The Story So Far - Part 3

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After escaping from the Sith assassin and the TIE Fighter attack, the crew returns to Tatooine to work on some badly needed ship repairs.

After some time spent on Tatooine having their ship repaired and dealing with local thugs, an unexpected transmission from Iza Tuh indicates he had taken Ney’s brother, Embro, as captive. The message also reveals his location as Banu’s villa, the crew’s former base of operations on the planet Torina.

The crew rushes to the villa expecting a trap, and soliciting some support from the Rebels for the rescue mission. As expected, they run into Imperial forces, but fight their way through to the villa where they find and rescue a physically and mentally battered Embro.

Aboard the ship, while Embro seems to be regaining some of his mental capacity, a medical scan reveals something implanted within Embro’s body. While the crew discusses where to head next so they could have better medical facilities to further investigate what has been done to Embro, they don’t act quickly enough. In the middle of the night, after threatening Gar but unable to act upon it, the device within Embro starts beeping. He rushes to the escape pod, but the device explodes before the pod launches, tearing a hull in the side of the ship’s hull.

With the explosion having torn a hole in the ship’s hull, the crew rushes to repair the damage and regain control of the ship. A makeshift repair job temporarily stabilizes the ship, but with power to the systems unable to be restored, the crew braces for impact on a nearby planet and pulls the nose of the ship up at the last moment, avoiding any catastrophic damage.

Finding themselves in a strange forest, the group assesses the damage and realizes they need to fix the hull breach more permanently as well as find a new power core. Heading towards some distant smoke, the crew encounters some locals who invite them back to their village.

At the village, the elder shaman of the native tribe welcome the group, invites them to make themselves comfortable, and offers an opportunity to formally become members of the tribe. With a hint that a nearby factory could hold the parts they need to repair their ship, the crew begins to assimilate with the villagers but assisting with every day tasks. After a few days of working together, the group is ready for the three part trial.

The first part is the big hunt, which involves killing a dangerous horax, a large creature that often attacks the village. With some clever traps and careful planning, the group manages to take down the dangerous beast. The second trial involves each member petitioning different factions within the tribe for admittance. After interpretive presentations, each member is accepted. All that remains now is the third and final trial – the trial of thy self.

The Story So Far - Part 3

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