Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

One Man's Trash

The crew of the Second Chance headed towards to the secluded planet of Torina, ready to meet Banu and find out more about the job. The trip to the planet was uneventful, and the coordinates provided by Banu led the crew to a quiet jungle villa. Upon exiting the ship, Banu greeted them as he glided up to them on a repulsor lift chair, his left leg suspended in a bacta tube cast.

After exchanging pleasantries with his old friend Minis, Banu explains that his former crew is all dead, killed while running from some Imperial ships after a botched smuggling mission. Banu survived, but the brush with death and injuries have convinced him to retire from the smuggling game while he still had a chance. He’s ready to settle down into a quiet retirement, but not before attempting to make one last big score.

His former ship, the Dawn’s Damsel, was damaged beyond repair in the battle that wiped out almost all of its crew. What was left of the ship was dumped on the nearby junkyard planet, Korad. Banu believes that the computer aboard the ship still contains some valuable data. Shortly before the battle that led to the ship’s destruction, Banu successfully calculated what seemed like a virtually impossible hyperspace jump while trying to get the ship out of another sticky situation. The jump took the Dawn’s Damsel through the Drift, a cloud of stellar gas and dust that runs through the Elrood Sector. Navigating through the Rift at sublight speed is a dangerous prospect, so being able to get through it with a hyperspace jump would be a unique breakthrough. Banu offered the crew 10,000 credits for successful retrieval of the navigation computer, and told the crew that time is of the essence, as Korad is full of scavengers that could quickly pick the Dawn’s Damsel apart.

Upon arriving at Korad ahead of schedule thanks to a successful astrogation calculation by Tiro, the crew was greeted by a gray planet that was encircled by a ring of man made debris. A recorded message guided the ship to land at a small starport at the planet’s north pole.

The planet greeted the crew with a constant brown haze and an awful smell, the air almost toxic from the decaying parts and leaking fuel of a million wrecked ships. While some of the crew displayed the resilience to adapt to the harsh environment, others had to equip rebreather masks to make it tolerable.

Outside the starport, the Korad Salvage Union greeted the crew, offering to sell them rebreathers, and, more importantly, access to the database containing information on the ships dumped here. Negotiating with the head of the Union, Administrator Tulure, brought the price of using the database down from 1000 to 800 credits.

Having bought access to the database, Tiro quickly found the location of the Dawn’s Damsel. Further searching revealed several scrapped ships the same model as the Second Chance. Though most had been here for awhile and were likely already picked clean by scavengers, they took note of the coordinates of the ship most recently dumped here, with the hopes of finding something useful. Lastly, Tiro reached into his past and looked up the name of the ship his father had worked on, the one that had killed several innocent citizens due to a mechanical malfunction that landed his father in jail. Sure enough, that ship was here.

With three different sites to investigate, the crew was ready to head out. They rented a speeder from the Salvage Union, and decided that the Dawn’s Damsel would be their first stop.

As the speeder approached the sector of the Dawn’s Damsel, a shot rang out and echoed off the metallic surroundings. The speeder was hit in its engine, and skidded to a half. A small furry creature showed himself, demanding payment for passing through their territory. The squib leader was not interested in credits, but instead something shiny or interesting. After being taken for several hundred credits by the Salvage Union, the crew was in no mood to negotiate. Some harsh words and intimidation caused the squibs to back down, and slink away back into the surrounding trash.

As Tiro worked on repairing the speeder so the crew could continue on their way, the sound of additional speeders approaching caught their attention. A nasty looking Rodian demanded that the crew lead him and his group of six pirates to the valuable items they came here for. Administrator Tulure accompanied the pirates, her hand on her pistol with a satisfied grin.

The dialogue didn’t last long before the battle erupted. Yensod and Tiro were both knocked unconscious from the wounds they suffered during the fight, though some well placed shots by Gastro, Minis, and K’ldarien took out the pirates and the backstabbing Administrator.

The group revived their fallen crewmates, took control of one of the pirates’ speeders, and left the remaining speeder as a peace offering to the squib group that they had previously scared off. Split in two groups, they headed towards the nearby Dawn’s Damsel.

Upon approaching the ruined ship, the group noticed that the vessel had attracted some unwanted attention. Some humanoid shaped creatures wearing space suits patrolled the area outside. Something didn’t quite seem right about the way they moved, so Gastro snuck in for a better view. A closer look revealed that the creatures were slimy amorphic creatures, with multiple eye stalks, pseudopods, and mouths.

Gastro used his comlink to let the rest of the group know what he saw, and that he counted four of them visible at the moment, armed with blaster carbines. The crew decided to drive up to the ship in their speeder and leave two people back to provide cover should something go wrong.

Upon approaching the ship in the speeder, the two aliens (later identified as Ugors) standing closest to the ship’s entrance grew alert and shouted something into the ship. Another alien emerged, this one wearing markings on his space suit indicating a higher rank. The alien introduced himself as GlrrGuck, a chaplain of the Great Prophet Botiv. He welcomed the group as pilgrims to the Great Turtle from the sky (meaning the ship), and offered an opportunity to make a ceremonial donation for the right to worship inside the sacred vessel.

GlrrGuck explained that the donation fee would be 200 credits per worshiper, and that no weapons would be allowed inside the ship. The rules also dictated that nobody was allowed to touch or tamper with the ship, and an Ugor escort would be provided to ensure the rules were followed. When the crew expressed some curiosity as to what made this ship so worthy of worship, GlrrGuck was more than happy to point out the miraculous image of the Great Prophet Botiv on the ship’s hull. The alien pointed out a deep scorch mark etched into the exterior of the Dawn’s Damsel, and insisted it looked just like their Prophet. And while the crew couldn’t see any such image (though, admittedly, they didn’t exactly know what Botiv looks like), it gave them an idea.

The crew paid a single 200 donation to get Tiro inside the ship. As expected, one of the Ugors escorted him and watched him closely while he looked around. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew outside drove their damaged speeder up to the rest of the Ugors outside, insisting that the scorch marks on the side of the speeder also looked like the Great Prophet Botiv. What kind of miracle must this be that the Prophet make himself known on not one, but two vehicles on this planet!

While the Ugors inspected and worshiped the new religious image, Minis snuck inside the ship. He passed along the news to the alien escort, who rushed outside to see the miracle for himself. Left to themselves, Tiro was able to access the navigation computer and download the data they came for. They quickly exited the ship before any of the aliens realized they had been left alone inside it, and signaled to the rest of the crew that they had gotten what they came for.

With the Ugors quite distracted and oblivious to the data retrieval that had taken place, the group could have quite easily slipped away and used the second speeder to return to the spaceport. However, K’ldarien did not want to leave the speeder behind, and hopped into the speeder, throwing the throttle forward as the rest of the group leaped inside. The Ugors were confused, but immediately angry, as this group was now stealing a sacred relic from right under their noses!

Seven very angry Ugors opened fire on the fleeing group. The first shot took out the speeder’s engine, causing it to grind to a halt. A second shot hit a nearby pile of debris, causing it to crash down right in the path between the disabled speeder and the spare one they had taken from the pirates. A few more shots found their mark, and Yensod was wounded to the point of falling unconscious.

K’ldarien tossed Yensod over his shoulder as the group quickly climbed and leaped their way over the pile of debris. Luckily, all of the group made it over the mountain of space trash, but as they reached the speeder and got into it, half the Ugors made it to the top of the pile themselves. Minis jumped behind the wheel of the speeder, but was shot before he could get it moving, knocking him out. K’ldarien threw Yensod into the backseat, shoved the unconscious Minis aside, and took the controls. The crew sped away, as more shots rang out around them, barely escaping from the agitated zealots with their lives.

A safe distance away, stimpacks were applied to revive Yensod and Minis. Though the were battered, they weren’t done on this planet just yet. The Terkob B, the ship that Tiro’s father worked on, was here. The speeder trip was not far from their current location, and the crew pressed on.

The exterior of the scrapped transport ship looked quiet enough. Tiro and K’ldarien entered, while Minis and Yensod stood guard outside. Tiro was able to access the computer and download the data, but as he was disconnecting from the data terminal, a jolt of electricity from the decaying wiring knocked him unconscious. The sound of the zapping noise also awoke the mynocks that had made the interior of the ship their home. K’ldarien was able to message Minis and Yensod via comlink that there was trouble, but he soon was overcome by their sheer numbers. Minis and Yensod arrived just in time to watch K’ldarien go down, and was able to distract the mynocks before they started feasting on his limp body.

Still feeling the effects of the previous battles, Minis and Yensod wisely kept their distance from the frenzied mynocks and blasted away from range. It took some patience and some lucky shots, but they were able to kill the creatures. More stimpacks revived the fallen members, and the crew limped back to their speeder and headed back to the spaceport.

The spaceport wasn’t quite deserted though, as members of the Korad Salvage Union were surprised to see them return, having expected their Administrator and pirate buddies to have taken care of the problem. While the crew was hoping to be able to take the speeder with them on their ship as they left the planet, the Union members were not about to let that happen without sufficient payment or a fight. After some debate and consideration (including not knowing exactly how many more Union members were inside the office, ready to emerge if trouble erupted), the crew decided they had taken enough of a beating today, and reluctantly left the speeder behind as they boarded the Second Chance and left the planet.

An efficient astrogation calculation by Tiro allowed the crew to return to Torina faster than expected. Banu was quite happy to see the crew return, in one piece and with the valuable navigation data. With a quick check of the data, Banu confirmed it was exactly what he had hoped for. He was even willing to make the payment a bit higher than originally agreed upon, given the success of the mission and the speed at which the data had been recovered. As he bid the crew farewell, Banu assured them that they had a safe place to stay if the need ever arises.

GM: Steve
XP Awarded: 10 XP


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