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Planning A Funeral


Okay, so I just finished meeting with the cloners, and figured I’d get the message over to you as soon as possible so you can start deciding. I should be back at Banu’s in the next few days. Here’s the deal:

I asked them again about possibly doing something to the clones to make sure they come out as “vegetables” (as you so nicely put it) or brain dead. No dice. They’re worried that by doing that (even though they’d be doing it on purpose), misinformation would spread and potential customers could believe the clones turned out like drooling zombies by accident. They won’t risk the reputation of their work for such a request. If you want them brain dead, do it yourselves after delivery.

Speaking of delivery, I asked them the options for that. They were quite open to suggestions, at additional cost of course. The usual process is the customer simply walks out the door with their shiny new clone who, in a dazed, confused, and slightly medicated state, will willingly obey. Sedatives can be used if the clones appear agitated or hostile, though the customer will have to provide their own means of transporting the incapacitated clone. And most customers are only ordering a single clone at a time, meaning they’re not trying to herd a half dozen newly minted clones out of the office all at once.

If you want them personally delivered in their own bacta tanks, that can be arranged, but it will be costly – an extra 30k credits for delivery, plus an additional 20k refundable deposit if you intend to keep the bacta tanks after the delivery. (Additional charges may apply for fuel and docking fees, depending on the delivery destination.)

We also talked about timing. The hyper accelerated cloning process takes a month, and does often result in some mental instability down the road. The longer the clones are allowed to develop, the more stable they will be. I told them that I didn’t think we had the luxury of time, but that we’d let them know our final decision on timeframe.

Last but not least, we talked about their memories and personalities. The clones’ brains are formed by using a flash memory technique which essentially imprints memories on their minds during the gestation period. There are three options:
1) No special memory imprint. These clones would essentially be “blank slates” with not much more than the ability to perform basic living functions and a typical university education. They will have none of the memories or abilities of their source creature. (This option is included in the base price.)
2) Specific “template” memory imprints. The cloners have a small library of types of memories and skills that can be selected. This could range from soldier to slicer, from farmer to wealthy noble. The cloner I spoke with mentioned that they have a bodyguard template that is quite popular with some of their more wealthy shady businessmen customers. Keep in mind this route isn’t going to suddenly create an elite assassin or a master slicer – the templates are taken from average to above average sources, since asking elite professionals to allow themselves to clone probably wouldn’t lead to a very good return on the investment. (This option is included in the base price.)
3) Replica of their source. Yep, this means what it sounds like – they’d get all your skills, memories, strengths, and flaws. This is going to cost extra – 25k per clone – since they’ll have to go through the process of capturing your memories in order to imprint them. The cloners advised against this option, since it often leads to awkward philosophical and moral dilemmas.

I think that about covers it. When you’ve made your decisions, or if you have any more questions, we can contact them securely once I get back. They’ve given me their comm frequency this time now that I left them that deposit for the job.

See you soon.
- J’lage Flurm

PS – Oh, I almost forgot. I was browsing the bounty boards on the flight here. Arend Shen knows you got away with the gem and has placed a bounty on your head. Dead or alive, 10k each. Guess it doesn’t matter all that much since you’ll be dead soon anyways. But what’s really messed up is he put an even bigger bounty on his daughter – 25k, but only if she’s brought in alive. You might want to give her a heads up.



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