Gar Vookto

The Duros doctor.


Gar Vookto was born on Coruscant to an upper middle class family. From a young age, he was a diligent student and an enthusiastic learner. He attended the First Republic Medical Academy of Coruscant in hopes of becoming a doctor. Through his years at the Medical Academy, he was one of the top students. As graduation approached, he found himself a suspect in a cheating scandal. While Gar was innocent, he was betrayed by a fellow student, who implicated Gar as the mastermind behind a widespread operation to cheat the final medical exams. Gar was expelled from the school without a fair hearing, and never formally completed his medical training.

Since then, Gar has been determined to demonstrate that he is an excellent doctor, even if the Medical Academy refuses to acknowledge him as certified. He will never forget the betrayal, but he hasn’t allowed it to turn him bitter or cynical about life. If he holds onto any hope for vengeance against the former classmate who betrayed him, he keeps it buried deep…

Gar Vookto

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