Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

Gar's Journal

It’s true. It must be. It all makes so much sense now. All these years the only explanation I could come up with was that everything prior to the whole cheating scandal ordeal was a lie. The good times and the friendship were all a lie. My so-called friend turned out to be a selfish jerk only looking out for himself. It didn’t make sense, but there was no other explanation. I put it behind me, and got on with my life, hesitant to truly trust anybody that deeply again.

But as I sit here in this abandoned Imperial lab surrounded by unliving abominations, I know what K’wa told me must be true – Iza did it all to save me. Once he found out the Imperials would take the top medical students and force them to work for the Empire, he saved me the only way he could – by getting me expelled so the Empire would overlook me, and sacrificing himself in the process. And from what I’ve seen here on this planet and in this lab, working for the Empire would have been a far worse fate than where I am now, that’s certain.

And I can’t really complain about where I’ve wound up. I let a little bit of the bottled up resentment slip out a bit when I heard Iza was seeking my help, and the painful memories came flooding back. It’s unfortunate my crew mates saw that. The truth is, I couldn’t ask for a better crew. We work well together and have each others’ backs. I’ll be sure to let them know how important they are to me once we get out of this current mess.

Which reminds me, I should stop with the rambling and get back to the research. Iza has done a considerable amount of work towards the cure, but I need to finish this job. His life depends on it, and maybe the lives of countless others across the galaxy. I never had much love for the Empire, but after finding out about this, it’s clear they must be stopped. For now, that starts with finding the cure.

The Alderaan Flora seems to hold the key. Sadly, the Empire destroyed the plant’s native planet. (Another reason to despise the Imperials.) Ney had a good thought, finding an Ithorian who might know something about the plant considering the tendency of the species to have some expertise in agriculture. Now where do we find an Ithorian on Kashyyyk ?…

Un-Life Day

Back at the villa, Banu explains that he has a message for Gar that arrived some time ago. He hadn’t delivered it considering the urgency of the other tasks at hand, particularly the part where they had to fake their own deaths in order to avoid becoming among the Empire’s most wanted.

Playing the recorded holo message shows a female Wookiee addressing Gar. The Wookiee introduces herself as K-Wa and explains that Gar’s former friend, Iza Tuh, desperately needs his help on Kashyyyk. Iza Tuh can be found at an Imperial bunker on the Wookiee home world. Before ending the message, K-Wa pleads for Gar’s help, saying that lives are at stake.

The group knows that Kashyyyk is normally in a state of chaos, with both Trandoshans and the Empire regularly raiding the planet to capture Wookiees for use as slave labor. Browsing Banu’s library, they find a book about the planet. Not only does the book contain several useful maps, but it also indicates that the annual Life Day celebration is just a few days away. With some mixed feelings about his former friend that eventually betrayed him, Gar admits that the request seems unusual and urgent enough to investigate further.

Upon arriving on Kashyyyk, the group finds the area immediately surrounding the space port mostly absent of Wookiees. They decide to head to one of the local shops. Locating a nearby hunting supply store, they head inside and are greeted by a Trandoshan shopkeeper. When the crew asks him where all the Wookiees are, he explains that they’ve all gone to the Great Tree in preparation of the Life Day celebration the following day. They ask him about if he knows anything about Imperial bunkers on the planet, and he says that there is an Imperial presence that steadily comes and goes, but he is not aware of any bunkers.

Pressed further for more information, the Trandoshan explains that he’s simply trying to run a business and doesn’t pay much attention to the politics and goings on around the planet, but he does believe something strange is going on in the forest. He has several customers who rented hunting equipment who saw something that completely terrified them and caused them to flee immediately, sometimes barely stopping at the door before dropping off their rented gear and leaving the planet. The shop keeper doesn’t know what it is, but he’s seen some brave hunters scared by it, so he suspects it’s something truly frightening.

The next day, the crew heads out to the great tree to the Life Day celebration. Entrance into the area is blocked by two Wookiee guards, who explain the celebration is only open to Wookiees and invited guests. Gar says that they’ve received a message from someone named K-Wa and he shows them a still image of her from the recorded message. The guards look at each other, clearly knowing the female Wookiee who sent the message. After some brief consideration, the guards say the group should speak with Koo Chu, a Wookiee elder and K-Wa’s father. They explain where Koo Chu can be found and allow the group to enter.

Making their way up along the branches of the gigantic tree and through the throng of revelers and asking for some direction, the group locates Koo Chu. The group approaches Koo Chu and wishes him a happy Life Day. Gar explains that he is there at the request of K-Wa. At the mention of his daughter’s name, Koo Chu bares his teeth and grabs Gar violently, demanding to know what he did with his daughter. Gar insists he doesn’t know where she is but may have some information that could help find her. Koo Chu quickly regains his composure, and invites the group into a nearby hut where they can speak privately.

The group plays the recorded message from K-Wa for her father to see. After viewing the recording, Koo Chu looks both sad and angry. He explains that his daughter was captured by slavers several months ago. The Wookiees have sent some scouts to observe the slaver camps in hopes they would find her, but she has not been spotted for several weeks. At this point, she’s presumed dead. The Wookiees do not have the resources to conduct a full frontal assault on the highly fortified slaver camp.

The discussion is interrupted by loud noises coming from outside the hut, with the sound of cracking branches, shouting, and sporadic blaster fire. Gastro is the first out of the hut to see what is causing the commotion. He spots several Trandoshan slavers descending from the tree branches above and attacking the celebration. As Gastro notifies the rest of the group of what he sees, Koo Chu and the others exit the hut and enter the fray. A Trandoshan launches a bola towards Gastro’s legs, tripping him up and sending the droid crashing to the ground.

The group quickly engages the Trandoshan attackers. Mallinia dismembers two of them with precise yet deadly swipes of her vibroaxe. Gastro lifts himself off the ground and takes out another slaver with a precise head shot. Gar uses some motivational shouts to rally other Wookiees into the fight. Koo Chu charges towards what appears to be the leader of the attackers, and engages with him in one-on-one melee combat. Ney tosses a grenade that manages to knock one of the slavers off the large branch and down into the depths below.

As the tide turns against the attackers, the group quickly communicates to one another the idea of taking the leader alive. While the leader now seems to have gotten the upper hand on Koo Chu, the group approaches and knock him out from behind and drag him off back into the nearby tent. While a few slavers did manage to get away with a slave or two in their nets, the Trandoshan attack has been repelled.

Inside the tent, the group ties the Trandoshan to a chair and revives him back to consciousness. Koo Chu confirms that this slaver wears the markings of the same group of slavers that kidnapped K-Wa. In hopes of learning more about her whereabouts, the group begins to question the Trandoshan. They ask if he knows of K-Wa, and the slaver confirms that they have her at their camp. Gar tries a civilized approach towards learning more, trying to appeal to the slaver’s sense of doing what is right given his situation and alluding to a possible prisoner exchange – the group would return him to his fellow slavers in exchange for K-Wa’s safe return. The Trandoshan scoffs at the idea, saying that K-Wa is way more valuable than he is. The slaver explains that with K-Wa’s expertise in healing, the slavers force her to care for any of their Wookiee slaves who are injured or become ill. She has saved the lives of several slaves, which means more profit for the slavers.

Tiro approaches the slaver next and takes a less subtle approach. With large wire cutters in hand, Tiro threatens the Trandoshan – If he doesn’t tell them what they want to know, he’ll begin cutting off his fingers. Sufficiently intimidated by the threat, the slaver explains details regarding exactly which camp K-Wa is being held in and offers some details about the camp’s security. With this information, the group asks Koo Chu for support from some Wookiee warriors as the group plans to attack the camp and rescue K-Wa. Koo Chu agrees, and summons several of his fiercest and most loyal warriors to accompany the group on the mission.

Utilizing the same tactics the Trandoshan slavers used in their attack on the Life Day celebration, the crew and their squad of Wookiee commandos decide to descend upon the slaver camp from above. Rappelling down on ropes from the dense tree branches above, the group lands within the outer defense of the camp. Multiple groups of Wookiees land near patrolling guards and engage with them, while the crew member land on top of the largest building in the camp.

Ney hangs over the edge of the roof and peeks into the window of the building they’re on top of. He sees K-Wa inside, apparently alone. Gar and Mallinia drop down and walk in through the front door of the building, unnoticed as the Wookiees engage with the guards in areas spread around the camp. Upon entering, Gar explains they’re here to rescue her since she’s the one that sent him the message about Iza Tuh. K-Wa is happy to see them, but seems surprised they’ve been able to infiltrate the secured camp to rescue her. Gar explains that combat is going on outside and that her father sent several Wookiees to assist the rescue mission. He believes that they can sneak out through the chaos. K-Wa follows them outside, where the rest of the crew joins them from on the roof, and they rush out the front gate while the battle around them rages.

K-Wa quickly leads them to a nearby Wookiee camp where they will be safe for the time being. As the Wookiees greet them, Mallinia inexplicably insists on being carried in as hero and jumps on the backs of a pair of Wookiees. Annoyed at this odd action, the Wookiees forego their usual hospitality and leave the group alone with K-Wa.

As the rest of the Wookiees involved in the slaver camp mission arrive at the camp, Gar assists K-Wa with mending their wounds. Gar talks to her about her time in the slaver camp, and she explains that she was forced to nurse wounded Wookiees back to health before they were sold off to slavery. While she hated helping the slavers, she really had no choice, and she did save the lives of several Wookiees who came to her severely injured. But she wonders if they would have been better off allowed to die rather than becoming slaves.

On the subject of Iza Tuh, Gar asks why he should continue to help someone who betrayed him? K-Wa says that Gar doesn’t know the full story, and that Iza spoke about Gar often and has his own side of the story. Skeptical that the other side of the story would be an acceptable reason for ruining his career, Gar does agree to help considering the mutual respect that’s been developing between himself, K-Wa, and her father. Gar believes that if K-Wa respects Iza and is insisting he deserves to be helped, then there may be something to what she is saying after all.

K-Wa explains that Iza is in an Imperial bunker in the Dead Forest, and desperately needs help. Alleged “walking dead” have been seen in the area, and it’s considered a very dangerous place. Mallinia is reluctant to go into the Dead Forest and had previously expressed some reservations about possibly heading there since first noticing it on a map. Gar tries to convince her that the forest can’t be any more dangerous than her home planet of Dathomir, but Mallinia is unconvinced, saying rancors aren’t that frightening if you know how to pet them just the right way. As the rest of the group and K-Wa head off walking through the dense forest towards the Dead Forest, Mallinia reluctantly decides to join them and follows the group at a distance while sulking.

On their way there, a rustling noise in the woods behind them the gets the group’s attention. A staggering, groaning, glossy eyed and blank faced being shambles towards them. Clearly one of the “zombies” sighted in the area, Mallinia calmly steps up to it and cuts its head off with a clean swipe. Another zombie appears from the other direction. Gastro takes aim and puts it down with a shot between its eyes. Gar investigates the body and finds the Rebel insignia on their clothing. Further medical examination reveals a disease that is nothing like he’s seen before. Upon cutting open the body, he finds the internal organs had actually liquefied.

Without further incident, the group arrives at the bunker, which has no signs of life and is not locked down. Gastro goes in first since his droid self can’t be infected by the disease. Venturing deeper inside, he finds the medical center of the bunker and comms back to the group it’s all clear. They make their way in and join Gastro, where they find Iza Tuh encased in carbonite. K-Wa approaches and touches his frozen face, saddened to see him like this. She explains that there should be a journal around nearby. The group finds the journal, and activates it. A recording of the doctor plays.

The first recorded journal entry explains that Iza has been forced by the Empire to develop a virus to turn people into aggressive mindless creatures that infect and kill one another. The gestation period is short, so infecting an area with the virus leads to it spreading quickly, wiping out all living beings there. The Empire intends to use the virus as a weapon. While Iza didn’t want to work on such a diabolical project, the Empire gave him no choice, threatening not only his life, but the lives of his entire family.

The second journal entry shows the doctor talking about being close to developing a vaccine against the virus. While being inoculated with the vaccine will prevent infection, it will not cure someone who is already infected. As the video is about to end, one of the zombies comes out of nowhere and bites Iza on the shoulder. The recording ends as the doctor screams while fighting off his attacker.

The third video shows a pale looking and serious Iza Tuh. He explains that while he has finished developing the vaccine, but has not developed the actual cure for those infected. Since he was infected before the vaccine was finished, he is now slowly turning into one of them, his mind starting to go and his organs eventually liquefying. He intends to freeze himself in carbonite to slow the process. At this point, he pleads with Gar to find the cure, not just to save him, but to protect the galaxy as a whole from this deadly virus he created.

As they finish watching the final entry, Gar says that now would probably be a good time for K-Wa to tell Iza’s side of the story regarding their past. K-Wa explains that Iza overheard some of the executives at the medical school talking about how the Empire was going to claim the top students from the class and force them to work for them on "special” biological weapons projects. Iza knew this meant a dangerous and unfulfilling life, essentially becoming a slave to the Empire. Given his loyalty and friendship to his friend, Iza decided to spare Gar from the Empire’s grasp by sacrificing himself. That’s why Iza implicated Gar in the cheating scandal – to prevent him from becoming a servant of the Empire. Gar considers the story for several long moments, and realizes it must be true. Given their camaraderie and friendship to that point, it’s the only explanation that makes sense.

While Tiro downloads the medical records from the lab’s computer, Gar locates several syringes full of the vaccine and offers it to the crew. He injects Ney, Tiro, and himself with the vaccine, but Mallinia declines it, saying she doesn’t trust the needle. Gar looks over the medical records and finds that the doctor believes an Alderaanian flower may be the key ingredient in the cure. With Alderaan destroyed by the Empire, finding that may be difficult.

Ney recalls that there was a park on Cloud City that was developed in the memory of Alderaan, and suggests maybe the flower could be found there. The crew tries to call Aris to ask about that possibility, but they are unable to get a signal through to her. With that possibility not an option, the crew begins to consider other possible sources of a flower from an extinct planet…

GM: Bill
XP Awarded: 15 XP

Basin Mutts

After mentioning a few aspects of their past that seemed exciting and interesting, the original members of the group agree to tell the story about how they all met for their very first job, since some of the newer people were not around to experience it. Banu brings in a tray of snacks, Ney opens a few bottles of wine, and the story is told…

K’ladarien is dragged into the back room of a shop in the seedy section of Coruscant by two burly guards. He’s dumped down into a chair, eyes glazed over and thoughts foggy. He has just gone another spice bender, and it seems his actions may have landed him in some trouble. Before long, a tall lean alien walks in and sits down across from him. Introducing himself as a member of the Pyke Syndicate, a well-known crime organization, he fills K’ladarien in on the events of the previous night.

An employee of the Pykes, a low level spice seller, got into an argument with K’ladarien about a deal they were trying to complete. When K’ladarien couldn’t convince the dealer to lower his price, he got angry. When a Whipid gets angry, people get hurt. He broke both of the spice dealer’s arms, taking him off the streets until he heals. The Pyke explains that they are now losing money with one less dealer on the street, and that K’ladarien owes them that money. With no cash available to pay the requested amount, K’ladarien has no choice but to make retribution in another way. The Pyke explains that he has just such a method in mind – providing muscle during a specific job they’re looking to have carried out.

Yensod tries to look inconspicuous as she sits in the corner of the cantina watching those around her. In her continuous search to track down the man who freed her from Hutt captivity, the clues have led her here to Coruscant. The trail seems to have gone cold now, and she contemplates her next move.

As she loses herself deep in thought, one of the serving droids approaches and asks that she follow him into a back room. Confused and puzzled by the request, she’s reluctant at first, but the droid insists that she follow him at the request of the cantina owner. Not wanting to cause a scene, Yensod agrees and follows the droid.

Inside the back room, Yensod is greeted by a captain in the Pyke Syndicate. He tells Yensod to take a seat, and explains that their security cameras noticed her and matched her up to an outstanding bounty placed by the Hutts. The Pyke explains that they have no love for the Hutts, but a bounty is a bounty. However, he explains, there may be another way she can help them and provide more value than the bounty would. The Pyke mentions an upcoming job where they just might be able to use someone with Yensod’s looks and feminine charm.

Minis walks into the Pyke safe house where he’s been invited and is shown into an office by the rugged looking guard who answers the door. A member of the Pyke leadership greets Minis and offers him a seat across from his desk. The Pyke explains that the group is looking to pull off a somewhat tricky job and they’re assembling a team for it, and Minis has the underworld connections and street cred they’re looking for. While the Pyke admits their first choice for the role was a female scoundrel named Regan, she was on the other side of the galaxy and offered Minis as a possible alternative.

After considering the offer (and only taking slight offense at being told he was their second choice), Minis agrees to the job. If Regan recommended him, that likely means he can trust these people and that the payoff will be worth it.

As Tiro enters the swoop bike shop answering an ad looking for some mechanic help, several droids are busy stocking shelves, organizing spare parts, and cleaning the floor. A large four-armed Besalisk looks up from behind the counter and greets him. Tiro explains he’s here about the job opening, and the Besalisk introduces himself as Chopper and escorts Tiro into the back room. After a brief interview during which Chopper asks Tiro some technical questions and information about his background, Chopper excuses himself and says he’ll be right back with his own boss for further discussion.

When Chopper returns a few minutes later, he is accompanied by a tall lean creature. The being sits down across from Tiro and explains that he is a member of the Pyke Syndicate. The Pyke says that Tiro’s skills and resume is impressive, and explains that someone of his skills could be of some use in a very important job the group is looking to do. Having been looking for work anyways, Tiro agrees to help them.

A few days later, the individuals who had been recruited separately are brought together to meet one another and review the details of the job. One by one they arrive at an old nerf burger factory and are escorted into a large conference room. When everyone has arrived, a brawny human steps to the front of the room and begins the meeting. The man looks to be in his 60s, is dressed in an expensive looking business suit, and has a cybernetic implant behind his left ear. He introduces himself as Big Lo, and says that each member of the team will be given a code number in order to maintain anonymity and protect themselves and the Pykes.

Big Lo explains: ““Let’s get down to business. The job is to break into the Black Sun compound in Sector B12 and retrieve the data on an individual that double-crossed the Pyke Syndicate to the Black Sun. The Pykes don’t take very kindly to those who double-cross them, and they plan on teaching this individual a very painful lesson. The data you retrieve for us is going to help lead us to that individual. For your own safety and ours, we’re asking that you not use your real names. We’ve assigned you each a specific Agent ID number to be used during this mission.”

“The snake man here is our resident mechanic. He should be able to deal with any mechanical locks or security systems you encounter. You’re Agent 17.”

“The lady here brings a little class to the group, and you sure do need it. She has a way with men and can usually get what she’s looking for. It’s not always about sneaking around or muscling your way through. She brings the charm. Agent 69.”

“Speaking of muscle, I’m not saying it’s useless. In fact, it could come in quite handy if you run into guards you need to deal with quickly. The walking carpet with muscles is Agent 4.”

“Of course, he’s there if you need to inflict pain. But just in case you have some pain inflicted upon you, we’ve got you a medic. We’d prefer you not be returned as corpses, so Doctor Duros here is Agent 33.”

“It’s always good to have someone who is familiar with the shady side of things. You need someone who speaks the same language as these lowlifes. Now I’m not saying he’s a lowlife himself, but this guy can at least act the part. Agent 13.”

“Last but not least, while their network security system isn’t incredibly complex, they do have a good amount of security and alarms in place to prevent hackers. So we’ve got a dedicated slicer to get in and out of their computers without detection. Agent 81.”

Big Lo then provides some additional details regarding the mission and answers some questions. The data the Pykes want can likely be accessed from any computer terminal inside the Black Sun complex, though the ones further out will be more secure. The deeper they get into the compound, the less secure the data becomes. (Since the rooms themselves are more secure.)

The compound has a sophisticated vehicles tracking system for security purposes. Any vehicles that land in the sector without prior notice are flagged for closer inspection. However public transportation and foot traffic are not tracked as closely.

Some of the Black Sun lieutenants like to show off their wealth and prizes. While it may be tempting to grab some valuable items, they are well secured with alarm systems. Don’t give in to the temptation.

A map of the compound shows the different entrances, the private casino and cantina areas, the armory, and offices for the leaders, and the storage and maintenance areas. Camera systems cover all the entrances. Everything is recorded. The security station is manned, but how closely they watch the live feeds is unclear.

As the planning meeting concludes, the group makes some plans for scoping out the Black Sun compound. In an attempt to get a good idea of activity around the building, Tiro and Arkad open a control panel located on the city streets that is tied into traffic surveillance cameras. With some mechanical rewiring by Tiro and slicing by Arkad, they manage to download images and video of the traffic patterns to Arkad’s datapad for further analysis.

Exactly how the Pykes had hoped when hiring him, Minis works his underworld contacts to learn more about the private casino located in the Black Sun compound. One of his contacts is able to pass along the name of a Rodian who may know more. The Rodian named Beekko works as a dealer at a sabacc den not too far from the Black Sun building. Several Black Sun members frequent the establishment, and Beekoo has gotten to know some of them.

The group heads to the sabacc den, hoping to get more information out of the Rodian. It doesn’t take long for Minis to spot Beekoo’s table. With several Black Sun members playing at the table, Minis takes an empty seat and plays a few hands. While the cards go against Minis, the Black Sun players happily take his money and give him some good natured teasing about his poor luck. Having lost enough money, Minis lets Beekoo know that he has something to discuss and drops the name of the contact who mentioned him. Beekoo nods and says he’ll meet him outside during his break in a short time.

A short while later, Beekoo meets Minis outside. Minis explains that he’s looking for a way into the Black Sun casino. Since Minis knows the same contact he does, Beekoo agrees to sell two VIP passes to get into the casino for a single night. Minis negotiates a reasonable fee, Beekoo produces the passes from a pocket inside his dealer’s vest, and they complete the deal.

Back inside the sabacc den, Yensod had been observing the activity at Beekoo’s table from a short distance. She identifies one of the Black Sun members who is in a particularly good mood from winning a good amount of credits while playing. Using her pheromones, Yensod is able to get the Black Sun member’s attention. She explains that she’s not having that good a day, since she just lost her job as a waitress. The Black Sun says that he’s been having trouble getting service in the sabacc den and could use a personal waitress to fetch him drinks. Yensod agrees to the arrangement, and points out she could really use a more long-term job. The Black Sun says that if she does a good job, he could very likely get her a job working inside the Black Sun casino. Yensod does an excellent job of playing waitress, and goes home with the Black Sun at the end of the night, further building a reason for him to help her land that job.

The next afternoon, with a job lined up, Yensod reports to work as a server in the Black Sun casino. After a quick pass through security, Yensod meets with her new boss, Bertha, who is the head waitress. Bertha explains the responsibilities and shows Yensod around the casino and bar areas.

On her third day of work, Yensod shows up a little early. She accesses one of the point of sale terminals in the bar area and comms into Arkad for help slicing into the terminal. After an initial failed attempt, Arkad directs Yensod past the security and into the appointment book for the compound. Yensod puts in records of two broken slot machines in the casino and books a repair visit from the slot machine vendor. Since there are two machines down and they have a VIP level service agreement, three technicians are requested to speed along the repair of the two machines. Once the appointment is in the computer, Yensod puts “Out of Order” signs on two of the slot machines.

Later that day, before the crowd gets very busy, the fake slot machine repair crew shows up. Tiro, Arkad, and Gar are carrying tools and wearing outfits that fit the part. After showing some fake credentials hacked together by Arkad to get in the service entrance door, the fake repair crew makes their way towards the casino. As they move through the compound, they take note of the security cameras as they pass the main office of the head Black Sun lieutenant for this sector. In the casino, they begin to pretend to work on the supposedly broken machines. While one machine is “fixed” quickly, Tiro pretends that the second machine has a complex problem and spends some more time working on it.
On the way to the casino with the VIP passes in hand, K’ladarien takes a short side trip down a side alley to get a fix of spice. He offers some of his booster blue to Minis, who declines the offer and gives him a dirty look. K’ladarien gets high and experiences a disturbing spice-induced vision where he pictures himself shooting and killing Minis at some point in the future. Confused and a bit shaken by the vision, K’ladarien says he’s now ready to continue with the job.

At the door, the bouncer checks the VIP passes and tells Minis to keep K’ladarien from starting any trouble since he looks a little bit out of sorts. The two make their way to the bar as they scope out the place. As they casually move around the area, they are able to locate the rest of the team and monitor the group’s activity as the plan is set in motion.

Tiro approaches the pit boss requesting access to their computer network in order to download some detailed schematic information on the machine he is trying to repair. The pit boss denies the request, and says he should have come prepared. He also explains that the “big boss” will be showing up at midnight and that he won’t be happy if the machine is still broken when he arrives. Tiro then says that they need to go back to the repair vehicle in order to contact their main office and get the info they need to fix the machine. They head out of the casino into the hallway towards the service entrance.
Yensod sees the repair crew head out into the hallway and sees that as her signal to cause a distraction. With a full tray of drinks, including a “Flaming Lo” signature drink, she trips and sends the drinks flying all over herself and several customers. The flaming drink lands on a nearby curtain, causing a minor fire. As people turn to see what the commotion is about and a few people rush to put out the flames, Yensod rushes out into the hallway to change her soiled waitress uniform.

Taking advantage of the distraction, Minis and K’ladarien manage to slip past the guards and head into the hallway as well. With all six of the team now gathered directly outside the Lieutenant’s office, the cameras are showing some increased activity as they scan the hallway. K’ladarien tries to kick in the door to the office, but it doesn’t budge. Yensod then kicks it as well, and while it doesn’t open, the control panel blinks under the battering. Tiro then accesses the control panel and manages to hot wire the door and have it slide open.

Arkad quickly makes his way to the computer on the desk and begins to hack into it. However after a few keystrokes, he accidentally triggers a security check and alarms start blaring throughout the base. Between the commotion in the hallway and now the alarms, several Black Sun rush to confront the intruders.

Before the responding guards can reach the hallway, Minis rolls a grenade through the doorway leading to the casino. It takes two of the guards by surprise and takes them out before they know what hit them. But two more charge in to take their place. Some additional Black Sun arrive from the other direction as well, leaving the team surrounded.

A fire fight ensues, with Minis and K’ladarien laying down cover fire towards the casino, through the smoke from the grenade. Yensod rushes towards the service entrance and engages in hand to hand combat with the Black Sun in that direction, slicing them up with her vibroknife. Tiro assists Arkad with downloading the data, increasing the speed with which the data is transferred so they can get out of the place sooner. Gar stands by with medical attention in case anyone needs it.

Just as the data is about to finish downloading, Tiro heads into the hallway, staying close to the wall. He accesses a control panel in an attempt to shut the door between the hallway and the casino. The controls are damaged from the grenade explosion and the door cannot be closed, but he manages to force the fire extinguishing system to engage. As fire suppression foam sprays in the face of the attackers, Yensod finishes off the remaining Black Sun blocking their escape.

As Arkad and Gar rush out into the hallway with the data, the lieutenant arrives and fires a shot from his blaster rifle at the fleeing team. The shot hits the wall as the last of the group turn the corner through the door on the opposite end of the hallway, making their way through the service exit and out on the streets. With the alarms blaring behind them and Black Sun still in pursuit, they look for a quick escape.

Just as the story being told describes the alarms blaring as the crew quickly exits the Black Sun compound, a beeping noise begins to sound in the room where the group is intently listening to the story. Banu gets up from his seat and looks at a display. “It looks like story time is over. It’s Aris. Time to get back to work.”

GM: Steve
XP Awarded: 20 XP
- Effective job interviews: 5 XP
- Solid mission planning: 5 XP
- Tapping into the city surveillance cameras: 2.5 XP (BONUS)
- Successful mission completion: 5 XP
- Impressive coordination between different team members. 2.5 XP (BONUS)

Voice From The Past

Upon arrival back at Banu’s after another successful job, the crew unwinds and spends some brief time relaxing before their next job. As they sit around the recreational room after enjoying dinner together, the terminal in the room indicates a new high priority message has arrived. Banu walks over to the keypad and punches in a few quick commands and reads the screen. After taking a moment to consider the message’s contents, he says, “This is somewhat interesting. Check it out.” He punches in another command and a hologram of the message text appears in the middle of the room for all to read:

“Hi Banu. Not sure if you remember me, but I was flying with the Second Chance for a brief time when we met. I was saddened to hear news that the crew had been wiped out by a bounty hunter. Recently, my father had an issue with my brother going missing, and he called in some external help. While I wasn’t there to see them myself, the description of the team that helped my father sounds awfully familiar, and gave me hope that my former crewmates were somehow still alive. If they are alive, send them my regards. (And tell them the secret is safe with me.) I never did say a proper farewell, so apologies for that. The truth is that the very first mission with the Black Sun rattled me and made me unsure of my abilities as a slicer. After that, staring death in the face on a regular basis suddenly didn’t seem as enticing as it did when I was only dreaming about it as a bored privileged youth. I’m doing my work behind the scenes mostly now, where there’s very little chance of getting a blaster bolt to the face. In any case, I hope all is well and wish you the best of luck. Maybe our paths will cross again someday. – Arkad”

“I always kind of wondered what had happened to him. Nice to hear from him again,” says Tiro.
“Between this and seeing K’ladarien again, it’s a reminder of all we’ve been through already,” adds Gar.
Utut observes, “Isn’t K’ladarien the one who shot your other friend dead on Dathomir? He didn’t seem very stable to me!”
“Minis was the one who was unstable,” Yensod chimes in. “He was ready to kill us all because of some girl! If I would have known the Pykes were teaming me up with a psychopath like that, I never would have agreed to do that first job!”
Ney sits up straight in his chair. “Ohhhhh! Black Sun? The Pykes? Now this sounds like a story I want to hear!”
Mallinia gets up and says, “Let me grab a couple bottles of wine and why don’t you fill us new-comers in on how this all started anyways? I’m sure it’s a fascinating story….”

Splitting Heirs

Between jobs at Banu’s, Flurm approaches Mallinia and explains that he has a private message for her. The bounty hunter has been keeping a close eye on the bounty boards with regards to the crew. After their successfully faked deaths, the bounties were all removed the boards. However Mallina’s bounty has recently reappeared and with an increased price on her head.

The crew contacts Aris and says they will take the job about the missing heir. They load up the ship and head to Arkania, leaving Embro behind to assist Banu with tasks around the Villa. Learning more about the job during their trip, the group is tasked with locating the missing heir to the noble house Sephiroth, one of the oldest and wealthiest houses on Arkania.

Upon arriving, Lord Sephiroth greets the crew and explains that his wife recently passed away. His son and heir, Allin, has been missing for over two days, which is unusual for him. Lord Sephiroth suspects the rival house Nalju may have something to do with his disappearance. He hasn’t had much time to investigate the disappearance himself, as he’s been preparing for some kind of move by the Naljus to take advantage of the grief and confusion, so he’s instructed the estate staff to be cooperative with the crew’s investigation.

To begin the investigation, Ney and Mallinia head to the son’s bedroom. Everything has been cleaned up by the maids, as they didn’t initially realize Allin had gone missing and went about their daily routine the morning he vanished. At first glance, everything appears to be in normal order, a spotless room for Arkanian nobility. Upon closer examination, Ney notices one of the books on a shelf is not in alphabetical order like the rest. It’s a book about hunting dorsalopes. Mallinia checks the closet, and finds a handwritten note sticking out of the pocket of a jacket. The note says, “We’re ready. See you next Tuesday.”

Utut goes to the servant quarters to question the maids who clean Allin’s room. They answer Utut’s questions, explaining that the son is a slob, and there was nothing out of the ordinary in his room on the morning of his disappearance. It was the usual mess. Asked if Allin has any people on the grounds that he is close to or interacts with regularly, the maid explains that he mostly keeps to himself and doesn’t socialize with the hired help.

Tiro heads to the security station and meets with the captain of the noble guards. The captain explains that there should be adequate coverage by security cameras to track down Allin’s last known whereabouts on the property, but the footage has not been reviewed yet. Tiro sits down at the security terminal and gets to work. After getting familiar with the system and scanning the footage, Tiro locates footage of Allin departing on horse the morning of his disappearance. He has four of the noble guards with him and they have hunting equipment with them (including guns) as they depart from the stables.

The crew asks that a staff meeting be called with all the guards to find out if anyone has seen the guards who were seen leaving with Allin in the security footage. The guards are not among those present and nobody has seen them since. It did not raise suspicion because guards come and go regularly, and the four who went with him all live in the same room, so nobody noticed they hadn’t returned for two nights.

The crew asks about Allin’s habits and friends, but nobody speaks up. Realizing that the guards might not speak as openly in front of Lord Sephiroth, Utut asks him politely to leave the room. With their master gone, the guards open up about Allin. They explain that he’s generally a disrespectful spoiled jerk, though he’s young and could still change for the better. While nobody particularly likes the person he is right now, they all do like and respect Lord Sephiroth. Considering the hardships the Lord has gone through recently with the death of his wife, the departure of his other son, and now the disappearance of his remaining son and heir, the staff do truly hope for Allin’s safe return, if only for the sake of their Lord.

Asked about theories as to what may have happened to Allin, the guards offer several theories: He may have run off with a woman; Could be passed out drunk at the local bar; Had a hunting accident; Crossed the Nalju’s and was captured; or was killed by the guards he went hunting with who were fed up with his abuse.

With their questions answered, the group heads to the stables to speak with the stablemaster. He doesn’t have much more information, but does confirm five horses have been missing for a few days, but there’s no sign that whoever took them planned for an extended departure. The crew asks to borrow horses to head out in search of the missing heir and guards. With some getting used to riding on horseback, they mount up and depart.

Utut uses his expert tracking skills to follow the trail for some time. The tracks lead deeper and deeper into the forest, directly toward the territory owned by the rival house Nalju.

Eventually, the group does head to far onto the rival’s property, and find themselves ambushed by a group of a dozen Nalju guards and a noble. Rogor Nalju insists they return with him to face his father, the Lord Nalju. Rogor points out that the group ventured into Nalju territory soon after a sighting of Sephiroths, and believes they are working with the rivals. Ney admits they were with Sephiroths, leading Rogor to feel more confident in his accusations.

With the Nalju estate many miles away and darkness falling, the noble decides to set up camp for the night before making the rest of the trip in the morning. The Naljus set up camp, and keep the crew members under close watch and guarded in a single tent.

As the night gets later, some shouting and sounds of blaster fire erupts. Chaos quickly breaks out as the camp finds themselves under attack! In the commotion, the crew slips out of the tent and begins to escape, but they are spotted by Nalju guards. Torn between firing upon their fleeing captives or their attackers, the guards are uncertain what to do.

Meanwhile, Utut attempts to grab their nearby horses to assist with the escape. One of them is scared off by the blaster fire and starts to run off. Ney tries to grab its reins, but is trampled and injured as he fails to corral the wild horse. Utut tries to move the horses he did get under control towards his crewmates.

As the battle unfolds, the Naljus are being overrun. Two of the attackers manage to approach Rogor, club him over the head, and start to drag his unconscious body away. Tiro tries to reach them before they get away with the noble, but he doesn’t make it to them in time. With their leader captured and several of their colleagues dead, the remaining Nalju flee. The attackers hop on some landspeeders they had stashed nearby in the woods, and escape with the captured heir.

Having cut through the woods and brush on the landspeeders, Utut is able to track the attackers to a valley several miles away. The group is able to sneak up and get a good view from above. Tiro uses macrobinoculars and sees guards from both houses working together to guard the camp. He spots Rogor exiting a cave located down in the valley. Tiro also finds a natural rock formation on the side of the cliffs that allows the crew to climb down the valley from behind, circumventing the heavily guarded narrow entranceway leading down into the valley.

One they’ve carefully descended down the cliff and into the read part of the valley, Ney causes a distraction by tossing a grenade into a box of flares. The explosion knocks down some troops and draws their attention. Allin emerges from the cave to see what the ruckus is all about.

Mallinia uses her datapad to record an image of the two noble sons together and sends it to Lord Sephiroth, saying that they’re working together. Lord Sephiroth doesn’t believe his son would work with the enemy, and says he needs more proof to believe it. Mallinia convinces Lord Sephiroth that he needs to grab several of his guards and get there as soon as possible to see for himself.

While waiting for Lord Sephiroth and his reinforcements to arrive, the crew attacks. Realizing they’re under attack, the noble sons both go back into the cave. With the element of surprise on their side, the crew is able to take out several of the guards.

Lord Sephiroth arrives as the remaining guards surrender. The crew explains that both of the noble sons are in the cave and seem to be working together. Lord Sephiroth calls out to his son, who exits the cave upon heading his father’s voice. Allin blames Rogor for kidnapping him, but Rogor denies it and points the finger at Allin. The crew explains their theory, but don’t have a lot of evidence to back it up. There are three different people telling three different stories and Lord Sephiroth doesn’t know who to believe.

Ney sneaks into the cave and finds some furniture and a data pad. Although the data pad is password protected and he cannot immediately access it, he suspects it could hold the evidence needed to implicate the sons. Ney exits the cave where the discussion is continuing.

Frustrated that the truth is not coming out, Tiro points his gun at Rogor and threatens to shoot him unless he comes clean. Rogor relents and reveals the scheme: He and Allin plotted together to fake their kidnappings and start a war between the two houses. During an ensuing battle, they were going to kill their fathers and make it look as if their deaths were part of the fight. With the fathers out of the way, they would each inherit control of their respective houses and end the fighting. Once the fighting ends, they would unite their two houses in an attempt to dominate the planet together.

Lord Sephiroth is shocked by this revelation and asks Allin if it’s the truth. He reluctantly admits that it is true, and apologizes to his father. Lord Sephiroth orders the guards to arrest them. As one of the guards passes Ney, he bumps into him, knocking the datapad onto the ground and smashing it to bits. Lord Sephiroth thanks the crew for revealing the truth, as painful as it may be.

Back aboard the ship, Aris confirms a job well done and pays the group. While the outcome wasn’t the happiest for Lord Sephiroth, he realized he never would have suspected his son and discovered the truth had it not been for the effective work of the group.

GM: Steve
XP Awarded: 25 XP
- Thorough estate investigation: 10 XP
- Sending evidence to Lord Sephiroth and convincing him to assist: 5 XP
- Getting the heirs to reveal their entire scheme: 10 XP

Bootlegging, Business, and Brothers

Their new ship fully repaired and loaded up with several crates of imitation Corellian whiskey, the crew flies towards Corellia to finish a seemingly easy job. However, the job quickly hits a complication when the ship is identified by CorSec for a randomly selected inspection.

Realizing they left the crates of illegal alcohol out in the open, Ney, Utut, and Tiro race to move the contraband from their very public location to the engineering shafts hidden under the main floor of the ship. As the crew runs back and forth carrying the bulky crates, they catch a break when the approaching inspection vessel has some technical difficulties with their boarding tunnel. The extra few minutes gives the group just enough time to hide all the crates and wipe the sweat from their brows as the CorSec patrol boards the ship.

The head of the inspection team reviews the identification cards and asks some general questions about their background and which parts of each home planet they might be from. While the crew isn’t intimately familiar with the details on the newly acquired fake credentials, they are able to respond to the inspector’s satisfaction.

The inspection of the ship not only fails to locate the illegal goods, but also uncovers a repulsor sled the group hadn’t realized was on board. Satisfied with what he sees, the inspector gives the ship his stamp of approval as he and his guards depart. The ship then proceeds to land on Corellia with full clearance from security and customs already granted.

The crew loads the crates on the repulsor sled, and takes them to the delivery location. After a simple inspection of the delivery by one of the workers there, he agrees that everything is there as expected, notifies Bren that the job is done, and payment is wired into their account.

On the way back to the ship, a loud woman shouting about selling water catches the group’s attention. As they approach her, she sees them making eye contact and beckons them closer. With promises of the cleanest and coldest water on Corellia, she makes her sales pitch.

As the old woman starts to pour them a free sample of the water, someone bumps into Ney, apologizes, and walks away. Ney is familiar with the trick, and catches the pickpocket by the arm before he can get away. The teenage boy insists he was not trying to steal anything and just bumped into Ney because he was too busy looking at his datapad, but Ney sees through the story. The woman begs Ney not to turn the boy in and explains that it’s hard living on the street and admits she was in on the plan with him. Unsurprised by the admission and not bothered by being targeted, Ney instead offers to buy the boy a hot meal at a nearby diner.

During the meal, Ney explains that he was once in the same shoes the boy is in and that with some hard work and determination, he can make a better life for himself. The boy asks for some additional guidance and maybe even some consideration that Ney would take him under his wing as an apprentice. Ney turns down the idea for now, but gives the boy his personal comm channel codes and explains that once the boy is able to gain access to a comm that can reach him, they would talk further and possibly come to an arrangement. Ney pays the bill for the meal for the boy and the entire crew, and bids the boy good luck as he departs.

Back aboard the ship, Banu contacts the crew. Banu explains that Flurm ran into some trouble with one of his bounty targets and was wounded, requesting that Gar return to the villa to help provide medical attention. He also explains that Aris has sent a message confirming everything is in place to begin their business relationship, and that a job will be waiting when they arrive.

Arriving at the villa, Gar attends to Flurm’s injuries while the rest of the crew contact Aris Shen. Aris explains the details of how this business relationship will work – She contracts the jobs out to clients who need discrete (and sometimes violent) solutions to their sensitive problems, and the crew gets a cut of the pay based on client satisfaction. Two jobs are currently available for the crew to choose from. The first job involves removing some hostile squatters from a homestead that recently was inherited by the client. The second job involves assisting with some negotiations between a mining tycoon and a group of miners who have gone on strike. The crew decides to play the role of negotiators and head towards the mining planet.

Upon arriving on the planet, they head to the office of the owner of the mine. The owner is a Chevin businessman who makes it clear that this is one of several mines he owns across the galaxy, but any disruption in production is bad for his profits, and this is clearly a disruption. As the crew is led into the tycoon’s office, they see a familiar face standing behind the Chevin’s desk – K’ladarien standing protectively behind the mogul, employed as his bodyguard. While the crew uses some body language to acknowledge recognizing him, the tycoon notices and says to hold their reunion on their own time, he wants to talk business. K’ladarien nods, acknowledging he’ll meet up with the group after his shift is over.

The Chevin explains the situation: The miners have camped themselves inside the mine, disabling any lifts that provide entrance down into the mine itself and posting some armed guards. He has dealt with striking miners before, and has successfully used slave labor to replace them, either as full time replacements or to encourage the miners to relent. This time however, the slave labor he sent to the mine were met with violent resistance. A fight broke out, and a few of the workers on both sides were killed. The Chevin now wants the group to negotiate with the miners in an attempt to end the strike without any further bloodshed.

After the meeting with the Chevin, the group waits outside the office for K’ladarien to find them. When he does, he explains that he took this job because the leads he has followed indicate that the Imperial responsible for having his friend killed is working directly with the Chevin. The Imperial has made visits to the Chevin in the past, and K’ladarien is waiting patiently for the next visit so he can surprise the Imperial and avenge his friend. When the group asks about the character of the Chevin, K’ladarien explains he’s a fairly typical businessman, more interested in making money than who gets hurt along the way. He does business with all sorts of associates, including the Empire, the Hutts, and even the Rebels. The group offers their help dealing with the Imperial should he need it and gives K’ladarien their latest comm codes before parting ways.

As the group heads towards the mine, they’re approached by a woman. She explains to them that she understands they were brought in by the Chevin to help end the strike, but her husband is one of the miners. She took up a collection from other wives of miners in the hope that the negotiators would accept it in order to not feel obliged to favor the mine owner’s angle. She wants to help offset the payment they’re receiving from the tycoon to try and make sure the negotiations are handled fairly. After a brief discussion, Ney agrees to accept the payment, promises to be fair, and guarantees not to hurt any of the miners. (Although how sincere he is in these promises is somewhat doubted by the rest of the group.) Satisfied by Ney’s words, the miner’s wife gives them the collection of credits and leaves.

Upon approaching the mine, the crew notices signs of battles – blaster scorch marks, scattered debris, and even some blood stains. The entrance to the mine is guarded by two armed guards, who look alert and prepared as the group approaches. The guards ask who they are and what they want. Tiro explains that they are there on a routine mine inspection, and that all mines must be inspected regularly to remain open. The guards are puzzled as to why a mine that is effectively shut down by the strike would need an inspection, but Tiro states his case well enough to convince the confused guards. They admit the group, who descend into the mine via a lift.

Once they reach the bottom, the group is met by more armed guards and the foreman, who had been alerted by the guards above ground. Not buying the inspection story, the foreman demands they explain who they really are and why they are there. He’s suspicious that the Chevin sent them to try and infiltrate the mine and kill them all.

The group speaks honestly this time, explaining that they were in fact sent there by the Chevin mine owner, but not for violence. They want to attempt to negotiate a peaceful end to the strike, and have come in good faith to hear out the miners’ demands. The group listens carefully to the terms they’re seeking, and return to the Chevin.

Back at the Chevin’s office, Utut presents the miners’ demands in a very effective manner, pointing out that almost all the changes the miners are asking for would help boost overall productivity and help the Chevin make more money himself. Utut explains in great detail to the tycoon what the miners want, and emphasizes that many of the requests would help make the mine more profitable in the long run. The Chevin agrees to almost all the terms, but wants them locked into a contract promising they won’t strike again. The contract is for six years, gives an immediate 10% raise, and another 5% after 3 years, but the miners will be brought up on serious charges if they have another work stoppage.

The crew returns to the mine, and the crew presents the Chevin’s counter offers to the miners. Having had almost all of their demands met, they’re willing to concede the few points the Chevin asked for in return. Without much debate, the foreman and miners happily accept the proposal. They all go back to the office together and sign the new contract.

Before the group departs the planet, K’ladarien follows the crew outside the Chevin’s office. The Whipid is now a bit disappointed that his job as a bodyguard here is likely to come to an end, but happy he still knows he can expect the Imperial to show up sooner or later. Utut tells K’ladarien that he should give the crew a call when the Imperials show, and they’ll come help.

Back on the ship, Ney receives a private transmission from Flurm. Flurm says Ney’s brother has been making open threats that he’s going to avenge his brother by killing Flurm. Worried that his brother’s mouth is going to get him in trouble, Ney puts out some feelers with his underworld contacts. After a few calls, Ney locates his brother on Nar Shadda.

On Nar Shadda, the group goes to a local brothel and finds a call girl who approaches Ney, saying she can do good things for Nautolans. Interested to hear what she can do, Ney hires her and enjoys some adult entertainment. Meanwhile at the brother bar, Tiro and Utut fight off the advances of an Ugnaught call girl.

After he finishes, Ney asks the prostitute if she knows his brother, Embro. She says she can’t really tell them apart, and gets lots of customers. When Ney explains that his brother has a shorter tentacle, she says she does know “Stumpy” as they call him. She says he comes by regularly, and doesn’t have a regular place to stay, but she’s heard he sometimes is allowed to crash in the back of a nearby diner called Chez Rivera.

The crew heads to the Chez Rivera diner and orders food. The staff is mostly droids, though they get a glimpse of the Devaronian chef when the kitchen door swings open. Ney tries going in, but a service droid bars the way, explaining only staff is allowed back there. Utut distracts the droid by claiming there’s no womp rat in his womp rat stew, and Ney manages to sneak in.

Ney explains to the chef that he heard Embro was making dangerous threats and is going to get himself in trouble. The chef agrees, and says he’s generally a good kid, but does run his mouth a bit too much. Given the amount of concern Ney was showing for the kid, the chef wonders aloud if maybe Ney was the brother Embro is always talking about. Ney denies it, saying he was a distant cousin who doesn’t want anything bad to happen to Embro. The chef seems to buy it, and says Embro will be showing up late tonight to crash at the diner.

Later that night, Ney picks the lock to the diner and heads inside, while Tiro and Utut stand watch from the shadows. A group of hooligans pass by and harass Tiro, but Tiro gives them the cold shoulder and they move along to easier prey.

Embro enters the kitchen and starts to get comfortable to go to sleep. Ney sneaks out of his hiding spot, and kicks Embro awake. Embro thinks he’s seeing ghosts, but then realizes it’s really his brother. After an exchange during which Embro clearly doesn’t understand why what he’s been saying and doing is so dangerous, Ney decides to see about bringing him to Banu’s to keep him safe and have him help out around the villa.

Back aboard the ship with Embro tagging along, the group contacts Banu. Ney explains that his brother needs a place to stay and could use some looking after to keep out of trouble, and although he possesses very few useful skills, he could help out around the villa. Banu declines the offer, saying that he’s not running a foster home and doesn’t need any extra mouths to feed or kids to look after at his luxurious villa where he had hoped to enjoy a peaceful retirement. Utut steps in and explains the situation from a different view, saying that now that Embro knows they’re still alive, him being out there in the open puts all their lives at risk. Looking at it that way, Banu reluctantly agrees to let Embro stay at the villa.

Back at the Villa, Aris contacts the group and congratulates them on a job well done. She says the credits have been wired to their account. Two more jobs are now available, in addition to the swoop gang squatters job that is still available:
The heir of a noble house has vanished and the family suspects a rival house has kidnapped him.
A small brothel is getting trouble from a bunch of local gangsters, and the off-world owner wants it taken care of.

The group agrees to think about which job they’ll take on next as they retire for the night to recover from an eventful few days.

GM: Steve
XP Awarded: 25 XP
- Smuggled the bootleg liquor past customs: 10 XP
- Caught the thief during the water jug scam: 2.5 XP
- Highly successful mining strike negotiation: 10 XP
- Prevented Ney’s brother from causing further problems: 2.5 XP

Ship Shopping and Scientist Delivery

With new identification in hand and a fugitive scientist tagging along, the crew decides now would be a good time to get off Tatooine before someone notices them. The daring rescue of the scientist from Teemo’s palace did not go unnoticed, and they quickly dismiss the idea of taking public transportation off the planet, since that’s the first logical place for Teemo’s henchmen to look for them.

The head to the local market and ask around if anybody is known to be selling ships. After some convincing, one of the vendors points to a seller near the back of the market. The seller explains that he dabbles in ship sales on the side, but there aren’t a whole lot of buyers on Tatooine, so he doesn’t have a very large selection. The crew actually has a very specific model in mind, a Loronar E-9 Explorer-Class Armed Long-Range Scout Vessel. Amazingly, the ship salesman does have one of those available, though it is used. After some initial price discussion, the crew wants to see the condition of the ship before making a deal. The salesman gives them a nearby hangar location, and says he will meet them there with the ship and his mechanic in an hour.

The group makes their way to the hangar, but has some time to kill before the salesman shows up. As they wait in an alley near the hangar, they start to talk to Sian Juun about how he can reward them for rescuing him. As he starts to stammer and look around nervously, a swoop bike speeds alongside where they’re standing and Sian jumps on the back. As the bike zooms away, Tiro takes a quick look at it and explains that the driver accelerated too quickly for a swoop bike in that kind of condition, and the engines are about to blow out. Sure enough, only several meters down the road, the engine explodes and the swoop bike crashes to the ground, sending its Sullustan driver and Sian flying.

The crew rushes over and surrounds Sian and the driver who are shaken up from the crash. Mallinia walks over to the scientist, picks up off the ground, and punches him in the face, knocking him out cold. The rest of the crew grab the dazed driver and the unconscious scientist and head back towards the alley near the hangar, hoping they didn’t draw too much attention. While the crash did attract a crowd, the crowd quickly disperses and returns to their own business as the passengers are carried away, apparently for medical attention.

By now, the time has arrived to meet the ship salesman. Utut and Tiro enter the hangar while Ney and Mallinia remain outside, guarding the suddenly suspicious scientist and his attempted accomplice. They greet the seller and the mechanic he brought along, and Tiro begins his inspection of the ship.

During the inspection, Tiro notices several specific details about the ship’s condition: The hull has suffered some damage, apparently from some heavy combat; The internal circuitry has some loose wires, but nothing that cannot be repaired; And the rear deflector shields are malfunctioning a bit, flickering on and off unexpectedly. The salesman’s mechanic confirms these findings as accurate, and Tiro and Utut use these shortcomings to negotiate a very favorable price for the ship.

Meanwhile, outside the landing bay, Ney and Mallinia notice the Twi’lek from the Snake Pit approaching them. As he asks to talk to him, they mock his job at the cantina, where he was collecting a fee for people to speak with Snake, by saying he’ll have to pay for that right. That doesn’t make the Twi’lek happy, as he and his goons close in on the crew.

Shorthanded and carrying an unconscious scientist, Ney and Mallinia are not really in position for a fight. Hoping to cause a distraction, Ney tosses a stun grenade towards a nearby ronto and Jawas. When it goes off, the Jawas are knocked unconscious, the ronto starts bucking and stomping on nearby carts, and the crowd in the area scatters in the chaos. Ney and Mallinia use the confusion to their advantage, and start running towards the landing bay as they comm Utut to start the ship’s engines.

The Twi’lek spots them as they begin to run towards the hangar, and quickly moves to pursue. Mallinia tosses Sian over his shoulder and races to the ship. Ney prods the Sullustan swoop bike driver to run as well, and they follow Mallinia. The Twi’lek gains on Ney and is about to overtake him when he trips going through the door to the landing bay. The Twi’lek’s goons trip over him, and they wind up in a pile of tangled limbs as Mallinia and Ney reach the ship with their Sullustan passengers. Utut punches the engines as they fly away.

Once safely in space, the crew revives the unconscious scientist and asks him to explain what’s going on. Sian admits he’s not a true scientist, and that his powerful and rich father bought his way through college and into the job he held working on the assassin droid project. Teemo had begun to see through the lies and realize he was useless, and would likely soon of him in some gruesome and sporting manner, so Sian was desperate and told lies to be rescued. He just wants to return home.

Sian had gotten a message off to one of his old friends, who was the driver of the swoop bike. While the friend didn’t have the resources to get him out of Teemo’s palace, he was waiting nearby for a quick getaway in case his rescuers found out the truth and decided to return Sian to Teemo.

With the truth revealed, the crew calls Sian’s dad, a head executive at the SoroSuub Corporation on Sullust, to verify his story. The father verifies his son’s story, and agrees that a reward can be provided for the safe return of his son. The crew heads to Sullust to deliver the disgraced scientist.

Upon landing, the group heads towards the SoroSuub office building, but notice someone following them. Ney successfully sneaks around and circles behind the person tailing them and watches him watching the rest of the crew as they head into the building.

After Sian convinces the security guards at the front desk that his father is expecting him and this group, the group is escorted up to the executive suites. Mr. Juun is happy to see his son, and the crew’s explains their reward request: full ship repairs at a facility owned by the company, rations for the ship to last six months, and the deletion of any security footage within the building showing their crew. When Mr. Juun asks why the deletion of security footage is required, they explain that they like to remain anonymous while performing good deeds. Satisfied and intrigued by the seemingly good nature of the crew, he graciously agrees to their reward.

Before leaving, the group asks Mr. Juun if he had them followed. When he says he did not, they let Ney know via comlink, and he confronts the follower. The follower says, “The mynock lands at midnight” – an apparent code phrases. When Ney doesn’t know the response, the young Sullustan is confused and disappointed.

The rest of the crew meets back up with Ney and their observer, and while they don’t do any better with trying to respond with the matching code phrase, they pick up that the Sullustan let the name Bren slip out. When Ney claims to know Bren and be friends with him, the Sullustan agrees to take them to meet him.

Upon meeting Bren, he scolds the Sullustan for bringing the wrong people here. However, since they are here, he might be able to use them. The job is to deliver several crates of counterfeit bootleg Corellian whiskey to Corellia. Once there, they are to move the crates to a secure locker, and contact Bren. The crew agrees to take the job, and will move the crates to their ship once it is finished being repaired.

The crew enjoys some brief downtime while they wait for the SoroSuub Corp to complete repairs on their new ship, making it almost as good as new. It seems they are now fully on track to begin their new lives now, complete with new identities, a new ship, and new work to be done…

GM: Steve
XP Awarded: 20 XP
- Successful ship purchase negotiation: 10 XP
- Stopping the escape attempt: 5 XP
- Delivering the scientist: 5 XP

A New Identity... For Science?

Having seemingly fooled the Empire into believing they were dead, the crew of the Second Chance is now faced with making that charade last. Towards that goal, they now plan on getting rid of their trademark ship and obtaining new identities. By anonymously reaching out to some underworld contacts, Ney determines that Tatooine is likely the best place to find such things without drawing suspicion.

Upon landing in Mos Taike, the crew asks around in hopes of finding a lead on someone who is willing to buy used spaceships. A promising lead takes them to a nearby high end pawn shop, where things such as intricately carved gaffi sticks and golden emblazoned krayt dragon skulls line the wall.

After convincing the owner of the shop they are legitimate customers, he agrees to have a look at the ship for possible purchase and will meet the crew at the landing bay. A short while later, he arrives with two Gamorrean guards and a Jawa mechanic who will verify the ship’s condition and value. After the Jawa mechanic and Tiro take a tour of the ship and discuss the various upgrades and components, the crew negotiates a very fair price for the ship and completes the sale.

Before parting ways, the Jawa mechanic approaches Utut and believes he recognizes him. Utut confirms it is really him, and the mechanic is happy to see the Tatooine jump rope champion. He reminds Utut that this year’s tournament is just a few short days away and encourages him to defend his title!

The next stop on their route towards erasing their past is a small cantina called the Snake Pit to meet a shady Quarran named Snake. After spotting Snake in a corner booth and observing his interactions with prospective customers, the crew realizes they need to speak with a Twi’lek henchman first before approaching Snake. Ney and Mallinia speak to the Twi’lek and indicate they would like to talk about business with Snake. The Twi’lek asks them for a 100 credit “appointment fee” before they’re allowed to approach Snake. They pay the credits, and sit down at Snake’s table.

Ney and Mallinia explain to Snake that they’re looking to discretely obtain some new fake identification. Snake assesses the group, and agrees that it is something that he can arrange for, though it will take a few days and be pricey to cover the wide range of species that makes up the crew. Picking up on a comment made by Ney, Snake wonders aloud if Mallinia is truly part of the crew or a slave girl. With an angry stare, Mallinia assures Snake she is not a slave.

Utut places a holocall to the Tatooine Jump Rope Championship Oversight Committee and registers himself in the tournament under a fake name. Feeling competitive, Ney registers as well. Utut spends the entire day training for the competition both mentally and physically, determined to defend his crown.

At the championship, the other competitors include a limber human female, another Jawa, and an angry Dug named Besulsa, Utut’s arch rival. As the ropes start spinning and the feet start jumping, the competitors drop out one by one until it comes down to just Utut and Besulsa. The speed of the jump ropes speed up to a blur and their feet barely touch the ground, until finally the Dug trips on his rope and Utut is the last competitor jumping! Utut is awarded a shiny trophy and a modest amount of prize money.

Before leaving the competition, a Jawa friend slips Utut a note. It’s a message from the Nautolan scientist Sian Juun, who the crew had previously sought out for help investigating Gastro’s origin.
The note indicates that Sian has fallen out of favor with Teemo, and he fears for his life. He promises that he has something of value to the crew, if only they can buy his freedom or otherwise free him from Teemo’s servitude. With still a few days left before their new identities will be ready, the crew starts planning how to rescue Sian.

After considering possible approaches for the rescue, the plan that starts to take shape involves deception and infiltration, rather than a frontal assault against the palace’s formidable defenses. Becoming part of Teemo’s staff seems like the best way to gain the access needed to stage a daring rescue. With that approach in mind, Utut heads off to meet up with some of his Jawa friends in hopes of infiltrating the palace through the vehicle and droid garage. Ney, Mallinia, and Tiro head back to the Snake Pit in hopes of making some additional arrangements related to their plan.

After paying the consulting fee to meet with Snake again, Ney talks to him about possibly selling Mallinia to Teemo as a slave and maybe arranging for himself and Tiro to apply for positions as guards at the palace. Just as Snake starts to scoff at the idea of Teemo needing additional staff, a loud conversation in the bar details how several of Teemo’s staff members recently met their unfortunate and untimely demise. Snake agrees to be the middle man in selling Mallinia to Teemo and arranges for Ney and Tiro to meet with the captain of the palace guards.

In separate interviews, Ney and Tiro both meet with the captain of Teemo’s guards. With convincing backstories and some examples of their ruthless loyalty in the past (including a gruesome story where Tiro claims to have forced a man to eat his dead children), the captain is impressed enough to offer them jobs. He says they should show up the next day at the palace to begin work.

Meanwhile, Utut is working his back channel Jawa connections to find a way into the palace. He makes his way in with one of the usual delivery and repair crews and gets access to the garage area. He changes places with one of the regular Jawa employees who works at the palace full time. That Jawa happily departs with the delivery crew while Utut sticks around. He manipulates one of the resident mouse droids to locate and deliver a message to Sian, letting him know the rescue is in motion and he should find a way to get to the garage area at midnight.

The first day on the job for Tiro and Ney seems like it’s going to be fairly uneventful. After going over some basic rules (the most important of which is to not show up drunk for work three days in a row), Ney is stationed down by the dungeons while Tiro is assigned to watch guard from the roof. Before long, Ney decides to leave his post and explore the palace. Despite being ordered to return to his post multiple times, Ney continues to stray, eventually finding himself in the cantina area.

As Ney wanders through the cantina, Mallinia notices him from her place sitting in a booth off to the side. She gets his attention, and he takes a seat next to Mallinia, joining her and another slave girl, a Nautolan named Oola. Having not seen another Nautolan in some time, Oola is immediately smitten with Ney and begins to flirt. Ney flirts back until Mallinia reminds him that they are there on business.

Ney confirms to Mallinia that the plan is in motion and that Tiro and Utut are also inside, and the scientist has been informed to meet them in the garage at midnight. Oola is listening closely, and when she hears that they plan to escape, she asks that they take her along too. Ney agrees and says as long as she makes her way to the garage at the right time, she can leave with them.

As midnight arrives, the crew, Sian, and Oola converge in the garage. Tiro uses some of the tools found in the garage to carefully remove the tracking device from Sian’s ankle. The group piles into a landspeeder and opens the garage door. As the landspeeder makes its way out of the palace, a beeping noise starts to go off, slowly at first and then more rapidly. Before they can react, an explosion rocks the landspeeder, sending passengers flying and the landspeeder crashing to the ground.

The sound of Oola screaming in pain echoes through the night, her leg blown off when the tracking device exploded as she left the palace grounds. As flood lights turn on from the palace and light up the scene, into view come the silhouettes of several Gamorreans and humans making their way towards the crew. The first Gamorrean approaches the screaming Nautolan and with a single swing of his hefty axe, silences the slave as her head is separated from her body.

The crew scrambles to prepare themselves for the fight, some taking cover behind the broken landspeeder while others charge into the battle. As the weapons and blaster bolts fly, people on both sides hit the ground. Some medical attention helps revive Ney and gets him back into the battle. In the end, the crew manages to fight off the guards and their captain, and is ready to make a quick getaway. One of the Jawa mechanics who was closely watching the fight drives over another landspeeder, and the crew piles in and drives away.

The next day, Ney returns to the Snake Pit to pick up the fake identification. Snake seems a little rattled to see them, and says he heard there was some type of trouble out at Teemo’s last night. He says that he doesn’t want to be connected to that at all, so now that the crew has what they needed, they should get out of here. Ney takes the package and walks away. Before leaving, Mallinia steps up to Snake and reminds him that she isn’t anybody’s slave. To drive home the point, she places her bloody vibroaxe on the table in front of Snake. Sufficiently intimidated, Snake nods quietly as he scurries away. Mallinia walks out into the street satisfied as the crew now needs to find a quick exit off the planet before Teemo’s goons track them down.

GM: Steve
XP Awarded: 20 XP
- Selling the ship: 5 XP
- Win the jump rope championship: 5 XP
- Rescue the scientist: 5 XP
- Obtain new fake identification: 5 XP

Setting Up Shop


Hey guys, Aris here. While I was initially disappointed I wasn’t able to stay with you guys as you adventure across the galaxy, I’m glad things worked out this way now. I’m taking over my dad’s business, and there’s a lot of good people working here and I know I can make a difference and make amends for his crimes.

Our “mutual friend” is in the process of setting me up with some trusted connections so that I can be your contact point for future work so everybody can profit. Setting that up is still going to take some time, and he’s still wondering if you’ve thought about his suggestion regarding focusing on specific types of jobs, so we don’t have any work for you just yet.

In the meantime, I’m sure you have plenty to do to keep you busy. Just please keep in mind that you’re supposed to be recently deceased, and not all Imperial agents and bounty hunters out there may have heard the news that they can stop looking for you. Be smart, keep your heads down, and try to stay out of trouble until we can get the new arrangements in place.

- Aris Shen


Playing Dead

After pulling off a daring heist to steal the legendary Jewel of Yavin, avoiding a dangerous double cross attempt by their employer, and escaping from Imperial intelligence, the crew of the Second Chance are ready to move forward with their plan to remove themselves from the Empire’s Most Wanted list by faking their own deaths. Although the heist job did not earn enough credits for the illicit cloning operation that is key to the plan, a mysterious benefactor has come forward and agreed to pay the difference… for a favor at a later time, of course…

Final plans have been conveyed to the cloners – the clones will be picked up in bacta tanks with no special memory imprints. There is still some time before they will be ready for pick-up, so the crew turns their attention to finding the droid parts needed to effectively include Gastro among the deceased criminals delivered to the Empire.

A crate of droid minor droid parts identical to Gastro’s model had been located several months ago and stored on the Second Chance. A closer examination of the crate revealed the marking: “IG-100 – PDS – Fondor.” Tiro used this information to perform research on the holonet to see what he could find. IG-100 is the droid model; PDS stands for Phlut Design Systems and had a manufacturing plant on the planet Fondor. Unfortunately, PDS had taken out loan from the Intergalactic Banking Clan that they couldn’t repay, and the IGBC dissolved the company and sold off its assets once they defaulted on the loan. The former employees and data was dispersed and sold to numerous untraceable buyers.

Further digging into the records was able to find some information on three individuals who worked specifically on the IG-100 project. A sullustan by the name of Sian Juun was not working for Teemo the Hutt on Tatooine. A female Bothan named Vestara Vos had some possible ties to the Rebel Alliance. A third Arkanian scientist could not be located.

The crew contacted Bria Tharen to ask about Vestara Vos. Bria was a little surprised and worried that the crew was contacting her considering their large high profile bounty with the Imperials. She agreed to look into the matter and would be back in touch. In the meantime, the Second Chance flew to Tatooine to explore options for talking to Sian Juun.

Back on his home world, Utut got in touch with some of his fellow Jawa associates and asked whether or not they still did business occasionally selling droids to Teemo. The Jawa scavenge crew did in fact do some business with Teemo, and agreed to smuggle a message to Sian via one of the droids sold to Teemo. While the crew awaits the delivery of the message and Sian’s response, they decide to scope out the meeting place – a local cantina called the Sleeping Rancor.

As the crew settles in and orders a few drinks, a nearby human male who seems a little intoxicated takes note and starts to insult them. “That’s a woman’s drink! I suppose you have lady parts under that robe,” he slurs at Utut. Before the crew can respond, a Bothan comes over and apologizes for his drunken friend. “He gets a little feisty after he’s had a few drinks. Let me buy your next round.”

Just as the Bothan gets the attention of the service droid, two uniformed security guards enter the cantina with a Hound-W2 security droid. They look around, mutter something to the droid, and then follow as the droid heads straight towards the group. They approach the group with their hands on their holstered pistols, and tell them to hand over the stolen microchip. The guards explain that it has a tracking device, and that the Hound droid tracked it to this exact location.

While the security guard focuses on the group in their immediate sights, the intoxicated human manages to slip out the door. The crew of the Second Chance explains that they have no idea what microchip they’re talking about, and invite the security guards to search them. A quick scan of Ney reveals the presence of the microchip tucked inside his belt. Just as the guards are about to draw their guns and take Ney into custody for theft of the chip, the near wall of the cantina explodes inwards as a huge rampaging ronto crashes through!

The crowd scatters as the beast trample over tables and chairs, crushing the furniture to splinters under its massive weight. One of the security guards get caught in its path and has his legs crushed, rendering him helpless. The bothan has drawn a gun and the human has re-entered the building, firing shots at the security guards and crew. Blaster fire and the rampaging ronto turn the scene into complete chaos.

When the smoke clears, the ronto has been brought down, the bothan and human are incapacitated, and the wounded security guards were aided by the crew. The crew explains their thoughts on how the situation must have unfolded, with the Bothan placing the stolen chip on them just before the guards arrived. Considering how the scene unfolded, the guards seem inclined to believe the story, as long as they are willing to hand over the chip. The crew agrees, and the security guards take the chip and wait for the local police to arrive to arrest the true thieves.

The next day, with the cantina wall hastily repaired, the crew returns to the Sleeping Rancor to await the scientist. Before Sian Juun arrives, a human male sits down at their table and explains he’s there representing Bria Tharen and wants some reassurance that they can be trusted given the tenuous situation they’re in. After Tiro fails to convince the Rebel contact that he must trust them based on past interactions, Ney explains the situation in clear terms and calmly gains the Rebel’s trust. He explains that he will take the droid and one other person to meet with the Rebel scientist who is hiding out nearby.

As Gastro and Ney leave with the Rebel to meet with Vestara Vos, Sian Juun arrives. The rest of the crew follows him to a nearby abandoned building to discuss the situation. Sian asks where the droid is, explaining he has to see it in order to assist. Of course, that’s not possible at the moment since Gastro headed to meet the Rebel scientist. Sian is disappointed that he cannot help, as he had hoped it would gain his freedom from Teemo’s servitude. He promises that he has other ways to help the crew if they will purchase his freedom from Teemo, and the crew agrees to do so in the near future. Sian heads back to Teemo’s palace, disappointed that he must return, but hopeful for the future.

Upon arriving at the safe house, Vestara asks that Ney waits in an outer room while she has a discussion with Gastro. During that discussion, Vestara asks Gastro a series of questions about his memories, tendencies, urges, and programming. At the end of the interrogation, Vestara speaks a command that causes Gastro’s system to completely shut down.

Vestara calls Ney into the room and explains the situation. She describes how this model of droid has been used by the Separatists as part of the personal guard for General Grievous. She explains that there is underlying programming within this model of droid (and Gastro) that allows people with the proper knowledge to control its actions. Obviously, in the wrong hands, this could be very dangerous. Vestara does not know how to disable or remove that deeply embedded hidden programming, but suspects someone among the Separatist leadership might know more. After Ney convinces Vestara that Gastro is not a threat to public safety and has not displayed any unusual uncontrollable homicidal tendencies, she agrees to reactivate him and release him back into Ney’s custody. Before departing, Vestara sells the identical droid processing unit necessary to convince someone that Gastro has been destroyed.

With the droid part in hand (as well as the troubling new information about Gastro’s past), the crew leaves Tatooine to rendezvous with Flurm, who is picking up the finished clones. After traveling to a remote location in space within the Outer Rim, the Second Chance docks with Flurm’s ship. Several of the crew dock onto Flurm’s ship to face their clones, while others remain behind, not wanting to participate in the grim task of murdering themselves.

Delivered in bacta tanks as agreed upon, the crew has decided to suffocate the clones by cutting off their oxygen supply as they are submerged in the healing liquid. Tiro examines the control panel, and finds the oxygen shut off valve. The first victim is Mallinia. As Tiro cuts the air, Mallinia’s clone’s eyes open in surprise. Her hands raise and the glass of her tank begins to vibrate. Just as she’s about to lose consciousness, the tank shatters, and she falls to the floor of the ship as the liquid pours out.

A quick examination reveals that she is still breathing. Tiro and Ney subdue her further, and carry her to the air lock, where she is attached to a life line and jettisoned into space without any protection. After a few long agonizing moments, the vacuum of space does its job and they drag the clone’s lifeless form back into the ship.

One by one, the oxygen to each subsequent bacta tank is cut off, suffocating the inhabitants. The corpses are pulled from the tanks, and similarly flushed into space, though post mortem. The exposure to the harsh environments of space is done to provide additional support to the story that the crew was killed when their ship’s hull was ruptured during a space battle.

The final part of the plan is put in motion, as Flurm is sent to an Imperial government facility on a nearby planet to deliver the corpses. He carts in the corpses on a repulsor lift, fills out the appropriate paperwork, meets with an Imperial office worker, and is told that he will be contacted in the next day or two once the paperwork is reviewed, bodies are examined, and identities are verified.

After an anxious two days while Flurm and the crew await the outcome, he is contacted to return to the Imperial office. Upon arriving, he is met by an Imperial officer who reads from the autopsy report and has some questions. The Imperial reads from the report, indicating that only the body of Mallinia shows evidence of dying in space as the story goes, and that the others appear to have suffered the effects of space exposure after they were already dead. Flurm calmly explains that he was not on the ship as it was being shot to pieces, and that he supposes that the other dead bodies must have died from the ship’s internal life support systems failing prior to the hull breach. Skeptical but unmotivated to pursue the line of questioning further, the Imperial officer accepts the explanation and confirms the bounty as fulfilled. However, he explains that the detailed autopsy required in this case and the further failure to deliver the criminals alive means only a percentage of the full reward will be paid. Flurm does not question the decision, and departs, the ploy a success.

For all intents and purposes, the Empire and rest of the galaxy now believe the crew of the Second Chance is dead. They are sent coordinates with Flurm to meet with their mysterious benefactor who loaned them the extra money needed to pull off this plan. Docking with the ship, the crew is greeted by Lando Calrissian, who they had recently met during the Jewel of Yavin heist.

Lando explains that after seeing their work during the heist, realizes they can come to a mutually beneficial business arrangement. He sees the loan as something of an investment in the team, and plans on setting up some new contacts and jobs for the crew to execute on his behalf. Lando says that Arend Shen has fled Bespine after his involvement with the heist was exposed, and offers Aris the opportunity to return to Cloud City with him to take over her father’s business. Aris says she prefers to remain on the ship, but the crew politely declines her offer to stay with them. She thanks them for their help, and departs with Lando.

With a clean slate and a seemingly trustworthy new contact, the crew prepares for their fresh start and new life of living on the edge…

GM: Steve
XP Awarded: 25 XP
- Acquiring the droid processor: 5 XP
- Convincing the scientist the assassin droid is not a danger to society: 5 XP
- Successfully thwarting the data thieves: 5 XP
- Delivering the “criminals” and collecting the bounty: 10 XP


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