Rix Harik

Professional Gambler.


A former associate and “friend” of Caston Kale. Rix double crossed Caston which led to Caston’s arrest and imprisonment. A known gambler, Rix can almost always be found at a high stakes Sabacc game. Rix feels safer surrounding himself with droids and mostly mistrusts flesh and blood beings, especially after double crossing Caston. Caston was more than positive that Rix had the key in the form of a jewel that the crew needs to access Giradda’s Lost Treasure.

The crew found Rix at a Sabacc tournmant on Ord Mantell. After the card game, they confronted him in his hotel suite and a battle broke out. Rix fled, but not before surrendering the jewel the crew was after.

Rix Harik

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