Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

A New Identity... For Science?

Having seemingly fooled the Empire into believing they were dead, the crew of the Second Chance is now faced with making that charade last. Towards that goal, they now plan on getting rid of their trademark ship and obtaining new identities. By anonymously reaching out to some underworld contacts, Ney determines that Tatooine is likely the best place to find such things without drawing suspicion.

Upon landing in Mos Taike, the crew asks around in hopes of finding a lead on someone who is willing to buy used spaceships. A promising lead takes them to a nearby high end pawn shop, where things such as intricately carved gaffi sticks and golden emblazoned krayt dragon skulls line the wall.

After convincing the owner of the shop they are legitimate customers, he agrees to have a look at the ship for possible purchase and will meet the crew at the landing bay. A short while later, he arrives with two Gamorrean guards and a Jawa mechanic who will verify the ship’s condition and value. After the Jawa mechanic and Tiro take a tour of the ship and discuss the various upgrades and components, the crew negotiates a very fair price for the ship and completes the sale.

Before parting ways, the Jawa mechanic approaches Utut and believes he recognizes him. Utut confirms it is really him, and the mechanic is happy to see the Tatooine jump rope champion. He reminds Utut that this year’s tournament is just a few short days away and encourages him to defend his title!

The next stop on their route towards erasing their past is a small cantina called the Snake Pit to meet a shady Quarran named Snake. After spotting Snake in a corner booth and observing his interactions with prospective customers, the crew realizes they need to speak with a Twi’lek henchman first before approaching Snake. Ney and Mallinia speak to the Twi’lek and indicate they would like to talk about business with Snake. The Twi’lek asks them for a 100 credit “appointment fee” before they’re allowed to approach Snake. They pay the credits, and sit down at Snake’s table.

Ney and Mallinia explain to Snake that they’re looking to discretely obtain some new fake identification. Snake assesses the group, and agrees that it is something that he can arrange for, though it will take a few days and be pricey to cover the wide range of species that makes up the crew. Picking up on a comment made by Ney, Snake wonders aloud if Mallinia is truly part of the crew or a slave girl. With an angry stare, Mallinia assures Snake she is not a slave.

Utut places a holocall to the Tatooine Jump Rope Championship Oversight Committee and registers himself in the tournament under a fake name. Feeling competitive, Ney registers as well. Utut spends the entire day training for the competition both mentally and physically, determined to defend his crown.

At the championship, the other competitors include a limber human female, another Jawa, and an angry Dug named Besulsa, Utut’s arch rival. As the ropes start spinning and the feet start jumping, the competitors drop out one by one until it comes down to just Utut and Besulsa. The speed of the jump ropes speed up to a blur and their feet barely touch the ground, until finally the Dug trips on his rope and Utut is the last competitor jumping! Utut is awarded a shiny trophy and a modest amount of prize money.

Before leaving the competition, a Jawa friend slips Utut a note. It’s a message from the Nautolan scientist Sian Juun, who the crew had previously sought out for help investigating Gastro’s origin.
The note indicates that Sian has fallen out of favor with Teemo, and he fears for his life. He promises that he has something of value to the crew, if only they can buy his freedom or otherwise free him from Teemo’s servitude. With still a few days left before their new identities will be ready, the crew starts planning how to rescue Sian.

After considering possible approaches for the rescue, the plan that starts to take shape involves deception and infiltration, rather than a frontal assault against the palace’s formidable defenses. Becoming part of Teemo’s staff seems like the best way to gain the access needed to stage a daring rescue. With that approach in mind, Utut heads off to meet up with some of his Jawa friends in hopes of infiltrating the palace through the vehicle and droid garage. Ney, Mallinia, and Tiro head back to the Snake Pit in hopes of making some additional arrangements related to their plan.

After paying the consulting fee to meet with Snake again, Ney talks to him about possibly selling Mallinia to Teemo as a slave and maybe arranging for himself and Tiro to apply for positions as guards at the palace. Just as Snake starts to scoff at the idea of Teemo needing additional staff, a loud conversation in the bar details how several of Teemo’s staff members recently met their unfortunate and untimely demise. Snake agrees to be the middle man in selling Mallinia to Teemo and arranges for Ney and Tiro to meet with the captain of the palace guards.

In separate interviews, Ney and Tiro both meet with the captain of Teemo’s guards. With convincing backstories and some examples of their ruthless loyalty in the past (including a gruesome story where Tiro claims to have forced a man to eat his dead children), the captain is impressed enough to offer them jobs. He says they should show up the next day at the palace to begin work.

Meanwhile, Utut is working his back channel Jawa connections to find a way into the palace. He makes his way in with one of the usual delivery and repair crews and gets access to the garage area. He changes places with one of the regular Jawa employees who works at the palace full time. That Jawa happily departs with the delivery crew while Utut sticks around. He manipulates one of the resident mouse droids to locate and deliver a message to Sian, letting him know the rescue is in motion and he should find a way to get to the garage area at midnight.

The first day on the job for Tiro and Ney seems like it’s going to be fairly uneventful. After going over some basic rules (the most important of which is to not show up drunk for work three days in a row), Ney is stationed down by the dungeons while Tiro is assigned to watch guard from the roof. Before long, Ney decides to leave his post and explore the palace. Despite being ordered to return to his post multiple times, Ney continues to stray, eventually finding himself in the cantina area.

As Ney wanders through the cantina, Mallinia notices him from her place sitting in a booth off to the side. She gets his attention, and he takes a seat next to Mallinia, joining her and another slave girl, a Nautolan named Oola. Having not seen another Nautolan in some time, Oola is immediately smitten with Ney and begins to flirt. Ney flirts back until Mallinia reminds him that they are there on business.

Ney confirms to Mallinia that the plan is in motion and that Tiro and Utut are also inside, and the scientist has been informed to meet them in the garage at midnight. Oola is listening closely, and when she hears that they plan to escape, she asks that they take her along too. Ney agrees and says as long as she makes her way to the garage at the right time, she can leave with them.

As midnight arrives, the crew, Sian, and Oola converge in the garage. Tiro uses some of the tools found in the garage to carefully remove the tracking device from Sian’s ankle. The group piles into a landspeeder and opens the garage door. As the landspeeder makes its way out of the palace, a beeping noise starts to go off, slowly at first and then more rapidly. Before they can react, an explosion rocks the landspeeder, sending passengers flying and the landspeeder crashing to the ground.

The sound of Oola screaming in pain echoes through the night, her leg blown off when the tracking device exploded as she left the palace grounds. As flood lights turn on from the palace and light up the scene, into view come the silhouettes of several Gamorreans and humans making their way towards the crew. The first Gamorrean approaches the screaming Nautolan and with a single swing of his hefty axe, silences the slave as her head is separated from her body.

The crew scrambles to prepare themselves for the fight, some taking cover behind the broken landspeeder while others charge into the battle. As the weapons and blaster bolts fly, people on both sides hit the ground. Some medical attention helps revive Ney and gets him back into the battle. In the end, the crew manages to fight off the guards and their captain, and is ready to make a quick getaway. One of the Jawa mechanics who was closely watching the fight drives over another landspeeder, and the crew piles in and drives away.

The next day, Ney returns to the Snake Pit to pick up the fake identification. Snake seems a little rattled to see them, and says he heard there was some type of trouble out at Teemo’s last night. He says that he doesn’t want to be connected to that at all, so now that the crew has what they needed, they should get out of here. Ney takes the package and walks away. Before leaving, Mallinia steps up to Snake and reminds him that she isn’t anybody’s slave. To drive home the point, she places her bloody vibroaxe on the table in front of Snake. Sufficiently intimidated, Snake nods quietly as he scurries away. Mallinia walks out into the street satisfied as the crew now needs to find a quick exit off the planet before Teemo’s goons track them down.

GM: Steve
XP Awarded: 20 XP
- Selling the ship: 5 XP
- Win the jump rope championship: 5 XP
- Rescue the scientist: 5 XP
- Obtain new fake identification: 5 XP


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