Beloq (RIP)

Twi'lek Treasure Hunter.


A collector of rare artifacts Beloq scours the galaxy for antiquities. Mostly for his own personal gain instead of collecting them for museums. He was well known for letting others do the dirty work and then swooping in to steal the prize for himself.

First appeared in: Dead Man’s Hand (side adventure, different PCs)
First encountered by the crew of the Second Chance: The Rancor Games: Part One
Recurring appearances: Giradda’s Lost Treasure: Part Four


The crew of the Second Chance first encountered Beloq during the Rancor Games, where he led one of the opposing groups racing to locate a rancor egg. Beloq managed to keep himself well hidden and out of the thick of things on Dathomir, but his ship was waiting in space as the Second Chance departed Dathomir with their prize. The space battle that ensued left Beloq’s ship disabled and helplessly floating in space as the Second Chance then raced back to Tatooine to claim victory.

The crew hadn’t seen the last of Beloq. The group went through a series of dangerous missions and quests in order to finally recover the legendary lost treasure of Giradda the Hutt. As the crew exited the final resting place of the treasure with uncountable valuables and riches, Beloq was waiting for them.

It turns out that Beloq had been the one who originally persuaded Jabba to try and obtain the Imperial hyperspace routes that led to a well hidden prison and the first step in finding the treasure. During the Rancor Games, Beloq recognized the crew as those who had originally retrieved (and decided not to deliver) those hyperspace routes. Figuring it was only a matter of time before the crew tried to claim the treasure themselves, Beloq carefully tracked their every move, waiting for the perfect time to pounce.

And that perfect time came once the crew had faced all the dangers and trials within the final resting place of Giradda’s treasure. And this time, Beloq was taking no chances. Riding an AT-PT armed and armored transport, and accompanied by several mercenaries, Beloq clearly had the upper hand. The crew put up a fight, but in their weakened state, they could not overcome the incredible firepower Beloq had brought along.

Luckily, Lowhhrick and Rako Gev, two locals who had assisted the crew in finding the location of the treasure, suspected there could be trouble. They showed up before Beloq could finish off the crew, and a well placed rocket propelled grenade launched by Lowhhrick took out the AT-PT, and Beloq with it.

The vehicle came apart in a huge blast of fire and shrapnel, and Beloq is believed to have died in the explosion.

Beloq (RIP)

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