Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

Planning A Funeral


Okay, so I just finished meeting with the cloners, and figured I’d get the message over to you as soon as possible so you can start deciding. I should be back at Banu’s in the next few days. Here’s the deal:

I asked them again about possibly doing something to the clones to make sure they come out as “vegetables” (as you so nicely put it) or brain dead. No dice. They’re worried that by doing that (even though they’d be doing it on purpose), misinformation would spread and potential customers could believe the clones turned out like drooling zombies by accident. They won’t risk the reputation of their work for such a request. If you want them brain dead, do it yourselves after delivery.

Speaking of delivery, I asked them the options for that. They were quite open to suggestions, at additional cost of course. The usual process is the customer simply walks out the door with their shiny new clone who, in a dazed, confused, and slightly medicated state, will willingly obey. Sedatives can be used if the clones appear agitated or hostile, though the customer will have to provide their own means of transporting the incapacitated clone. And most customers are only ordering a single clone at a time, meaning they’re not trying to herd a half dozen newly minted clones out of the office all at once.

If you want them personally delivered in their own bacta tanks, that can be arranged, but it will be costly – an extra 30k credits for delivery, plus an additional 20k refundable deposit if you intend to keep the bacta tanks after the delivery. (Additional charges may apply for fuel and docking fees, depending on the delivery destination.)

We also talked about timing. The hyper accelerated cloning process takes a month, and does often result in some mental instability down the road. The longer the clones are allowed to develop, the more stable they will be. I told them that I didn’t think we had the luxury of time, but that we’d let them know our final decision on timeframe.

Last but not least, we talked about their memories and personalities. The clones’ brains are formed by using a flash memory technique which essentially imprints memories on their minds during the gestation period. There are three options:
1) No special memory imprint. These clones would essentially be “blank slates” with not much more than the ability to perform basic living functions and a typical university education. They will have none of the memories or abilities of their source creature. (This option is included in the base price.)
2) Specific “template” memory imprints. The cloners have a small library of types of memories and skills that can be selected. This could range from soldier to slicer, from farmer to wealthy noble. The cloner I spoke with mentioned that they have a bodyguard template that is quite popular with some of their more wealthy shady businessmen customers. Keep in mind this route isn’t going to suddenly create an elite assassin or a master slicer – the templates are taken from average to above average sources, since asking elite professionals to allow themselves to clone probably wouldn’t lead to a very good return on the investment. (This option is included in the base price.)
3) Replica of their source. Yep, this means what it sounds like – they’d get all your skills, memories, strengths, and flaws. This is going to cost extra – 25k per clone – since they’ll have to go through the process of capturing your memories in order to imprint them. The cloners advised against this option, since it often leads to awkward philosophical and moral dilemmas.

I think that about covers it. When you’ve made your decisions, or if you have any more questions, we can contact them securely once I get back. They’ve given me their comm frequency this time now that I left them that deposit for the job.

See you soon.
- J’lage Flurm

PS – Oh, I almost forgot. I was browsing the bounty boards on the flight here. Arend Shen knows you got away with the gem and has placed a bounty on your head. Dead or alive, 10k each. Guess it doesn’t matter all that much since you’ll be dead soon anyways. But what’s really messed up is he put an even bigger bounty on his daughter – 25k, but only if she’s brought in alive. You might want to give her a heads up.


Jewel of Yavin: Part 3

As the group departed the museum, they narrowly avoided getting into a taxi that was rigged to explode. Apparently double crossed by their employer, they attempted to make their way off the planet. An Imperial intelligence officer trailed them as well, but the crew managed to elude capture and escape.

GM: Bill
XP Awarded: 20 XP
- Successfully escaping through the holopark – 10 XP
- Allying with Aris Shen – 5 XP
- Escaping Bespin – 5 XP

Jewel of Yavin: Part 2

At the Jewel of Yavin auction event, the group approaches the bidders in an attempt to drive up the price, since they secretly have an interest in the gem fetching the highest price possible. Having previously performed some background checks and spoken to some of the bidders, they attempt to play to their interests and weaknesses in convincing them to bid more in order to win the Jewel. While at the museum, the crew also prepares for the heist later that night by setting up some mechanical equipment to interfere with the security equipment. In the end, the highest bid belongs to (who?). The auction ends, the museum closes, and the plan is put into action.

Before entering the museum to steal the Jewel itself, the group finds one of the automated teller droids in the city and hacks into it ….

The crew used their attendance at the auction to prepare for the heist later that night and attempted to drive up the bidding on the Jewel. Once the auction was completed and the museum closed for the night, the group found an bank teller droid and hacked into it to steal the funds deposited from the bid. They broke into the museum through some air ducts that led into the garbage shaft, subdued the guards, disabled the security, and got their hands on the Jewel. However, they were met by an old lady who was one of the bidders, apparently a Jedi in exile, who convinced them to hand over the Jewel for the benefit of the galaxy as a whole.

GM: Bill
XP Awarded: 30 XP
- Hiking up the auction bid – 10 XP
- Successfully hacking into the banking system – 10 XP
- Successfully stealing the gem – 10 XP

Ney's Journal - Entry Three

OPENING neyjournal.log PLEASE WAIT>

Join the crew of the Second Chance they said….It will be fun they said…Now I’m no stranger to being wanted but this is ridiculous. Well my mama always said she wanted me to graduate, well mama I just graduated. I used to be a small time crook, look at me now, wanted by the Empire! Somehow I don’t think this is what she had in mind…


Jewel of Yavin: Part 1

The crew’s actions did not go unnoticed, and between helping a prisoner escape one prison, breaking out of another prison themselves, and stealing a prototype space ship, they found themselves among the Imperial’s most wanted. Huge bounties were placed on their heads, which meant it would be difficult for them to take on jobs or operate freely without worrying about every bounty hunter in the galaxy gunning for them. They hatched a plan to fake their own deaths to clear the bounty, using illegally obtained clones to help the charade seem convincing. However, cloning is not only highly illegal, but also extremely expensive. It would take a big score to be able to afford it.

Just such an opportunity presented itself when they were invited to Bespin and presented with an opportunity to heist the famous Jewel of Yavin. The Jewel would be on display at a local museum during an auction for the rare and valuable gem. In fact, the job would be especially profitable because not only would they steal the gem, they were going to steal the funds from the winning bid as well. The group took the job, and proceeded to earn access to the auction event itself by winning the Cloud Car Grand Prix race.

GM: Bill
XP Awarded: 35 XP
- Exploring the museum and researching security: 5 XP
- Investigating the auction bidders: 5 XP
- Creating the computer spike, getting an encryption sample: 10 XP
- Coming in first place during the Cloud City Grand Prix: 15 XP

Stalitz Flight

While delivering the stolen Imperial capital ship, an Imperial Star Destroyer suddenly appears from out of hyperspace and targets the ship the crew is on. Caught in a tractor beam and boarded by dozens of Stormtroopers, the group is overwhelmed and knocked unconscious.

The wake up in an Imperial prison. They quickly befriend some of the fellow prisoners and learn how things work in the prison. They also get on the prison warden’s good side by taking care of a pesky dianoga that had been causing problems. By calling in some favors and getting the warden drunk, the crew manages to escape through the garbage chute.

They’re surprised to find the garbage chute leads to an opening high above a lake. They drop into the lake, and make their way to the shore. From there, they sneak themselves into some vehicles and wait to be taken off the planet.

Unfortunately, the vehicles lead them back onto the Imperial Star Destroyer. From there, the group sneaks around and looks for a way to escape, finally locating a way off by hijacking some ships. Among those ships is a prototype of a new Imperial TIE Fighter, which would surely provide some valuable insight into the new technology.

They set the plan in motion, and flee the Star Destroyer in their stolen ships. They return to Banu’s in the Second Chance with the prototype TIE FIghter in tow. Banu is happy to see them alive after having been radio silent for several days, but he’s not so happy about having a top secret stolen Imperial ship stashed at his villa.

GM: Chris
XP Awarded: 25 XP

Bendu's Shadow

While traveling to their next job, the Second Chance finds itself pulled out of hyperspace into the middle of a battle between a Rebel frigate and an Imperial frigate. The Rebels request help, and the crew agrees to engage with the Imperials. Joining with the engaged Y-Wings, the Second Chance helps turn the tide of the battle and defeats the Imperial forces.

After the battle, the crew meets with the Rebels and introduces themselves as a group that has done some work for Bria Tharen in the past. The Rebel commander is quite happy to hear this, and offers the crew an important job – to hijack a nearby Imperial Capital ship. The ship is manned by a mostly droid crew, and the Rebels have got their own droid onto the ship to assist with the mission from the inside.

Using some captured TIE Fighters and TIE Pilot uniforms, the crew disguises themselves as Imperials who were disabled during the previous battle, stranded in hyperspace ad waiting for the Bendu Shadow to pick them up. As they make contact with the Imperial capital ship and identify themselves, the plan works and they are brought aboard.

Once inside, they realize things are not quite what they expected. While the crew is mostly made up of droids, there should be at least some humans for the most important tasks. However, there are none to be found. Further investigation reveals that at least one of the droids appear to have gone out of control and murdered the human crew.

Searching the ship, the crew finds the captain and chief engineer, both of whom are hiding from the rogue droids. They tell the crew that the hyperdrive is deactivated, and explain how it must be repaired. As they make their way to the parts of the ship needed to repair the hyperdrive, the rogue droid makes itself known and murders the captain before fleeing down the hallway.

The crew engages the droid, and manages to disable it after a heated exchange. The chief engineer and the crew then work together to repair the hyperdrive and jump the ship back to the Rebel meeting location. The crew boards the Rebel ship and hands over control of the stolen Bendu Shadow to the Rebels. Just as they’re discussing boarding the Second Chance and parting ways, a new Imperial Star Destroyer arrives on the scene, armed and ready to put an end to what looks to be a short lived victory for the Rebellion….

GM: Chris
XP Awarded: 20 XP



I’ll be Kesseled! I need your help! I just heard from my father’s friend, Gymm. I sent him the data that I downloaded from the Terkob B and he was able to decipher it! I need to meet up with him on Sluis Van so we can put together a case to bring before the Galactic Courts of Justice. Can you drop me off as soon as possible? I had just started repairs on the Second Chance… I don’t have time to finish, but I promise to complete them as soon as I return! Just take it easy on her until I get back, she’s pretty banged up. Please hurry!


Giradda's Lost Treasure Part 4: Fame and Fortune

After convincing some local guides to show them the way by proving their worth in a drinking game, the group made their way into a hidden temple. Facing an assortment of deadly traps and puzzles, the group finally made their way to the treasure room, though battered. They claimed all the valuable items they could find, including the specific schematics the Rebels were hoping to recover, and made their way back towards their ship. Just as they left the temple, they were confronted by the treasure hunter they had beaten and left stranded during the Rancor Games, who had been trailing them the whole time. Armed with mercenaries and an AT-PT armored vehicle, the scene looked grim for the crew until the guides who had led them to the temple came to the rescue with a well aimed rocket launcher. The crew later met with the Rebels to hand over the schematics and enjoyed the treasures they claimed for themselves.

GM: Steve
XP Awarded: 20 XP

Escaping Ord Mantell

The Second Chance makes one last quick pass over the Ord Mantell starport from a safe distance. Utut looks through his macrobinoculars to scope out the docking bay where the Onyx Shadow was previously parked. A derisive series of sounds confirms what was expected – Rix Harik made off with their ship. Ney curses under his breath at the turn of events. Caston Kale punches the ship’s engines and exits the atmosphere before they attract any more unwanted attention.

Once safely away from the chaos they created on Ord Mantell, Caston Kale relinquishes the controls and addresses the crew. “Okay, so we’ve got the key and hopefully we’ve got the location. And we’re sure as hell not attracting any less attention. So what do you all say we get down to business here and finish what we started as soon as possible so I can fade into the sunset and enjoy the rest of my life outside an Imperial prison.”

The etchings from Giradda’s palace are spread out on a table. “This one is easy,” says Caston pointing at the first etching. “It’s just a number: 7514.” Mallinia comments, “Well, that doesn’t help us a whole lot. Who else can read Huttese? We didn’t have a whole lot of Hutts visiting us on Dathomir to teach me the language.”

Tiro studies the second etching for a moment before explaining, “This one says ‘Vodran.’ Looks like we have our planet name. I’ve heard of it before, but can’t say I know much about it.”

Ney stares at the third etching and scratches his head while considering it. “I would hope this would give us the coordinates on the planet, but it looks like it says ‘Sector F 197 -87.’ Those aren’t typical coordinates for something on a planet’s surface.” Whistler rolls over to the table and makes a few beeps and whistles. Gastro translates the droid’s remarks, “He says those appear to be some custom type of grid system that’s very likely specific to the planet itself. His records show no data for translating that information into useful coordinates.”

“Looks like we’ve still got some hard work ahead of us, folks. Everyone strap in, we’re going to find us some treasure.”


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