Retired Smuggler.


Banu is a retired smuggler. He is also an old friend of Minis’ and Gar’s distant cousin. After calling on the crew to recover information from his old ship he has been gracious enough to offer his private estate on Torina as a safe port for the crew to hide out and kick back at when they are not on a job.

First appeared in: One Man’s Trash
Recurring appearances: Every adventure since.


Banu was once the expert astrogator and scout for a smuggling crew aboard a ship known as the Damsel’s Dawn. A series of bad luck led the crew of the Damsel’s Dawn into several space fights. During a daring escape from one of these fights that was not going in their favor, Banu was forced to calculate an emergency hyperspace jump. The jump took the ship through a cloud of stellar gas and dust known as the Drift. Navigating the Drift outside of hyperspace was a long and dangerous proposition as it was. To discover a safe hyperspace route through it would be incredibly valuable.

Unfortunately, the Dawn’s Damsel ran into some additional trouble soon after. An Imperial vessel attacked while they were attempting to smuggle some illegal cargo and tried to escape detection. During the battle, Banu was severaly injured, the rest of the crew was killed, and the Dawn’s Damsel was damaged beyond repair. Banu did manage to survive and get to safety, but the Dawn’s Damsel was sent to the scrapyard planet of Korad.

Injured and wanted by the Imperials, Banu decided it was time to retire from smuggling. He invested his savings in a small villa on the remote planet of Torina. From there, he quickly came up with a plan to retrieve the valuable astrogation data from the Dawn’s Damsel and make one more score before settling into a quiet retirement.

His plan included calling in a favor from Minis, a former smuggling colleague and friend. Upon arriving, Banu was surprised to find that his cousin, Gar Vookto, was part of the crew. Minis and the crew of the Second Chance took the job, and successfully retrieved and delivered the data to Banu, who turned it around for a nice profit.

After that mission, Banu’s relationships with Minis and Gar led him to trust the crew and offer them his villa as a place to stay when needed. Since then, the villa has turned into a virtual base of operations for the group, and it has even been upgraded with an improved starship facilities for repairs and upgrades.

While Banu no longer gets involved in the action himself, he has been very valuable in providing support, advice, and other resources to the crew. He remains a valuable friend and ally to the group.


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