Tiro Tye

Sluissi Mechanic


Tiro Tye was born and raised on Sluis Van. His father was a master mechanic and noticed at a very young age that Tiro was gifted in all things mechanical and electronic. As soon as Tiro was old enough, he worked alongside his father and learned all he could. Tiro quickly became a master technician himself, and their family was known for their impeccable work and extreme attention to detail.

This all changed after the tragedy of the Terkob B. Tiro’s father was the chief mechanic on the Terkob, a large Imperial civilian transport, when the life support systems suddenly failed, killing most of the passengers. The root cause of the malfunction was traced back to Tiro’s father’s droid, who seemed to deliberately sabotage the system. Even though Tiro’s father survived the incident, Tiro was unable to speak to him, as he was arrested immediately.

Tiro did not believe that his father could have made such a costly mistake, so he investigated and discovered that the droid had been tampered with, and evidence in his father’s case had been falsified. No one would listen, however, and Tiro was forced to leave his homeworld. He now spends his days bouncing from place to place, doing odd jobs to survive, and seeking out the ones responsible for his family’s disgrace.

Tiro Tye

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