Second Chance - SWEMPIRENJ

Stalitz Flight

While delivering the stolen Imperial capital ship, an Imperial Star Destroyer suddenly appears from out of hyperspace and targets the ship the crew is on. Caught in a tractor beam and boarded by dozens of Stormtroopers, the group is overwhelmed and knocked unconscious.

The wake up in an Imperial prison. They quickly befriend some of the fellow prisoners and learn how things work in the prison. They also get on the prison warden’s good side by taking care of a pesky dianoga that had been causing problems. By calling in some favors and getting the warden drunk, the crew manages to escape through the garbage chute.

They’re surprised to find the garbage chute leads to an opening high above a lake. They drop into the lake, and make their way to the shore. From there, they sneak themselves into some vehicles and wait to be taken off the planet.

Unfortunately, the vehicles lead them back onto the Imperial Star Destroyer. From there, the group sneaks around and looks for a way to escape, finally locating a way off by hijacking some ships. Among those ships is a prototype of a new Imperial TIE Fighter, which would surely provide some valuable insight into the new technology.

They set the plan in motion, and flee the Star Destroyer in their stolen ships. They return to Banu’s in the Second Chance with the prototype TIE FIghter in tow. Banu is happy to see them alive after having been radio silent for several days, but he’s not so happy about having a top secret stolen Imperial ship stashed at his villa.

GM: Chris
XP Awarded: 25 XP


Jaspor Jaspor

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