The Story So Far

For a more concise summary of the crew’s adventures, see A Brief Timeline.

The group was first brought together by the Pyke crime syndicate, tasked with breaking into a Black Sun compound and stealing some data about a bounty hunter. It turned out that the bounty hunter had double crossed the Pykes, and they wanted revenge. After following several leads gathered from the stolen data, the crew tracked down the Nikto bounty hunter, confronted, and killed him.

The next job came directly from Jabba the Hutt and involved stealing some top secret hyperspace lane information from a safe deposit box owned by an Imperial officer. Shortly after hearing from Jabba, a member of the Rebel Alliance contacted the crew and said those same documents would be extremely valuable to them. With a few stressful moments along the way, the crew pulled off the heist using deception and slicing skills. They decided to hand over the hyperspace routes to the Rebel Alliance instead of Jabba.

The Rebel Alliance was quite pleased that the crew handed the hyperspace lane routes over to them instead of Jabba the Hutt. They were so impressed with the performance of the crew, they had another job for them – Head to the planet Elom and assist with organizing and encouraging a group of Rebels to overwhelm the Imperial forces occupying the planet.

Through the use of force and deception (including wearing a face removed from one of the Imperials), the crew successfully prepared and organized the Elomin Rebels. The group managed to take out an AT-RT, a company of Imperial troops, and Commander Dunwell, the leader of the Imperial forces. Among the items the Commander possessed were six Ilum crystals, which the crew now took possession of.

After the success of the previous job working for them, the Pyke Syndicate asked the crew to smuggle some spice for them. While waiting for the spice to be loaded onto their ship, the crew passed the time by entering a swoop race, which they won in dramatic and controversial fashion. The final delivery of the spice got a little dangerous when imposters tried posing as the buyers. The crew managed to recognize the deceit and fight off the would be spice thieves, saving the shipment. They located the true buyers and their money who had been tied up in a back room. Once informed of the situation, the Pykes suspected they may have a leak within their group.

An old friend of one of the members contacted them to perform a salvage job to retrieve data from a navicomputer. He’d been forced to abandon his former ship when it was attacked, and what was left of it had been trashed on a junk planet. The employer also turned out to be a distant relative of one of the crew members. After dealing with corrupt customs officials, a group of pirates, and some trash worshipping aliens who believed the junked ship displayed a miracle from their prophet, the group managed to retrieve the data and return it to their employer. Happy with the job well done and glad to see his relative, the employer offered his retirement villa as a safe house when needed.

Having built a reputation for dangerous jobs, the crew was invited to participate in the annual Rancor Games. Sponsored by Jabba the Hutt, the competition had four crews racing against one another to retrieve a Rancor egg and return it to Jabba. The crew made its way to Jabba’s Palace, where the teams were introduced and the race began.

The group flew to Dathomir , the planet known for native Rancors. After navigating their way through the treacherous jungles of the planet, the crew located a Rancor cave. However, they came face to face with one of the other competing crews, and a battle broke out over possession of the egg. During the chaos, one of the crew members switched sides and was then killed by one of his former crewmates. Lightning suddenly flashed across the battlefield, striking people on both sides. The last thing the crew saw before they blacked out was the painted face of a Nightsister.

Captured and bound in a Nightsister camp , things looked dire for the crew until they were rescued by an unlikely ally – a Nightsister who was looking for a way off the planet and away from the “dark” ways of her people. Grabbing the egg from a nearby tent before leaving the camp, the escape was complicated by the Clan Mother and other Nightsisters attacking them. The group also stumbled upon an angry Rancor as they raced towards their ship and somehow managed to take it down. Once in space, their ship was confronted by another of the teams competing in the Rancor Games. In the space battle that ensued, they managed to disable his ship and left him stranded in space. The crew raced back to Jabba’s Palace, where they presented the Rancor egg and claimed victory!

The next mission came from the Rebel Alliance, as a follow-up on the hyperspace charts they had previously recovered. The Rebel contact explained that the charts show the location to a high security Imperial orbital prison where a former pirate who has important information was being held. The Rebels needed that prisoner broken out of the jail. The crew infiltrated the prison using stolen Imperial uniforms and Stormtrooper armor, located the prisoner, and caused a near riot to provide cover as they tried to escape. Their getaway was nearly thwarted by the prison warden and the jail’s space defense laser batteries, but the crew managed to get away with their prisoner.

It turned out the former pirate knew quite a bit about the legendary lost treasure of Giradda the Hutt. It would take some work to track it down, but he had everything needed to find it. The first step was to find the location, which was encoded within Giradda’s long abandoned palace on Nal Hutta. The crew had to satiate some squatters in the prison by playing them in Huttball and had to face off against Giradda’s old pet – a robotic Rancor – but they managed to track down and capture the clues needed.

The next step was to find the key to unlocking the treasure, which was in the form of an elaborate looking gem that had been passed down through the pirate’s family for generations. Unfortunately, the gem had been stolen by a former crewmate who had backstabbed him before he was imprisoned. Using some old contacts, the crew tracked down the owner of the gem at a Sabacc tournament on Ord Mantell. After playing in the finals against him, the group talked their way into a meeting back at his hotel suite, where they confronted him about the stolen gem. After a gun battle, the gambler escaped, but left the gem behind for the crew to claim. With the key and the location, the crew headed to the jungle planet where the treasure was hidden.

After convincing some local guides to show them the way by proving their worth in a drinking game, the group made their way into a hidden temple. Facing an assortment of deadly traps and puzzles, the group finally made their way to the treasure room, though battered. They claimed all the valuable items they could find, including the specific schematics the Rebels were hoping to recover, and made their way back towards their ship. Just as they left the temple, they were confronted by the treasure hunter they had beaten and left stranded during the Rancor Games, who had been trailing them the whole time. Accompanied by mercenaries and armed with an AT-PT armored vehicle, the scene looked grim for the crew until the guides who had led them to the temple came to the rescue with a well aimed rocket launcher. The crew later met with the Rebels to hand over the schematics and enjoyed the treasures they claimed for themselves.

While traveling to their next job, the crew’s ship found itself pulled out of hyperspace into the middle of a battle between a Rebel frigate and an Imperial capital ship. The Rebels requested help, and the crew agreed to engage with the Imperials. After a Rebel triumph in the battle, the Rebel commander asked for some additional help from the crew in the form of hijacking a nearby Imperial capital ship. The group infiltrated the ship using captured TIE fighters, and found that almost the entire human crew of the ship had been slaughtered by rogue droids. After defeating the droids and convincing the ship’s engineer to repair the hyperdrive, the group delivered the captured ship back to the Rebels.

As the crew delivered the captured ship back to the Rebels, an Imperial Star Destroyer jumped out of hyperspace. The crew’s ship is caught in the Star Destroyer’s tractor beam and boarded, at which point the group is overwhelmed by Imperial troops and knocked unconscious. The crew awakened in a jail where they are put to hard labor. After befriending some of the other prisoners, learning about the prison, and tricking the warden, the group managed to escape through the garbage chute and into a lake far below the prison. They stowed away in some vehicles hoping to get off the planet, but instead found themselves aboard the Star Destroyer. Some sneaking around and slicing into the computer system revealed a way out by stealing some ships. One of the ships happened to be a new prototype version the Imperials were working on. The crew made their way onto the ships, and escaped the Star Destroyer.

The crew’s actions did not go unnoticed, and between helping a prisoner escape one prison, breaking out of another prison themselves, and stealing a prototype space ship, they found themselves among the Imperial’s most wanted. Huge bounties were placed on their heads, which meant it would be difficult for them to take on jobs or operate freely without worrying about every bounty hunter in the galaxy gunning for them. They hatched a plan to fake their own deaths to clear the bounty, using illegally obtained clones to help the charade seem convincing. However, cloning is not only highly illegal, but also extremely expensive. It would take a big score to be able to afford it.

Just such an opportunity presented itself when they were invited to Bespin and presented with an opportunity to heist the famous Jewel of Yavin. The Jewel would be on display at a local museum during an auction for the rare and valuable gem. In fact, the job would be especially profitable because not only would they steal the gem, they were going to steal the funds from the winning bid as well. The group took the job, and proceeded to earn access to the auction event itself by winning the Cloud Car Grand Prix race.

The crew used their attendance at the auction to prepare for the heist later that night and attempted to drive up the bidding on the Jewel. Once the auction was completed and the museum closed for the night, the group found a bank teller droid and hacked into it to steal the funds deposited from the bid. They broke into the museum through some air ducts that led into the garbage shaft, subdued the guards, disabled the security, and got their hands on the Jewel. However, they were met by an old lady who was one of the bidders, apparently a Jedi in exile, who convinced them to hand over the Jewel for the benefit of the galaxy as a whole.

As the group departed the museum, they narrowly avoided getting into a taxi that was rigged to explode. Apparently double crossed by their employer, they attempted to make their way off the planet. An Imperial intelligence officer trailed them as well, but the crew managed to elude capture and escape.

With the funds stolen from the auction and the money they had accumulated from previous jobs, the crew still found themselves without enough cash to afford the cloning process. A mysterious benefactor contacted them and understood their situation, and agreed to loan them the rest of the money in return for an arrangement that means the crew will do some work for him once their bounties have been cleared. Without many other options, the crew agreed. The arrangements to have the clones created were made.

While the clones could be used to fake the deaths of the humanoid crew members, the droid crew mate was unique enough that it could be difficult to find parts convincing enough to prove his destruction. The group did some research into his make and model and tracked down some scientists who may have worked on the project to design this droid type. The group arranged to meet one of the scientists, and she explained that he could be unstable and contain underlying programming that allows him to be controlled by others. Convinced the crew will do the right thing and attempt to disable the droid’s embedded programming, she sold them a matching processing unit that could be used to claim the bounty.

The clones were delivered to the ship of the bounty hunter ally who would be claiming the faked bounty, and the crew went to meet them. Sedated and floating in bacta tanks, the plan was to drown the clones in the bacta by cutting off their oxygen, and then exposing their corpses to space in order to make it appear as if they died when their ship was attacked and its hull was breached. The morbid plan hit a snag when the Force sensitive clone woke up when her oxygen was cut off and shattered the bacta tank. However, in her dazed state from the sedation, the crew managed to subdue and kill her.

With the clones dead and exposed to the harshness of space, the bounty hunter transported the bodies to a nearby Imperial installation to claim the bounties. After some in depth questioning and waiting around in the area for a few days while the autopsies are performed, the Imperials were finally satisfied with his story and paid him the bounty.

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The Story So Far

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