Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

Back To Banu's

While waiting for their ship to be repaired on Tatooine after a narrow escape from a squadron of TIE Fighters, the crew decides to head into town to do some shopping. A routine trip into a local store turns into a shootout with some local thugs when the crew notices suspicious activity and sounds in the back room. When the smoke clears, the thugs are dead and the shopkeeper who was being harassed by them is grateful and offers several discounts on items.

Back aboard the ship, an incoming transmission from Banu indicates that he became separated from Embro on his way to a safe house. The transmission is interrupted by Iza, who is broadcasting from a familiar room at Banu’s villa. While he tries to convince the crew to give themselves up, he summons Embro into the view. Embro appears badly beaten and tortured, and acts subservient to Iza. Ney is enraged by the site and threatens Iza, who then cuts the call short.

While the crew acknowledges this is clearly a trap, they also agree that they have to go to the villa and attempt to rescue Ney’s brother. Gar suggests contacting the Rebels and seeing if they could possibly provide backup. As the hyperspace jump is calculated and the ship rushes to the villa, Gar gives Bria Tharen a call.

With Bria on the comm, Gar explains the situation, and also gives a recap on some recent events. Gar summarizes their journey into the Jedi asylum, the murder of Elaiza at the hands of a Sith assassin, and the escape from that planet. He also mentions that someone from their crew is Force sensitive – a fact that may have contributed to the attention the Empire is giving them, but also something that could be enticing to the Rebels. Lastly, Gar explains that one of the crew’s brother’s is being held captive by an Imperial officer, and requests some backup for the rescue mission. Despite having limited resources stretched thin, Bria agrees to provide some military support. Gar thanks her, and arranges to have their ship dock with another Rebel ship to pick up the troops.

Arriving at the villa, the crew sets down the ship its usual landing spot. As Ney recklessly rushes down the ramp leading to the main complex, one of the Rebel troops accompanying him is shot down by a heavy gunner waiting for them with his sights locked on their arrival spot.

Mallinia flanks around the other side of the villa while Ney, Gar, and Tiro head down the long walkway connecting the landing pad to the main villa buildings. As some other Imperials rush out of the nearby buildings, the group deals with them. Although a few of the Rebel troops die during the battle, it doesn’t take long for the group to dispatch the Imperials.

As he was rushing towards one of the enemies, Tiro noticed sounds from the nearby building that caused him to give it a second look. While some unusually loud music seemed to be coming from inside, a distinctive humming sound and a glance at the doors indicated the building was magnetically sealed and would be nearly impossible to force their way in. As the battle ends and the crew regroups, Tiro mentions this. Gar nods, and says that he knew about that security and that Banu trusted him with some more information about his security system. He explains that the controls to disable the security are on the second floor inside the main building.

The group heads into the main building cautiously, but find it completely clear of Imperials. Gar leads them to the room with the controls. Tiro suggests that he remains here and unlocks the doors while the rest of the crew moves into position in case someone tries to escape. When the doors are unlocked and nobody rushes out, Tiro rejoins them as Mallinia heads in first.

The room is dark except for a large video monitor displaying Imperial propaganda accompanied by a loud soundtrack. In the middle of the room is a single person tied to the chair. Ney rushes to the bound person, while a quick look around by the others reveal no immediate threat. Ney destroys the device projecting the Imperial footage, quieting the noise and ending the video. He borrows a device from Mallinia, cuts his brother loose, and helps carry him towards the exit and back towards the ship.

As the group races out of the building, they see an AT-ST Imperial walker in the distance firing upon their ship. With few options against a heavily armored vehicle, the group rushes up the walkway to their ship as quickly as possible. When the walker turns to fire on them, another Rebel troop falls, but the rest of the group manage to board the ship, start it up, and take off.

Aboard the ship, the crew scans for any signs of tracking devices, sabotage, or unwanted visitors. Satisfied that their ship was not altered while they were gone, they plot a series of quick hyperspace jumps in order to avoid being followed as they head towards the Nar Shaddaa safe house.

In the ship’s medical bay, Gar examines Embro more closely and discovers that some foreign device has been implanted deep inside his body. He cannot tell exactly what the device is, and does not have the facilities on the ship to perform surgery to investigate further. Ney suggests returning to the underground research bunker on Kashyyyk to perform the surgery, while Tiro offers his home planet as a possible safe refuge for the procedure.

Late that night, Gar is awakened suddenly by the feel of cold sharp steel against his neck. Embro is holding a knife to his neck, a worried look on his face while he mutters about how he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but the Imperials will kill him and his brother if he doesn’t carry out their orders. Gar attempts to talk Embro out of murdering him, insisting that the crew will help him and that he will be safe from the Empire. As Embro presses the knife further into Gar’s neck, a beeping begins to sound. Startled by the noise, Embro exclaims that it is too late now, and rushes out of Gar’s room and into the ship’s escape pod. Just as the door to the escape pod closes, an explosion erupts from it, ripping a large hole in the ship’s hull and pulling it out of hyperspace somewhere between Torina and Nar Shaddaa…

GM: Bill
XP Awarded: 15 XP (Base)


Jaspor Jaspor

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