Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

The Rebellion of Elom

The Rebel Alliance was quite pleased that the crew handed the hyperspace lane routes over to them instead of Jabba the Hutt. They were so impressed with the performance of the crew, they had another job for them – Head to the planet Elom and assist with organizing and encouraging a group of Rebels to overwhelm the Imperial forces occupying the planet.

Through the use of force and deception (including wearing a face removed from one of the Imperials), the crew successfully prepared and organized the Elomin Rebels. The group managed to take out an AT-RT, a company of Imperial troops, and Commander Dunwell, the leader of the Imperial forces. Among the items the Commander possessed were six Ilum crystals, which the crew now took possession of.

GM: Barrett
XP Awarded: 10 XP


Jaspor Jaspor

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