. After showing some fake credentials hacked together by Arkad to get in the service entrance door, the fake repair crew makes their way towards the casino. As they move through the compound, they take note of the security cameras as they pass the main office of the head Black Sun lieutenant for this sector. In the casino, they begin to pretend to work on the supposedly broken machines. While one machine is “fixed” quickly, Tiro pretends that the second machine has a complex problem and spends some more time working on it.
On the way to the casino with the VIP passes in hand, K’ladarien takes a short side trip down a side alley to get a fix of spice. He offers some of his booster blue to Minis, who declines the offer and gives him a dirty look. K’ladarien gets high and experiences a disturbing spice-induced vision where he pictures himself shooting and killing Minis at some point in the future. Confused and a bit shaken by the vision, K’ladarien says he’s now ready to continue with the job.

At the door, the bouncer checks the VIP passes and tells Minis to keep K’ladarien from starting any trouble since he looks a little bit out of sorts. The two make their way to the bar as they scope out the place. As they casually move around the area, they are able to locate the rest of the team and monitor the group’s activity as the plan is set in motion.

Tiro approaches the pit boss requesting access to their computer network in order to download some detailed schematic information on the machine he is trying to repair. The pit boss denies the request, and says he should have come prepared. He also explains that the “big boss” will be showing up at midnight and that he won’t be happy if the machine is still broken when he arrives. Tiro then says that they need to go back to the repair vehicle in order to contact their main office and get the info they need to fix the machine. They head out of the casino into the hallway towards the service entrance.
Yensod sees the repair crew head out into the hallway and sees that as her signal to cause a distraction. With a full tray of drinks, including a “Flaming Lo” signature drink, she trips and sends the drinks flying all over herself and several customers. The flaming drink lands on a nearby curtain, causing a minor fire. As people turn to see what the commotion is about and a few people rush to put out the flames, Yensod rushes out into the hallway to change her soiled waitress uniform.

Taking advantage of the distraction, Minis and K’ladarien manage to slip past the guards and head into the hallway as well. With all six of the team now gathered directly outside the Lieutenant’s office, the cameras are showing some increased activity as they scan the hallway. K’ladarien tries to kick in the door to the office, but it doesn’t budge. Yensod then kicks it as well, and while it doesn’t open, the control panel blinks under the battering. Tiro then accesses the control panel and manages to hot wire the door and have it slide open.

Arkad quickly makes his way to the computer on the desk and begins to hack into it. However after a few keystrokes, he accidentally triggers a security check and alarms start blaring throughout the base. Between the commotion in the hallway and now the alarms, several Black Sun rush to confront the intruders.

Before the responding guards can reach the hallway, Minis rolls a grenade through the doorway leading to the casino. It takes two of the guards by surprise and takes them out before they know what hit them. But two more charge in to take their place. Some additional Black Sun arrive from the other direction as well, leaving the team surrounded.

A fire fight ensues, with Minis and K’ladarien laying down cover fire towards the casino, through the smoke from the grenade. Yensod rushes towards the service entrance and engages in hand to hand combat with the Black Sun in that direction, slicing them up with her vibroknife. Tiro assists Arkad with downloading the data, increasing the speed with which the data is transferred so they can get out of the place sooner. Gar stands by with medical attention in case anyone needs it.

Just as the data is about to finish downloading, Tiro heads into the hallway, staying close to the wall. He accesses a control panel in an attempt to shut the door between the hallway and the casino. The controls are damaged from the grenade explosion and the door cannot be closed, but he manages to force the fire extinguishing system to engage. As fire suppression foam sprays in the face of the attackers, Yensod finishes off the remaining Black Sun blocking their escape.

As Arkad and Gar rush out into the hallway with the data, the lieutenant arrives and fires a shot from his blaster rifle at the fleeing team. The shot hits the wall as the last of the group turn the corner through the door on the opposite end of the hallway, making their way through the service exit and out on the streets. With the alarms blaring behind them and Black Sun still in pursuit, they look for a quick escape.

Just as the story being told describes the alarms blaring as the crew quickly exits the Black Sun compound, a beeping noise begins to sound in the room where the group is intently listening to the story. Banu gets up from his seat and looks at a display. “It looks like story time is over. It’s Aris. Time to get back to work.”

GM: Steve
XP Awarded: 20 XP
- Effective job interviews: 5 XP
- Solid mission planning: 5 XP
- Tapping into the city surveillance cameras: 2.5 XP (BONUS)
- Successful mission completion: 5 XP
- Impressive coordination between different team members. 2.5 XP (BONUS)


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