Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

The Final Request

The Sith assassin faces the group and says that the Emperor would like to speak with Mallinia. As Mallinia declines the invitation, the Jedi asylum staff member Novar and Nightsister Talia both step in front of the crew and offer to protect them. Novar thanks the group for helping him see daylight again, and reaches out with the Force to grab Elaiza’s lightsaber from the assassin’s belt. Novar ignites the blade and rushes towards the assassin. Talia turns to Mallinia and says she will do anything to protect her princess before unleashing a barrage of Force directed rocks towards the assassin.

The assassin easily deals with the thread, fighting off Novar with her own lightsaber while Force choking Talia with her other hand. A shot by Utut at the assassin misses, but Tiro manages to rig his ion blaster to explode and tosses it at the Sith. While the explosion does not cause any harm, it distracts her enough to release Talia from her grip. The crew grabs her and rushes towards their ship.

As they reach the boarding ramp, they look back and see that the Sith has gotten the upper hand against Novar. With a swipe of her lightsaber, she disarms the Jedi sending Elaiza’s lightsaber flying through the air. With a second swipe, the violet blade separates Novar’s head from his body, his head spinning in the opposite direction from his weapon. The assassin turns to face the crew and rushes towards them as they close the ramp.

Utut jumps into the pilot seat and quickly starts the engines. He manages to get the ship airborne just as the assassin is about to stick her lightsaber through its hull. As the ship lifts off, several TIE Fighters appear from nearby and converge on the ship. Before they even know what hit them, the ship is shaking and shuttering from a barrage of laser fire from the enemy ships.

While Tiro rushes to repair the damage and Mallinia makes her way into one of the gunnery stations, Utut shows off some of his rarely displayed piloting skills by using evasive maneuvers and using the planet’s terrain to provide additional cover. With the shields shifted to the back side of the ship to provide extra protection with the TIE Fighters in pursuit, Utut twists and spins through the snowy atmosphere hoping to keep the ship together long enough to calculate the hyperspace jump.

With some makeshift repairs made by Tiro buying them some extra time, Mallinia and Tiro manage to blast some of the TIEs out of the sky while the fancy flying of Utut resulted in a few of the other ships crashing and burning. Despite a glitch in the astrogation computer delaying the calculation, the ship steers upwards towards space, blows up the remaining TIE Fighters, and jumps to lightspeed before any additional ships can be sent after them.

With the ship badly damaged, the crew plots a course to Tatooine where Utut can use his Jawa contacts to help obtain the parts and equipment needed for repairs. While traveling back to the desert planet, Mallinia discovers a message that had been left for her by Elaiza:

“If you’re listening to this, then my vision was accurate… I didn’t make it off Rhen Var alive… Hopefully you did what you had to do and made sure the patients would no longer present a threat to the galaxy. I know it couldn’t have been easy for you, but you have to understand the amount of danger those unstable Force users represent. If there was another choice….

In any case, I’m one with the Force now. It was only a matter of time. I want to thank you for your help along the way, and I only wish I could be around to see you reach your full potential in the Force.

You’re probably wondering what ever happened to the Jewel of Yavin. While I was able to use a piece of it to repair my lightsaber, I spent many nights trying to understand its power and unlock its full potential. Yet it remains a mystery to me. I had wanted to turn it over to the Rebellion, but I never felt like it was safe – for me or for them – to make contact. And so it remains locked away in my apartment on my home planet. Maybe you can find its true power and use it against the Empire.

Good luck, and may the Force be with you…"

GM: Steve
XP Awarded: 10 XP (Base)


Jaspor Jaspor

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